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I had to take a minute out of this holiday weekend to post the link to Gene Burns’ Blog now up on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM website.  I know there are many Gene Burns fans out there who would love to know how he’s doing and what he’s thinking.  Although he is not yet well enough to be on the air, he is still able to communicate with his former listeners in blog form.

We might not agree with the big business mindset of radio stations owned by conglomerates such as Clear Channel and Cumulus Media, but the management at Clear Channel’s KKSF Newstalk 910-AM has shown us that iHeart Radio really does have a heart when it comes to our beloved former KGO hosts.  Sure, they hope to profit from it, by increasing their listenership and ad revenue, but at least their actions show that they might actually care about their listeners and community.

Can’t say that about the Dick-eys of Cumulus Media.

Support your local KKSF Newstalk 910-AM.  Read Gene’s blog and try to listen daily to the programs you like and catch up on missed broadcasts through the archived podcasts.

And, need I say it again, do NOT listen to one second of KGO or any of the other radio station Cumulus Media has destroyed in this market.  NOT ONE SECOND.  Don’t give them a quarter-hour possible rating to show up in any PPM data.  Tell others about how Cumulus Media has come in and destroyed local radio in this market and many other markets.  Tell others how the Dick-eys come into town and fire 30-year on-air talent just to save a buck to put into their own pockets and then serve up syndicated scraps for communities to feed on.  It’s not right!  Give their shareholders a message to refuse to give these Dick-eys one more dime of corporate pay-offs.  Get out now, shareholders!  This is one failing company.

Hey, Bay Area.  We have company!

Here’s some interesting weekend reading at Glass Door.

Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:


Corporate management strips employees to the bare minimum and overworks everyone remaining, micromanages everything, shows no faith in their employees, does not inform anyone of anything until the moment that they expect the work to be done as if there is no other work that anyone does besides what they want, they consider “shareholder value” to be the one and only guiding principle for their business so benefits are laughable and they show little to no respect for the people that are foolish enough to stay there and make them their fortune. It goes on and on, but you get the idea.

Advice to Senior Management

Your management style reveals your utter lack of connection to humans other than yourself. You are not worthy of constructive criticism and I await the day that your narcissistic world view completely depletes your companies of any talent they ever had, so you manage the robots you think you bought. Ultimately, you will fail, and people of talent and skill that know how you operate will appear in greater and greater numbers at your competitors. If you doubt me, just look at your stock price. Are you still listed? Good riddance.”

ha ha.  Looks like we are not the only market that hates Cumulus Media.  Maybe we should all get together and really get something done about it.

Yeah, that darn Rush Limbaugh and his big, flapping mouth is the reason Cumulus Media lost millions in recent quarters.

As reported by Politico:

Notice the last paragraph in this report, to quell this mess Limbaugh is going to promote some smarmy campaign of ‘Rush’s Babes’.  uh, good luck on that one, Rushie boy.  That will really show them wimmin’ in the world that you are not sexist.

Here’s a MarketWatch press release detailing the First Quarter results of Cumulus Media with this special little blurb by Dick-ey:

“The first quarter of 2012 was marked by significant progress in our integration of Citadel as we build Cumulus into a robust platform company that strategically monetizes content, distribution and technology. Complementing this progress was the continued deleveraging of our balance sheet, as well as strategic portfolio management that will enable us tremendous financial flexibility going forward.”

Here’s the full report:

And another one, the Wall Street Cheat Sheet:

I love the final assessment:

Looking Forward: Over the past sixty days, the outlook for the company’s performance next quarter has become increasingly unfavorable. The average estimate for the second quarter is 8 cents per share, a drop from 13 cents. The average estimate for the fiscal year is now 26 cents per share, down from 44 cents sixty days ago.”

This looks like fun reading from, especially the attached forums:

Cumulus Media is the worst form of corporate blight on our media landscape.  They come into a market and destroy all local radio, to the detriment of a community, so they can profit off of a cheapened product with an anticipated revenue-producing bottom line that only lines the greedy executives’ pockets, leaving communities and local jobs with local talent in the financial gutter.  Shame on you, Cumulus Media!  BOYCOTT Cumulus Media, write to their advertisers and protest.  Let their shareholders know not to approve any pay raises or bonuses to these bottom-feeders.  Do NOT listen, not ONE minute, to any of their stations.

