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I wonder if the current talk format on Talk910 has alienated the audience out there who actually pick up their phones to voice opinions on the air.  These listeners seem to have migrated away from Talk910 and I’m trying to understand why.  Before I blame the format (I’ll get there in a minute), I have to consider the lowered power of the station compared to that other station that shall remain nameless.  How do people know to call in if they can’t get the signal?

But, I recall days when John Rothmann and Jim Gabbert have guest-hosted shows on Talk910, formerly Newstalk910, and, what do you know, they’ve had actual callers!  For several hours.  Why is that?  Why is it people find the frequency when those two guys are on the air and then those same callers seemingly disappear overnight?  In the same way I disappear when Gil drags his wife on the show.

It’s the expectation of what’s to come.

When I hear Rhoda, immediately I expect a miserable listening experience.  Why would I stick around for that?  It’s beginning to sour me on Gil as well and I like him as a broadcaster.  I liked him immediately when I first heard him on that other station.  But this new format of his is a detriment to fans of talk radio. It’s not what a talk radio fan would expect from a talk radio station.  (This is a heads up, Frosty!)

After listening to Gil’s show for weeks, then months, why would potential callers hang around waiting to share their viewpoints when they know it ‘ain’t gonna happen’?

If Gil doesn’t cultivate his audience to call in and join the discussion, there is no expectation of his show ever evolving into a talk show.  Sure, he talks, but will we be listening?  Don’t know.  If my expectation is that Gil will talk about a news item, call someone from Politico to talk about it, then move on to the next topic, I might as well spend my coffee time reading Google news and listen to something else during the day.

I’m still forming a listening relationship with Frosty.  To be honest, I’ve been too busy to hear his show except in 5-10 minute segments.  I like that he talks about local news items, even if he is adopting Gil’s format for his show.  He gives out the number to call:  Frosty – 1.800.345.5639.  I haven’t heard any callers lately.

I didn’t hear any calls, either, on Wednesday, when Gil announced at the beginning of his show that he would be ‘taking your calls’ all day about the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision and he even gave out the phone number.  He got Nothing.  Notta.  Well, what’d you expect, Gil?

When I stay late at work, I hear segments of the Alan Colmes show.  Someone once commented that Colmes’ show grows on a person.  I agree.   I’d never heard of Alan Colmes before, but I do hear his callers.  I’ve forgotten how unintentionally hilarious people can be or how listeners know when someone’s been drinking or even how freakin’ intelligent some people can be.  You don’t know what you’re going to get.  And, that’s what makes it work.  Colmes is like a moderator on a social network in danger of being taken over by the trolls.

There is someone who always takes callers and that is good ‘ol Len Tillem.  I listen to his podcasts everyday.  It’s easy, go to Spreaker, find Len Tillem, and just click on the Play button of his show.  It’s only about fifteen minutes, though.  Some of the recent episodes have been best-of calls so Len must be on vacation.  I will not listen to him if he moves his show to that other station.

Speaking of Len, or should I say Spreaking of Len, do you ever look at search terms for your blog or website?  I saw this one a week or two ago: Len Tillem Naked.

huh?  I love Len Tillem, but not enough to want to see him naked.  There are some freaky people out there in listener-land.

This is a search term I saw yesterday: Why does Gil Gross suck?


Does that sound like the current format is working?

NARA 1122914

On Friday morning I read that Len Tillem was a guest on that other radio station.  He was sitting in with that ‘no one tells me what to do’ guy, you know, what’s his name.

You can read various posts about it here on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners:

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It’s being speculated that Len would like to move his show over there again.

Not saying it’s true, that speculative information was reported by that ‘can’t get his facts straight’ media blogger guy who’s trying to profit off the backs of radio professionals who actually have talent and intelligence.  To be fair, he did say that the ‘no one tells me what to do’ guy is the one who wants Len’s show back on the station that shall not be named.

So, let me say this – never, I mean not even for one second, will I turn my radio frequency to that other station as long as it’s owned by Cumulus Media.  Not even for you, Len.  In fact, if Len moves over there again, that’s it for me.  No more Len podcasts or radio show.  Why should I care about supporting his show if he doesn’t care about how Cumulus Media has destroyed local radio in this market?  This issue is larger than the number of clients Len could get from going back there.  It will destroy his integrity and weaken his fan base.  Sorry, Len.  If that untrustworthy report from that blowhard media blogger guy has any legs then I’ll have to use mine to walk away.

