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Len Tillem, our favorite radio loyah on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM, is always saying, “Don’t eat your liver.”  As in, let it go and stop thinking about it.

Well, I can’t stop thinking about something that could be a fluke, and it’s making my liver crawl.  As in, actually making liver crawl.

Simon Mayo, a BBC Radio 2 host ( ) , has a segment on his program called ‘Homework Sucks’.  Kids call in with a question and Mayo and his team try to find an answer before the end of the show.  They take listener calls about it, they talk about it on air amongst themselves, and finally, they take a call from an expert on the subject, or someone who has experience or knowledge on the subject, who offers an explanation.

Sometimes, the so-called expert’s response is questionable.  Most times, a believable expert calls in who can back up their argument with science and facts.

Questions range from ‘Why do we have fingerprints’ to ‘Can crocodiles spit’?

At this moment, I can’t recall the most recent questions asked on his show (except one), but they are varied and funny and interesting.  I always listen for the answer.  I’m curious about the how and why of some of this stuff, too.  The question samples I used came directly from Mayo’s book.

Yes, Simon Mayo actually wrote a book about his show’s Homework segment.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the question was something I’d never heard before.


If you put a fresh liver on a plate and a glass of full-fat milk on the same shelf in the frig overnight, the liver moves towards the milk.  Is it true?


Want to hear it?

See the pictures posted on the Simon Mayo Drivetime Facebook page:

Here’s the page where you can listen to the most recent Simon Mayo Drivetime episodes:

Also, this article explains flukes:

Photo by Flukeman CCA-SA 3.0

I shared this with a friend and he doesn’t believe it’s possible.  Says someone moved the liver to get to the jello.  ha ha.  What do you think?



And, don’t forget to listen to Len!

Followed by Gil Gross (with Lloyd Lindsay Young and Sebastian Kunz):

NASA Photo

What do you listen to while waiting for the Len Tillem show at 3:00pm and the Gil Gross show at 4:00pm on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM?  As you know, I listen to BBC Radio 2 ( in the morning and I usually try to listen to the archived podcasts of Gil Gross to hear the hours I’ve missed after leaving the office for the day.  Lately, his shows have been shortened for a sports broadcast.  Sometimes he’s only on the air for an hour and a half.  There is nothing for me to listen to the next day, no missed hours of Gil’s show.  Also, I don’t listen to missed Friday shows because I wouldn’t intentionally listen to the high-pitched voice of Rhoda.  It’s just not a pleasant experience.  I love Gil, but not a fan of Rhoda’s voice.  Some people like it, some people don’t.

Anyway, I’ve found other options while waiting for the 3:00pm programs on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM.  One of them is Radiolab.  Here’s a page of their program archives:

The nice thing about Radiolab is the corresponding blog and special segments beyond the hour-long program.  One blog post is about the big event of this past week: the sky is falling, the sky is falling!


Asteroid Friday:

This blog post includes a NASA live-streaming event that, of course, is no longer relevant.  But, there is interesting information and more video shots of the Russian asteroid.


It’s that feeling of locking your keys in the car, intensified by 500 mph.  This is such an interesting program about the astronaut experience.  (Radiolab: Astronauts – Monday, October 8, 2012)

Ghost Stories

Click on Listen, it takes a few seconds before it starts playing after clicking the ‘Listen’.  There is an intentional long pause of silence there as well.

Ghost Stories (Radiolab: Season 10, Episode 9)

This segment includes the CPR Dummy and the most Terrifying Lucid Dream ever.

Another talk program I’ve listened to a few times:

London’s Biggest Conversation:

As always, if you’ve missed any of Len Tillem or Gil Gross programs (along with Lloyd Lindsay Young and Sebastian Kunz), they are all available in podcast:

Len Tillem

Gil Gross

As I’ve said several times here, I listen to BBC Radio 2 in the mornings now instead of KGO after Cumulus destroyed that former talk-radio station.  I hear BBC’s live broadcast of their afternoon and drive-time shows, the Brits are ending their day as I begin mine.

