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I did what many others did after hearing the news that Ben E. King had died, I searched for his music on YouTube.  This is the song I wanted to hear again:


Here’s a link to the video:

Just as expressed in the lyrics, ‘it took me by surprise’, what a surprise to find these interesting comments linked to that video:

All that is now 2 months ago
Every moment is magic and special when you see it as it truly is. The present moment is the only thing that exists and yet most people live their lives out of the present moment. They live in the illusions of their minds. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. If you want to experience the magic in every waking moment Google Truth contest and learn the fundamental truth of life.
Danny G 1 month ago
My belief i different thn your belief therefore if it was the sme or different, it would still be the truth. The truth is relevant, the more knowledge you have the better understanding you will have. So let’s say that we never had knowledge. Therefore we would be as babies and be innocent to every concept of intelligence. So what’s more everlasting and enpternal. Babies mind or a human adult with “knowledge”??
All that is now 1 month ago
No it wouldn’t the truth is incontrovertible malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it but in the end there it is. The truth is like the 4 in 2+2=4. Check out the site.
Tyler Graham 1 month ago
Unfortunately, in life, there’s no such thing as the truth. People should be allowed to look onto life with their own thoughts of to what means they’re “living”. Idiots like you who try to push their beliefs as the truth is how we create close minded people. What should be promoted is the fact that you can create your own ideas of life. Funny because I sound like a hypocrite in me preaching to you, but life is filled with contradictions… And lies.


Of course, I was curious and checked out the truth site:

At first, it looks like someone is trying to sell a book, but the author died in 2013 and the book is posted in its entirety on the site.  I did a quick glance through the sections and there are some interesting thoughts in there about consciousness, matter and energy, perception, and fulfillment.  It has some religious undertones but you can choose to read the excerpts with or without the religious aspect.  It even includes a section on The Beatles:

We stood there on the corner and listened to the whole song in silence. I was stunned. My friend said, “The song is called ‘From Me To You.’ They are called the Beatles, and they all got haircuts like Moe of the Three Stooges.”

It went right through me; it seemed familiar and unknown at the same time. It was one of those rare moments that you never forget, which changes your life. The Kennedy assassination was one of them. I lost my innocence and the Beatles gave it back to me. I went from no hope, to anything is possible, and I was not alone; it seemed like it happened to every kid in the world.


Here’s a link to the entire book in sections:


As you read this and add sugar to your coffee or tea, think about this interesting tidbit found on Page 72:

If you removed all the empty space from human bodies leaving only electrons and the other subatomic particles, all seven billion human bodies would fit in the space of a sugar cube.


Listen to some of the stuff Talk 910 puts on the air and think about this quote found of Page 94:

Einstein said there are two infinite things: the universe and man’s stupidity.


There is even a section of the site where people can include their own thoughts on things:

I didn’t click through the links so I can’t tell you what you’ll find there

You know, this truthfulness thing just might come in handy for the upcoming election.

I didn’t think I had anything to say this week, especially since I haven’t been listening to Talk 910 except for Monday and Tuesday when Spencer Hughes filled in on the 10-00am-1:00pm slot.  Spencer seems to have more focus to his shows now, without all of that silly rambling ‘in his head’ routine.  At times he reverts to that ridiculous fake voice so he can talk back to himself on-air, but, thankfully, he keeps that to a minimum.

This week Spencer opened the phone lines and he actually had a real talk show.  Listeners called in and, instead of turning the station volume down so it wouldn’t interfere with my work, I turned the volume up so I could hear what people were saying.  Thank you, Spencer!

As for the other fill-in hosts for the remainder of the week, I turned off the station and listened to something else instead.

And, that’s the truth.