When are we going to wake up and stand on principle?  It’s not always convenient, but small sacrifices now will benefit everyone for the long-term.  Shareholders will have to learn how to share.  Remember that societal concept?  Doing something for the greater good?

And let me make this clear about Clear Channel, they are the first cousin to the Dick-eys in this broadcasting mess.  They dismissed Len, but they did give Gene Burns and Gil Gross a radio home.  They should evict Gil’s wife, and I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Also, they should give back to the Bay Area a voice in local radio.  That’s right, those pesky, unpredictable ‘ callers’.  We don’t care what Gil’s wife thinks, it’s not like we can even listen to what she says.  Her voice is irritating, when it’s not squeaking it’s obvious she’s trying to speak in slow and measured tones, and that’s even worse!  It’s painful to listen to.  It’s not like she adds to the conversation, either.  Every so often she does have a good point, but mostly she’s shrieking out of fake horror over some dumb criminal story (hate those) or she’s interrupting a guest to ask something that disrupts the flow of the discussion.  Why, Gil, why??

There are plenty of female broadcasters in the Bay Area and many with a professional radio voice and interview skills.  Come on, Gil, team up with a professional female broadcaster if you’re trying to prove you support all views.  Please, don’t push your wife in front of a microphone.  She’s not suited for it.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when she’s not on the show on Friday.  And I did breathe a sigh of relief yesterday.  How nice it is to listen to a Friday show without her.

Okay, now that I’m rolling, let’s get to Frosty.  I’m listening to his show.  I admit, I don’t hear everything because it’s been very busy at work, but from what I’ve heard, let me say this: his show has morphed into an earlier version of Gil’s show.  He tried to include callers during his first week, now he mostly mimics the same ol’ format that Gil Gross is using.

I say mostly, because there are moments of Frosty’s show that have that unwashed feel.  You know what I mean, he talks about things that do not need an expert on the phone to tell us what to think.  Frosty goes off on rants or he tells long, rambling stories, many times about things that have happened to him personally, and it’s a bit unexpected and little bit fun.

It’s not like a Gil story.  Gil usually prefaces his stories with how cozy he is with some popular figure or celebrity, like, ‘when I worked with Dan Rather and I did this to him’.  ha ha.  Isn’t that funny, folks?  And, yes, you did hear me correctly.  I know Dan Rather personally, and Dan will never forget me because I did this with him or to him.

That’s not Frosty.  I laugh when I write this.  When Frosty talks about things in his life, we hear about his folds and flaps in his body and how he needs underwear that doesn’t chafe.  Yep.  Comfortable underwear: No chafing, no bunching up, and no stink.  No kidding!  I love it.  It’s unexpected and unfiltered.  Not many hosts would share their underwear on air.

Want to hear it?  It starts around 10:00 on the podcast.

Frosty – 6/18/13, Hour 2

He also talked about his roll through the hood and one frightening experience.  It’s at the beginning of the following podcast.

Frosty – 6/19/13, Hour 1

I should mention, there are moments when Frosty’s stories make me cringe and I rethink promoting his show, but some of these Frosty stories are nice breaks in the talking-points type of show both he and Gil put on the air.  Many times Frosty will do his show and then Gil, an hour or two later, will talk about the same news story and bring on another expert to talk about the same things Frosty’s guest expert talked about earlier.  I’ll never have to listen to another podcast again because I always hear the same story repeated an hour later anyway.  Same story, different host.

I think if these media outlets want to increase their podcast playbacks, they should coordinate their hosts to vary their content so each podcast will bring a unique listening experience.  But, that’s just me.  A lowly radio listener.

Photo by Tracy from Brookfield, MA CCA-2.0


Frosty Stilwell.

It’s one ‘L’ before the well.  I’m amazed at all of the media reports that spell his name wrong.  It could be that he changed it at one time and it’s not clear what the correct spelling could be.  I’m going by the spelling on his own Facebook page.

So, now we’ll take a quick trip down the Google highway to find Frosty in Snippet-Land.


Passing through Hwy 1990s:

(The Jamie, Frosty and Frank Show):,_Frosty_and_Frank_Show

Some excerpts:

“The show was originally called “Frosty and Frank” with Jamie White reading traffic and weather. Than the show was renamed to “Frosty, Frank, and Jamie”, but audience members mistook “Frosty Frank” as a single person so they renamed the show to “Frosty, Jamie, and Frank”. Shortly before the show was moved from Denver to Los Angeles, under contract negotiations, Jamie White had her name moved to first placement.”

