I’ve been listening to various talk radio hosts in New York, Minneapolis, Texas and other cities around the country.  This week, on several stations, I’ve heard the news story about San Francisco mayor, London Breed, commenting on the reality of the streets of San Francisco.

By Adina Firestone (IMG_7066 (1)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Pags, talk radio host, recorded his very own San Francisco parody:

(The actual parody begins at 15:21, if you don’t want to listen to the news story and their banter.  That begins at 10:08.)



Joe Pags website:



I saw Phil Matier on local news this morning discussing with Scott Wiener the legality of conservatorships to deal with the issue.  I can’t find the podcast but here is an article about Wiener’s proposal:



This article highlights how the homeless and addict issue affects daily life:


I’ve seen many lost souls wandering the streets in San Francisco.  I’ve been threatened several times from drugged out zombies.  I’ve seen piles of poop still hanging onto sides of buildings and have seen, more than I care to recall, a number of people pulling down their pants in the middle of the sidewalk and dropping ‘whatever’ there.  It’s disgusting.

There is one addict who roams the streets and steals clothes from laundromats.  He wears a new outfit every day.  On Friday he was wearing a skirt.  Last week he was dressed all in black with a matching hat.  The week before he was in all white with a cape and crown.  He’s been out there for years.  He strips down to nothing and changes his clothes on the sidewalk, for all to see.  He leaves piles of clothing everywhere from his latest laundromat haul.  He tinkers with the bottom of street light poles, pulling off caps to the wiring inside.  I’ve seen several zombies do the same.  It must be a hiding space for who knows what.

This past week someone dropped a box of needles near the entrance to a popular restaurant.

Welcome to San Francisco!


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