Many former KGO Radio listeners used to listen to that talk station to hear various sides of an issue.  It was a curious audience, open to opposing arguments that expanded their knowledge of issues.  It was with great regret I had to abandon that programming in December, 2011 and forced to seek other talk formats.  I tried to hang on, listening to Gil and others on that other station that is now Spanish.  Gil’s screeching wife drove me away from that place and, even though I had been a fan of Gross, that was it for me.  Couldn’t listen to him any longer and would not listen to him now.  I was *gasp* forced to the other side.

At first it was cringe-worthy.  Every little thing was sensationalized by the other side to some scandal or another.  But, an interesting thing happened.  An election.  And, with it, some very curious political happenings.

I’ve listened to and watched both sides as this little FISA thing has been unfolding.  It is curious that most people have no idea this is even happening.

So, as a former KGO Radio listener, if you still have that curiosity within, this article gives a detailed account of what one team of journalists has discovered and, if it is revealed as true, then we have other things to worry about than what national park will be open today.

Do not allow others to tell you how to think.  Listen to all sides and then you decide.  It’s difficult to do because we don’t know what to believe any more.

House Intelligence Committee Will Vote To Release FISA Corruption Memo…

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