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Frosty says he reads every email.  Why not send him an email and tell him what you think, although he does give out the number to call so he’s open to taking calls.  I think I’ve heard a few callers on his show, but I’m busy at work when he’s on the air and it’s hard to distinguish if he’s on a call or talking to a scheduled guest about a news item.

I’ve wondered if people have given up trying to call Frosty’s show, or even Gil’s show.  There was a time a few weeks back when I heard Gil give out the number and said he wanted people to call and talk about something, but I didn’t hear any callers.

I’ve listened when John Rothmann, Ed Baxter, or even Jim Gabbert sit in as replacement hosts and they all have callers and they all take those calls.  Not one or two every other hour, but callers during the hour and more callers in the next.

Gil loves to give out his Facebook and Twitter accounts as contact points.  I’m sure he’d prefer to interact with his audience one-on-one (ha ha, that’s a joke), but knowing in advance what we say online he has time to prep all of the zinger jokes he flings at us every two minutes.  Can’t do that with an impromptu call.  And he ends the week with the biggest zinger joke of all, the wife.

I’ve read that Gil doesn’t read anything about himself online.  Too bad.  Maybe then he’d understand what’s not working and read how many are dissatisfied with his show.  Especially on Fridays.   But, I don’t fault him for not wanting to see what others have to say.  People can be cruel and usually complain about something before praising anything.

Frosty says he sometimes reads things online about himself and it doesn’t really bother him.  It comes with being a radio host.  Heck, Frosty even reads some email on the air from listeners who don’t exactly agree with his opinions.  In the emails he’s called all sorts of names.  He reads it all on-air, well, some of the names he can’t say on the air without getting the station’s license pulled.  He laughs as well, and explains, again, what he’d said that made someone so angry.  The listeners can decide if they agree.

Frosty’s email address is

If you email him, let us know what it’s about so we can hear if he reads it on the air.

When I went to Frosty’s page on Talk910, I noticed he blogged on Friday, September 27th,  about wanting a steak dinner at a nice restaurant but it was too late for an early dinner reservation.  He didn’t want to be seated alone during the 8:00pm dinner rush and take up the only unreserved table at the time.

He is always talking about food.  He told a story this week about his walk to the corner store to buy Häagen-Dazs® ice cream and was nearly struck in the crosswalk by a bicyclist running the red light.  His personal stories are usually self-deprecating, but he laughs at himself.  I don’t get the sense he’s playing up his perceived greatness by pretending to be self-deprecating.  Read his blog post.  That’s not someone who thinks he’s better than anyone else because of his job.

Well, this turned out to be quite different than what I started to write earlier in the day.   Ah, who wants to read about Cumulus Media on a Monday?  I sure don’t.  I’ll leave that for another day.

Les Grimaces

On Friday, I had the misfortune of hearing some of Gil’s show with his wife on it.  I know, I know.  I usually turn it off on Fridays at the end of Frosty’s show, but I was busy at work and didn’t get the chance.  What I heard reinforces the disgust I have of Gil’s Friday shows.  It’s an embarrassment.

First, I should say, that there is another woman on the show who reads the news.  I think her name is Valerie?  Not sure, but she has a distinctive voice and has a nice rapport with Gil.  She discusses things with him, doesn’t shriek out like a two-year old when she disagrees, and keeps her voice controlled and her thoughts organized.  Why doesn’t she partner with Gil on Friday?  If he wants a woman’s viewpoint, why not use someone people can listen to for more than a minute?  Lose the wife, already!  So many people express the same thing.  The wife is not adding anything to the show except unhappy listeners.


Now, with that out of the way, Gil brought up the news story of a late-night shooting into a house and a ten-year girl who’d been shot in the butt.  Her parents did not report it or seek medical treatment until the morning.  They explained that they thought their daughter had begun to menstruate and didn’t know she’d been shot.

Gil started the discussion and was joined by his wife, whose screaming voice could make one cross-eyed.  Valerie, at least, was there and tempered the discussion with some reasoning and a calm voice,  It went on for minutes, them speculating about ten-year old girls menstruating and, then, about how could the parents mistake where the blood was coming from on the girl’s body?  It was the most moronic and eye-rolling mess of a conversation I’ve heard yet on Gil’s show.