Do you approve their business practices dealing with KGO, KFOG, and KNBR, some of our local stations?  If you google Cumulus Media, you will see we are not the only market destroyed by these money-mongers.  We have to build up our power as a community against this type of corporate bully.

I think Rush and Cumulus belong together.  Let them go down together.  Let them blame something else for their bad decisions.  Let’s watch them sink into the muck.

Let’s rise up as a community.

For all of you Bernie Ward fans, there are three new posts this weekend at his blog, The Lion of the Left Speaks.

This post discusses the Legal System and the Death Penalty:

Bernie’s thoughts about the Gay Marriage issue:

This one addresses the Volker Rule and J.P. Morgan:

I love Gil Gross and I’m happy we will be able to hear him daily now on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM.  He made the announcement today that he will be taking over Gene Burns’ program slot with his own show, but Gene has a permanent home on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM and he will be hosting guest spots when his health improves and, for now, will be posting a blog that is affiliated with KKSF.

John Rothmann will be their political analyst and host election coverage.  Gil also mentioned that Rothmann will join in with Armstrong and Getty sometimes.  ugh!  I’ve noticed that KKSF has softened the sound of the promo spots of those two clowns, but I can’t imagine Rothmann dealing with that grade-school show.  Maybe he’ll lift that show to a listenable level.  We can only hope.

Rosie and Ed will be on when needed, as hosts.

Here’s the station’s official announcement:

I’d been hoping to hear Gene Burns on the radio and experience his program on a regular basis, and it’s not like that will never happen.  From what I understand, if anyone can get back into the game after a health set-back, it’s Gene Burns.

I hope to hear him soon and wish him a strong recovery.  It takes time, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.  I’m waiting for you, Gene!

I was listening to Dr. Bill Wattenburg today on that weird Santa Cruz station and a caller mentioned how glad he was to hear Wattenburg on the air again and that if only he could hear Len Tillem again he’d be happy.  Dr. Bill replied that Len is doing fine but didn’t know where to find him.  huh?  What a lie!  I thought it was disingenuous because the station that carries Len’s show, KKSF Newstalk 910-AM, also carries Wattenburg’s syndicated Sunday show.  I wonder if Dr. Bill said that because back in December, when all of the former KGO hosts worth listening to were fired, the Santa Cruz station’s owner asked Len to guest host or something and Len told him no way in hell would he do that.  It’s got to have something to do with that.  Why would Dr. Bill pretend he doesn’t know where to find Len’s program?  Especially when the station that airs Len’s show also airs Wattenburg’s Sunday show.

What is up with that, Wattenburg?  Maybe I should put a sign in my window about you.

And speaking of that Santa Cruz station, that other guy who does the media blog filled in for Wattenburg on Tuesday.  He sounded better than the first time I’d heard him.  I was going to turn the radio off, but he started to talk about KGO and how Cumulus has destroyed that station.  I listened just to hear what the callers would say.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have many callers.  He claimed he doesn’t like to take calls anyway.  He likes to keep them short.  At least he wasn’t screaming like a lunatic this time.  Instead, he blasted Cumulus and said what we’ve all been saying, that Cumulus Media came into our market and destroyed local radio.  The show was a bit monotonous when he repeated the exact same thing several times over the two hour period about how he felt about Cumulus, but he also did something that surprised me.  He talked about KGO and Cumulus for almost two hours.  It was strange how he spent his guest host time on one station talking about another.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he did but I was disappointed I had to listen to mostly him for the duration of the program and not many callers.  Although, the very first call was the John Lennon guy.  Now, that was funny.

In the last hour he bad-mouthed Ronn Owens.  Called him a schmuck and a sell-out a few times.  Said Owens has never said one word on-air about how Gene Burns is doing after suffering his stroke, and that Ronn is all for Ronn.  He also threw a few barbs at Radnich.  I have to say, it was a bit refreshing to hear someone unpolished and without regard for political-correctness, speak about this whole KGO mess in uncensored language.  So, although he still sounds like an amateur on-air, I have to give him some credit for saying it like it is.