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In the last half-hour of the Tom Leykis show today (the fill-in program for Gil Gross), Leykis said the Randi Rhodes show will be gone in a month.

Not that I really care.  I don’t listen to Rhodes.  I’m not going to listen to Leykis either.  Thankfully, I had meetings all day and missed most of his show.  The small bits I did hear were enough to know this guy is not someone I’d listen to intentionally.  In the same way I’d never listen to Gil’s wife intentionally.  I’d rather hear the pocket catheter commercials on TV than hear Gil’s wife’s voice again in my lifetime.

I’d say something about Frosty and post a link, but I missed his entire show today.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



Keep it to yourself buddy LCCN98518067

Frosty revealed his big secret today.  He finally told his listeners the name of the big movie star who rented his LA home.

It was a touching and heartfelt reveal.  You can listen to it here: