About kgoformerlisteners

Originally, I  created a forum for the former listeners of KGO NewsTalk Radio to share their stories about their listening experience in the many years KGO was considered a talk radio station.

I added links to other posts and pages about the firings as well, from other media sources.

NOTE: Some of these pages have dropped as people delete their Facebook pages and stations remove podcasts.  I’ll delete the ones I know will not work.

I had noted some interesting places to read about what happened at KGO:





Oh, and even good ol’ Bernie Ward wrote about it:


Ronn Owens Facebook Page:


AND, Ronn Responds A Second Time:


A nice recap by Ed Walsh of examiner.com about the Saturday morning KSCO show aired December 10, 2011:


Gene Burns ‘Dining Around’ Holiday Cookie Contest 2011


Show some love to comedian Louis C.K. and download his show (once I post the link).  For now, here’s his Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_C.K.

Ray Taliaferro, what can I say?  He says it all…as a guest on KSCO:


A Blog About Talk Radio (not local, but has some old posts about KGO):


sfgate.com article written by Ben Fong-Torres about the Dec 1st firing of KGO’s hosts:



Here’s a treat, an audio of the three calls made to Dr. Bill Wattenburg from Andy the Cowboy:



  1. Berkeley Guy says:

    Cumulus and the “New KGO-810” by the numbers

    I understand you may not see the facebook page so here is the summary + links you might find interesting.

    I waited 3 months now to get sufficient data from Arbitron so here are the findings…

    KGO is down 52% from Oct. 2011… many more details are in the tables like how have the KKSF ratings gone up?… enjoy….

    Med size: http://bit.ly/GW87mJ – (600×772 jpg / 164kb)
    Large size: http://bit.ly/GULEFo – (1222×1572 jpg / 1.5mb)

    PS: If you want the excel file just let me know…

    • Hey, Berkeley Guy, thank you SO MUCH! I will definitely take a look at it over the weekend. I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like, and I really appreciate this information. I hate that new Facebook page. I can only see posts by the Admin who set up the page and that person posts about once every two months. Not very exciting to view. I miss the opinions of every else on that page!

  2. Paragon says:

    Keep the flame burning ….

  3. KgoFormerListener — The Broadcast Legends are hosting a KGO Radio Family Reunion on Thursday, June 27, at Spenger’s in Berkeley, featuring many of the stars and co-stars of KGO News/Talk Radio 810’s ABC era.

    The public is invited, but reservations are required. More info at:


    I hope to see you and other former KGO listeners there!

    • Thank you, David Jackson, for the head’s up on that. I’ll have to look at the link. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to make it on a Thursday. We are crazy busy at work. I hope it’s a great success and that there will be another event held in San Francisco. I will note it in a blog post so others will read about it. People search for these guys all of the time, half of the searches are people still looking to find out what happened to Len, or Ray, or even Bernie.

  4. Larry Whitaker says:

    If anyone here has recordings of old KGO shows, I’m sure there are a lot of people who would enjoy hearing them if there’s a way you can share them. Maybe on youtube or (here?). There are a few youtubes already, you all probably know. I have a few on cassette tape, but no way to transfer them to memory stick, etc for uploading. I know machines exist, but I don’t want to buy one just for that and wouldn’t want it around when I was done using it. Some were recorded at 1/4 speed on a C.Crane “VersaCorder” that we used to hear advertised on KGO, so they would be more difficult to upload because you need a player that plays at the correct speed. Tonight I got out and played part of a Ray Taliaferro tape from Feb 2002, a “Chapel Night” show. Very nice to hear Ray again.

    • Hi, Larry. I’ve wished the same thing, to have an archive of our former KGO hosts programs to access. Have you searched on FormerKGOListeners Facebook page? I’ve seen some people provide links to shows they’ve recorded, but I don’t think there is standard YouTube channel or audio space for them. If you’re a Facebook user, I’m not so I won’t be able to do it, then go to https://www.facebook.com/FormerKGOListeners and ask the question. Be sure to ‘like’ their page!

      I’ve searched YouTube for old shows as well, not much there. I wish I would have listened to Gene Burns in the KGO years and I’d love to hear a Pete Wilson show again. I’ve listened to the radio during the day for many years, so I missed evening broadcasts. I wasn’t as familiar with Gene Burns and John Rothmann when Cumulus Media came in and unceremoniously fired most of our favorites. I would love a chance to hear all of them again from past years.

      I wonder what Cumulus Media has done with those archived programs. Did the old KGO save them? If so, did they destroy them after so many years? I’m curious if anyone knows how the archives were handled once Cumulus took over.

      • Larry Whitaker says:

        Thank you for your response. I joined facebook, but never use my page. I joined so that I’d be able to sign on and see other peoples pages (for example, Ray T) and I guess I should check out the former listener link you provided. The original reason I joined was that I wanted to post something about John Rothmann at the website for the station where he worked, but you had to be a facebook member in order to do that. At least it appeared that way. I do not like facebook. I mean I don’t want to put up a diary and pictures of my life for everyone to read. But it’s neat for things like kgoformerlisteners.
        I have no idea what happened to old KGO shows. Who had them, how far back did it go? Some of the hosts may have saved some of their own shows.

      • Let me know if you find out anything. I feel the same way you do about Facebook. I can’t read much of it either without an account. It would be nice to suggest a community space for any old audio and video that’s out there on the former KGO hosts, but people have to collaborate to put something like that together.

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