Yeah, who needs callers when you can listen to this stuff?  *eyes rolling to the ceiling*

yikes.  This only reinforced my dislike of Gil’s Friday shows.  I couldn’t turn it off fast enough, but not fast enough to blot it from memory.  It was that bad.  It leaves stains on the brain.  It’s unbelievable how bad Gil’s show can be.  I would have never thought it possible when I first started to listen to him years ago.  It’s like a game of ‘How Low Can You Go’?  Not much lower, I think.


Didn’t have time this week to read more about PPM (Portable People Meter), but a few weeks back when reading about HAARP,  I found an article about contrails from a surprising source.  It was in an interview with Joe Rogan.  Yep.  That Joe Rogan.  The Fear Factor guy.  He’s now on the SyFy channel and hosts the show, ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything‘.  I’ve never seen the show, hadn’t even heard of it until I read the interview.

Here’s the link to the interview on conducted by Steph Daniels and some excerpts from it:

“… All those conspiracy theorists is exactly what I wanted to avoid. All these whacko dudes calling me a government agent, and that’s what’s been going on. All these cuckoo heads that think I’ve been paid off by the government to discredit chemtrails. It’s been quite fascinating.”

“People don’t want to accept that their ideas are not good. People don’t want to accept that there are scientific explanations for things that they have been espousing for a long time.”

“This chemtrail idea is a really weird one, because people look up in the sky and they see these clouds that are coming out of the back of jets, and their automatic thought is, ‘ok, they’re spraying something out of these jets.’ Once you start saying that, and you’ve been saying it for a while, it’s really hard to take those words back. It’s really hard to step back and go, ‘Ok, I might have been wrong. Okay, I am wrong. Okay, there is proof that I’m wrong.’ That’s really what’s going on with the whole chemtrail thing.”

“When they see these criss-cross patterns that turn into cloud cover they go, ‘oh this is geo-engineering.’ No. It’s actually flight patterns. It’s just normal flight patterns. They go, ‘But I’ve seen planes turn around.’ Well, planes have to do that sometimes. It’s called holding patterns. Sometimes air traffic controllers have to hold flights because they can’t have everybody land all at once.”

“…when it comes to the chemtrail thing, what I’m saying is not that there’s no geo-engineering. It’s not that the government has not sprayed things out of airplanes before, because they most certainly have.”

“One of those separations is this idea that people are spraying things out of jets. They may very well be. There may very well be some geo-engineering going on, but that’s not what you’re seeing when you look up at the sky and see these clouds formed out the back of jets.”

“The United States Army wrote a paper about contrails in the 1940’s. They were trying to figure out what was going on, and whether or not it was dangerous when planes would leave these clouds in the air. Back then they called them persistent condensation trails. People went into great detail about the various lengths of time that these things stay in the air, and whether or not they would be dangerous. This isn’t something that’s a new phenomenon like people seem to think it is.”

“…why reject science in one sense and believe it in conspiracy theories…”


This is a three-part interview and I’ve read only the first part.  If you’re interested in reading more, I’ve included links to Part’s Two and Three:

Part Two

Part Three


I have to laugh.  I’m complaining about Gil’s show content and then I use Joe Rogan to explain contrails.  Yep.  How Low Can You Go?  It’s an ongoing theme here.


Then, on the news this week was the Naval Yard shooting.  It was revealed the guy who did it had claimed people were sending microwave vibrations into his body.  And, etched on his gun was ‘My ELF weapon’.  If you’d followed some of those links I posted a week or two ago about HAARP, then you can guess where the ELF thing came from.

Here’s a CNN link about the news item and some excerpts from it:

“Unexplained etchings: Alexis etched phrases into the shotgun, a source said. But investigators don’t know what to make of it. They read: “Better off this way” and “My elf weapon.””

“Hearing voices: In August, Alexis told police in Newport, Rhode Island, that he was hearing voices and was convinced that someone was using a “microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body to keep him awake. Police notified the Navy. The Navy isn’t commenting.”


Finally, there was an odd confession on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Confessions show this week on BBC Radio 2.  Here’s a link to the weekly podcast, available for 30 days from the date of its online posting.  The confession is about drinking, fluffy animals, the boss, and Cabbage Patch dolls.  Told you it was a weird one.  Here’s the link to all of the confessions for the week and I think it’s the third confession on the podcast:

Call Mr Irresponsible… and other tales

Fri, 20 Sep 13


This is new, I think, a list of archived confessions:


I’ve got a confession as well.  That’s all I got for the time I have!