Frosty Stilwell was quieter than his coworkers, a funny, friendly, overweight nerdy type who was frequently the butt of their jokes. He was older than they were, a great fan of Star Trek and an admirer of character Captain Kathryn Janeway(played by veteran actress Kate Mulgrew on Star Trek: Voyager). He was sometimes teased about being secretly in love with Frank.”

(What the-?  Could Sebastian Kunz be doing the hiring over at Talk910 in addition to reporting the news and filling in for traffic and weather?)

Okay, more excerpts:

“Each show ended with Jamie, Frosty, and Frank apologizing to anybody and anything they’d potentially offended during that particular broadcast while Brenda Lee‘s “I’m Sorry” played in the background.”

“On September 15, 1999, Frosty and Frank were suddenly and inexplicably removed from the show and replaced with Danny Bonaduce, former child-star. Fans of Jamie, Frosty, and Frank protested, and even Jamie herself referred to the change as “a forced decision”. Frosty and Frank were quieter but obviously displeased, stating, “Yes, there is a lot to the story, but we can’t say much” and “I could be better, but that’s a long story, and if I told you, I wouldn’t get paid”, respectively.”


Hwy 2000s:

Same Wiki article, more excerpts.

“In 2000, Frosty and Frank joined Heidi Hamilton, a former traffic news anchor they had met at Star 98.7, to form the Frosty, Heidi & Frank show, which aired on 97.1 FreeFM and later on 790 KABC Talk Radio in Los Angeles. On January 4, 2007, Frosty and Frank invited Danny Bonaduce onto the show and the three of them traded behind-the-scenes stories about the drama that had unfolded at Star 98.7. All three of her former co-hosts alleged that Jamie was an extremely difficult and demanding person to work with, that she schemed behind the scenes to have her co-workers fired, and that she didn’t even want to share a toll-free number with the other hosts to take callers. Bonaduce called her a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre of a personality… the worst experience of my life” and Frosty and Frank said she was a “witch” and “excruciating.””


YouTube video of Frosty’s last day with Frank and Heidi:

(Note, it might take a second or two to begin so be patient.  This is hard to watch after we, in San Francisco, had to go through this type of transition with our former KGO hosts.)


If you prefer to watch it on YouTube, here’s the link:


A comment on that YouTube page by iammckenna puts in all in perspective:

“LOL! Frosty SUCKS at lying! They ended the show on a Friday and he practically started with KFI on Monday! :P”


Hwy 2011:

This excerpt explains the name.  It’s included in a radiodiscussions thread titled ‘Re: Does anyone know what has happened to frosty stillwell on kfi???’.

Here’s a link to it:

“Not that this would have made a difference, but after his KABC gig was done, he took the he took the “y” off of his name. I think he said that was to make his on-air name closer to his real name, or at least what his friends and family actually call him. Then a few months ago, I think he came to the realization that changing your on-air name and trying to find a new full-time gig at the same time is not a particularly good strategy, so he went back to being Frosty. Now, even more listener confusion sets in.”


More of that discussion follows:

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I don’t know why but it sort of depresses me. At one point these three were pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars each at KLSX and it seems like in a blink of an eye, Frank lost his home, Heidi was selling stuff on Ebay and now Frosty gave up a weekend gig and may be moving out of town since nothing full time is coming his way. It sucks being that age and realizing the world around you has changed and there are no jobs around for guys (and gals) in that age range.

« Reply #8 on: May 30, 2011, 01:37:33 P »


“Frost Stilwell, ex-KFI/640 AM weekends, has not announced his future plans yet, but he may be considering Denver for his next opportunity. He e-mailed’s Don Barrett, “I’d expected to head back to Denver, a city I love, when the FHF (Frosty, Heidi & Frank) show ended at KABC. I stayed around for the part-time gig as long as I could. But spring is about to become summer, and my ‘semi-retired’ label has an itch underneath it too strong to ignore much longer.

“Maybe it’s time to sell the ridiculously expensive Hollywood Hills home and get back to work, wherever work can be found these days in our industry. My beloved Denver is in my sights once again and I am happily moving in that direction. Stay tuned.””


Hwy 2012:

Here’s someone on Yahoo looking for a lost Frosty Stilwell quote:

And one more excerpt from the same Wiki link posted earlier:

“On June 1, 2012, Star 101.3 in San Francisco announced that Frosty Stilwell would join Sandy Stec in hosting the stations morning show.”