Steve Wright in the Afternoon is the first show I hear when I get into the office.  He has a good mix of old and new music with some celebrity interviews thrown in as well.  Following Steve’s show is BBC host Simon Mayo.  I’ve posted some of his confession segments on this blog.  The episode podcasts of these shows are only online for one week so listen as soon as you can.  The confession segments are available on podcasts for download.  Once downloaded, you can listen to it anytime since you are not limited to a one-week restriction.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, Mayo’s guest cancelled.  Instead of finding a replacement he decided to play album picks that exceed the usual time limits for prime-time radio play.  Keeping to the BBC theme this month (Golden Age of the Album), he played three long tracks: ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd, ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ by Billy Joel and ‘The Last Resort’ by the Eagles.   It was a remarkable, nostalgic shared-moment for the listeners.  As of today, it’s only available for listening another four days and there’s no download on these episodes – so listen now before it’s gone!

Simon Mayo Drivetime Episode, Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The longplay songs begin at 1:05:55 on the episode.

I just noticed that they do provide a text format of the daily confessions.  I’ll have to see if my favorite confession, Float On, has a transcript.

As I just mentioned, BBC Radio 2 this month is celebrating ‘The Golden Age of the Album’.  There is a list of the 100 Most Played Albums on their website and you can vote on your favorite album – through Friday, February 22, 2013.

Here’s the link if you want to vote:

BBC Radio 2, BBC Four, and 6 Music have all contributed to this theme:

Here’s a list of programs available highlighting the longplay album:

More media about it:

Home Page: When Albums Ruled the World – BBC Four:

TV Blog – When Albums Ruled the World: The LP’s Golden Age

By the way, Simon Mayo aired a confession on Thursday that included a bathtub and Neil Diamond underwear.  um, what?  You have to listen to it.  Here’s this week’s compilation of confessions:

It’s titled ‘Blinded By The Lights and other tales’ Friday, February 8, 2013

and includes:

“This week’s concise collection includes a sink satire, a petrol prank, a blind befuddlement and a terrible tub trauma. But will you forgive?”

It’s available to listen to online for 30 days, or you can download it and have it forever.

It’s great fun.  Why listen to radio that sucks on Cumulus-owned KGO?  Enjoy your listening time at BBC while waiting for the afternoon Len Tillem and Gil Gross shows on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM.

Here are the links to Len Tillem podcasts and Gil Gross podcasts (they include Lloyd Lindsey Young and Sebastian Kunz).  You can listen live or listen later to all of the archived podcasts.


By the way, if you voted for an album, let us know which one made your top pick!

On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Gil was the news in Bar Area traffic reports.  Listen to how he describes it in his January 31st broadcast (it’s at the beginning of Hour 1):

Also, around 24:00 on the same podcast, Gil talks about the death of former KGO/KSFO host, Lee Rodgers.

Following are a few articles about it:

Here’s his website:

I looked up Bernie Ward’s blog, The Lion of the Left Speaks, to find out if he’s written about Lee Rodgers’ death, but there is nothing posted yet.  I’ll check back later because I’m sure Bernie will write about it.  **Update: As I was posting this, the post about Lee Rodgers appeared.  I added it to the end of the list.  See below.

There are three recent posts from Bernie (plus the newly added one about Lee Rodgers):

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – ‘Confession is Good for the Soul!’ (about Lance Armstrong and the double standards for famous offenders)

If you’re wondering, Bernie does mention forgiveness that relates to him personally:

“For those of you seething and chomping at the bit to accuse me of being self-serving, save your breath.  I will be fine.  I have an amazing family and I am loved. I’ve asked everyone of importance to me for forgiveness and apologized.  I have wonderful friends and acquaintances who stand by me.  I can return to my former profession, and expect to do so, and I will never make a stupid choice like this ever again.  I am very lucky.  The vast majority of those going home face a system you, and your representatives, have constructed and it’s one long minefield designed to explode in their faces.  The irony is, it hurts you and society as much as it does them.  It eats up billions of tax dollars…forces you to spend more on prisons than on the entire U.C. system…is a perpetual money machine, which will continue to drain resources forever with no long-term benefit to you, whatsoever.”

So, it looks like Bernie plans to return to broadcasting after his release from prison.

The other post from January 16th – ‘Four Years…’ (about Obama’s reelection)

Finally, this post from Thursday, January 24, 2013 – ‘Time Out for a Sermonette’ (about consumerism and the culture we live in):

As I was posting this, the post about Lee Rodgers appeared.  Here’s what Bernie has to say:

Saturday, February 2, 2013 – A Mentor, A Friend and a Great Talk Show Host (about Lee Rodger’s death):