Not much, I know…

I’ve read that Bernie will be released in December 2014.  Recently, he wrote about prison life on his blog, The Lion of the Left Speaks:

Saturday, August 17, 2013 – Rom Coms (about his life in prison)


Thursday, August 22, 2013  – Stop Digging… (what it was like when he first went to prison)


I don’t get the impression he is still claiming he was framed.  He talks about his sins and letting go, forgiving himself –  things that a man wrongly charged wouldn’t ruminate over.

What do you think?

Gosh darn!  I really liked Sebastian and he made Gil’s show bearable at times.  I knew Sebastian had been on vacation and he was expected back this week Tuesday.  I wondered why he wasn’t there and now Gil has made the announcement that cBas is gone.  He’s not sick, he’s not laid off, it’s for personal reasons that he left and it’s his decision to reveal why.

I wish you the best, Sebastian!  I will miss hearing you on the air.

You can listen to Gil’s announcement on his program today, Wednesday, September 11th, Hour 2, and it starts at around 21:20 on the podcast.

Image by Ted Garvin CCA-SA 2.5

Forget about PPM, today we are going to review something I heard at the end of Frosty’s Tuesday show.  He played audio clips of a phenomenon that seemingly came out of the sky.  Strange sounds crying out from above.  People are skeptical about its authenticity, some believe it’s an end-of-time sign, and others are copy-cats creating fake YouTube videos by inserting movie sounds into video.

I’d never heard of strange sounds from the skies.  I’ve heard of humming sounds in small towns, I’ve watched reports about strange lights in the sky, but this is the first I’ve heard eerie sounds that seem to come out of the sky.  There is a lot of information about it online so I’ll post a few links and you can decide for yourself if it’s fake or figure out a possible explanation.

I’ll start with Frosty’s show.  Listen to the last ten minutes of his show on Tuesday, September 3rd.


What the- ???


My thought is the sounds are too mechanical or industrial sounding to be some heaven-sent warning to humanity.  These are man-made sounds, similar to highway noise, screeching metal, slow-moving train cars, birds, voices, horns and television white noise.

So, what could it be?

I read a few articles on the subject:


After reading about it, I still couldn’t form a logical explanation about why it was happening.  So, I went on a YouTube search to hear more of the sounds.

I listened to some videos that the posters admitted were fakes.  Their point was to prove how easy it was to duplicate the phenomenon and fool people. I even listened to a few videos that are over-the-top conspiracy theories or religious themed.  They are all getting in on the action.

First, I dismissed the end-of-world nonsense and searched for videos that seemed plausible.  The fact is, there are too many reports from people in varied parts of the world to reject it as a total hoax.  There has to be some reasonable explanation.

The other baffling thing is that there isn’t one consistent sound.  Some people hear trumpet sounds (and immediately think the heaven train is pulling into the station), others hear voices imbedded in noise, and there are many sounds with a mechanical, grinding quality.


Want to hear some of it?  These videos include a collection of the sounds from around the world:

At a baseball game

A worldwide collection of sounds:

Here’s one of the fake videos, she admitted to playing the sound on her laptop out of camera range:


Every so often, the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is mentioned as a possible cause.  I’ve heard of it before but never paid attention.  At first I thought it was the atom-collider project.  Remember that?


Nope.  It’s not that.


Then, I found an interesting series of videos recorded from The History Channel about HAARP that people have posted online.

The History Channel – HAARP Part 1:

HAARP Part 2 – (Russian Woodpecker and ELF waves):

HAARP Part 3 – (is there an earthquake connection? plus, talk about chemtrails):

HAARP – Part 4 (more about chemtrails and flooding):

HAARP – Part 5 – (This video discusses conspiracy theories about Hurricane Katrina, speculating China and Russia atmosphere attacks created the mega-storm and HAARP was developed to defend against future manipulation):


huh.  This is news to me.  So, I looked up more information on HAARP:


And, I looked for more video:

This guy is tracking all plausible reported incidents on Google Maps:

A news report about it:


Of course, for entertainment purposes, I’ve included a freak show video that’s noted as a documentary.  It’s interspersed with conspiracy theories about freemasons, the Bush family,  Japan’s seismic activity and the world’s financial markets.  One guy even offers up some supposed proof.  What he doesn’t explain, after claiming his life is in danger if he reveals any information, is why he would post a YouTube video about it.  The background music alone discredits this video.