Hwy 2013:

Finally, the Frosty Frank (hee hee, I love that name – sorry Frosty!) ends up in our backyard.  He announces it on his Frost Stilwell Facebook page (a page he set up during the time he tried to change his radio name, remember that radiodiscussions excerpt I posted earlier when he tried to get rid of that pesky ‘y’?).  I think it’s his fan page.

“San Francisco, Ca. – June 3, 2013 – Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Francisco announced today that well-known Talk Radio personality, Frosty Stillwell, will now host middays on Talk 910 KKSF-AM from 12-3:00 p.m. PST, effective Tuesday, June 4.”

He also has a Frosty San Francisco Facebook page:

Here’s a link to his page on Talk910:


Frosty says he’s happy to be back on talk radio.  I haven’t been able to listen much in the past few weeks, it’s been so busy at work, but I have him on in the background.  I hear him give out the number to call.  Says he wants to take calls.

I haven’t heard many callers.  He says it doesn’t matter what topic he’s on, if someone wants to call and talk about something he brought up as a topic earlier in the show, he’ll take it.

So, now it’s time for those who want to support talk in the Bay Area.  He’ll take calls!

I know many are reluctant to call talk shows, they think they don’t know much about politics or policies or national security …

Frosty doesn’t seem to be focused on specialized topics.  His show is opinion-based, if he reads something or if something happens to him, he’ll give his opinion.  He welcomes other opinions.

That’s right, he’s not expecting callers to offer expertise or high-level training on any one subject.  Yes, he still brings experts on the show, but he’s also asking the listening audience to express their own opinions.

As an example, one day he talked about a guy who approached him in the parking lot of a grocery store and asked for a donation to his charity.  When Frosty didn’t give him any money for the homeless, the guy screamed at Frosty, berating his physical appearance and commenting on the bags of grocery in his arms.  It’s a situation we can all relate to and comment on.  I can’t locate the podcast, don’t recall what day or hour it aired.

I did find a podcast where he admits to letting a Facebook comment get under his skin (it begins around 9:00 on this podcast):

(I remember when I saw the beginning of that guy’s comment on Facebook saying something about kissing L…, and that’s where it cut off.  I was curious but couldn’t read the rest of the comment because I don’t have a Facebook account.  Now I know.)

I love to hear callers.  I even miss the John Lennon guy sneaking in on a conversation.  Let’s take back what we’ve lost.  I miss voices from the Bay Area, all voices, joined in conversation.

On Frosty’s show, you don’t have to be married to the guy to be allowed to talk… he’s not talking only to his wife or some Politico, he’s talking to us.  Talk Back!

Talk 910 Listener Line: Frosty – 1.800.345.5639

From the start of his show today, Gil Gross teased listeners with a soon-to-be-announced new talk show on KKSF – Talk 910 AM.  Ten minutes into his show, Gil mentioned it again.  He would soon, very soon, have some information to share about a new talk show on the station.  At fifteen minutes, he said it again, promising everything would be revealed but, now, it was time for the weather.

Lloyd Lindsay Young had just returned to work after a week-long vacation, to the relief of Sebastian Kunz who’d been filling in for him.  Lloyd, as always, was cheerful, and in a great mood.  Many know him for the distinctive way he bellows out “hello!” to Bay Area locations. Today he extended a hearty greeting, “Hello, Pacifica!” and gave his weather information, ending with “…and the marine layer is around, and he’s, ah, right here, the one and only Frosty…”


There was some fumbling conversation before Gil said to the audience, “Well, you’ll never guess who’s been added to the Talk-910 schedule.”

He added, “Lloyd, we did tell you this was a secret, yes?”


I want to say, thank you, Lloyd, for just coming out and saying it.

So, now you know.  Frosty, the guy who sat in for Gil a few days in May, will now have his own show on Talk-910, weekdays, from 12 Noon to 3pm.

This should be interesting.  Frosty’s show begins tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/4/13).

He said after he sat in for Gil the last time he googled his name and found hateful comments, saying things like, oh my gawd, who’s that guy sitting in for Gil?  I’ll never listen again!

He was probably reading

I’ll listen to him as long as he doesn’t drag his wife on the show with him.

Here’s the podcast with Lloyd Lindsay Young telling it to the world.  The Lloyd slip starts around 17:00 on the podcast.