One more thing, when I listened to it I kept wondering why these illuminaties (alluded to in the video) would go after Japan.  Of course, how could I not guess it has to do with Iran.  *slaps head*  I’ll go find my aluminum hat now…

Never even heard of the Illuminati Card Game.

Here’s the freak show video (if you can sit through an hour of this):

And, here’s a link about the card game:


All illuminaties aside, it seems the strange sounds from the sky could be coming from HAARP.  I’m not talking about theories over what HAARP represents in a military capacity, but there is no question they are experimenting in emitting low-frequency ELF waves into the ionosphere ( ) and this is the possible cause of the strange sounds people are hearing.

It would also explain the strange vibrations some people feel when they hear the sound.  And, remember those weird lights in the sky over the same places that are now experiencing the sounds?  It probably even explains the hundreds of birds falling out of the sky, or fish washed up on shore in different regions, and the improbable cloud formations.  It even makes sense now why that crackpot guy kept calling Dr. Bill Wattenburg to talk about the chemtrails.

Here’s a story about snoring in the sky:

Here’s a video of a strange ring of clouds:

More clouds and sounds:

Dead dolphins:


How could I leave out a Coast-to-Coast contribution?

Coast to Coast report (I’ve never listened to this radio show but I do know many are skeptical about its content overall):

In the Coast-to-Coast report they speculate the government is working with mind-control and putting thoughts into heads.  If that was true, then why can others hear the sounds from the sky?  It makes no sense.  Another theory is government entities are trying to develop a weapon that will make people think sounds coming out of the sky are from God.  The government can then manipulate the masses.

oh, gawd….



Well, I bet you wish I’d stuck with PPM, don’t you?  I blame Frosty.  Thanks a lot, Stilwell, for making me watch this stuff on my day off.  I guess I did learn things I’d never heard before, and some of it has helped me realize how nutty it really is out there.

Maybe that’s why talk-radio stations no longer take calls.

Maybe we won’t need radio any longer.  All we have to do is open our windows and listen to the sky.

Photo by Olybrius CCA-SA 3.0






Hey, it’s a long, holiday weekend so we’ll wander off the path of radio a bit and peek into the backyard of the anti-pope where he and Sarge discuss the Miley media moment.


9/5/13 UPDATE: yikes.  I titled this as a play on words for cyber attack, and now I see that the anti-pope really did have a cyber attack that didn’t have anything to do with Miley Cyrus.  He deleted everything and started over, so all old content has been removed.

Here’s what he says about it:

Darn.  He’s hit and miss with his blog, but when he’s on it’s a compelling read.

ANOTHER UPDATE 9/8/13: well, he did  it again!  He deleted his recent purging post!  What is going on over there?  Anyway, here’s what he says now:

You’d better read it fast before he deletes this one!  You’ll now have to read the Purging My Soul post in Google cache.  Oh, well….

You can still find his old Miley content by Googling: opensalon emmerling rumimatopms on mz miley.  You have to look at the cache view to see it.

NOTE: The following link is no longer valid.  You have to view it in Google’s cache.

“I am reading that from some quarters that this is about the ‘’empowerment of women’’. And from other quarters that such ‘’obscenity’’ and bare skin and suggestive twirlings & whirlings are exactly the opposite of empowerment.

I am thinking: it was the teenage boys who are now empowered, if this is their image of the female species.”


Some months back I posted a link to an event promoted by Broadcast Legends that brought together some former KGO staff and hosts at a public luncheon.   Now that the Chronicle has lifted their pay-wall, the write-up by Ben Fong-Torres is visible to the public:

It’s interesting what was said about the financial health of the Dick-eys at Cumulus, especially after the headlines this week of a merger:


Well, I guess we did wander back into a radio theme.  So, let’s finish it off with an interesting bio I found on Gil Gross.  It explains his penchant for crafting jokes out of every other sentence spoken by his show guests.


That’s it!  Get back to enjoying a long, relaxing weekend before it’s over!

We’ll PPM next week.