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Yikes!  I started this post almost a month ago and wasn’t able to get back to it.  At the time, I was curious about the financial outlook of Cumulus Media.  I was shocked and, admittedly, pleased to see the jaw-dropping close of cmls at $1.18.   Then, after a few weeks, I checked it again to see it drop further to $0.96.  I checked the Facebook page of No More KGO and they were on top of the big drop, linking numerous articles about it.

Visit their page and be sure to ‘like’ it:

At the time, I found this little news blurb about the current situation at the house of the drooping Dick-eys:

(note, the investorplace page has a pop-up ad on it that is annoying)

Cumulus Media Inc. Class A earns an F (“strong sell”) this week, moving down from last week’s grade of D (“sell”). Cumulus Media is a radio broadcasting corporation that owns and operates FM and AM radio station clusters that serve mid-sized markets in the United States.

It is no surprise the Dick-eys were graded F on their radio report card.  Any radio listener to any of their failed radio stations across the country could have predicted this outcome, the Bay Area listeners could have told you that way back in December 2011.

The Dick-eys, as expected, are acting in their own self-interest and abandoning their top positions to take a lesser role within the company, probably to deflect any blame and lawsuits to other executives.  In their rush for the door, the Dick-eys grabbed millions on the way out.


What’s so disgusting about it, and why, in the past, I’ve questioned how former listeners can still listen to the Dick-ey stations after seeing how they fired top talent, dropped employees pay to minimum (yes, all of you so-called former listeners, this more than likely included your kids, your spouses, your relatives, and your friends) and then the Dick-ey brothers reached into every worker’s back pocket for that extra pay the staff should have been getting and paid themselves millions in bonuses every year.

So, if and when the station is closed or sold, your loved ones will continue to struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table, and the Dick-eys will walk away millionaires.  No one benefits but the Dick-eys.  There is no extra income spent in the community because no one can afford it.  The station loads commercials into the mix like logs into a blast furnace and makes the station content unlistenable, but it brings in enough money to line the Dick-eys pockets with more bonuses every year.  And, what about the shareholders?  Can’t they see how the Dick-eys have come in and destroyed radio communities?  I’d tell the shareholders to sue, but they enabled this disaster so why should they be rewarded for bad judgement?

Many of us really are former listeners for a reason and the principle behind it.

I’m not saying the other media conglomerates out there are much better, only that they’ve handled their business with seemingly less brutal tactics than the soulless Dick-eys.

The others, especially in the Bay Area, have also made questionable business and content decisions.   Yes, I’m talking about noTalk 910-AM.  I don’t fault them for all of the missteps.  Who would have thought Gil Gross could be such a disappointment?   You know I have to mention the Friday wife with Gil!  Can any program be designed to irritate people more than this?  It should be banned as a torture device.  Stay away from Friday to keep your sanity intact.

But I do fault noTalk for the disastrous afternoon programming that has driven many listeners away, you know the program, the two selfie sticks talking nonsense and making jokes that make even Gil’s humor sound less awkward, trying-too-hard.  ugh!

I don’t know if that annoying lady yelling commercial is still on the air because that’s when I stopped listening to noTalk.  That, and the selfie-stick programming, drove me to conservative talk.  I don’t enjoy hearing all of the conservative political talking points, day after day, the same talking points on every program using the exact same words.  It is tiresome, but at least there are callers and interviews that bring in both sides of the argument (probably fixed to make the liberal side look foolish, but, hey, there is a discussion and disagreement).  When that gets to be too much, then I always fall back on BBC.  I can expect to find some interesting programming, music or documentary or podcast that adds something to the experience of online listening.


One recent podcast on BBC Radio2 I’d recommend others to listen to before it expires in 20-something days: John Lennon’s Last Day.


Steve Wright in the Afternoon is another BBC Radio2 show that is easy to listen to with a mix of music old and new and celebrity interviews.  He has an interview with Robert De Niro who responds to his interview questions.  If you’ve ever watched De Niro mumble through Late Night shows then you know that’s quite rare to get impromptu, coherent answers out of him.

Here’s a link to Steve’s page on BBC Radio2:


Don’t forget about Simon Mayo Drivetime and his Confessions podcasts:


Of course, I’ve mentioned it many times, the one program I try not to miss during the week day is New York station WOR’s Mark Simone show.  I love that guy.  I don’t agree with many of his opinions but that’s not the draw of the show.  He really is Mr. Personality who has fun with the callers and his guests.  Yes, he takes calls every day and he makes it entertaining.  There is even a New York lawyer guest on his show periodically who is like Len Tillem’s lost twin with his loud talk and level of crudeness that flirts with offensive.

On a recent Simone show, the lawyer, Lionel, spoke about a subject that we in the Bay Area deal with everyday, the homeless and transient issue.  You have to hear this:

Mark Simone show – guest Lionel, on from 20:40 to about 31:15 on the podcast:

I have experienced this same zombieland in the Bay Area.  Too many times I’ve walked past men who whip it out and pee on public buildings or in trash cans, or who crouch on the sidewalks with full exposure of their backsides on display.  I’ve stood on a corner waiting for a bus and some crazy exiting from a bus across the street runs over to chase me.  Or, a crazy who stood near me and told me, in a threatening way, to stop looking at him (I wasn’t).  Another guy and his buddy pass by sometimes and they are like the walking dead who stumble around and one speaks in a cracked, groggy, scary-deep voice that only a horror movie director would love.   Once, a disheveled guy walked close behind me and said he could attack me in a minute and no one would get there in time to stop him.  That was on a busy street with plenty of people around.  Creepy instances like that.  I’ve had to sidestep many young men who scream nonsense and throw things around in a rage.  And, who has not seen the disgusting patches of feces hanging off the sides of buildings everywhere?

Emptying the day rooms, indeed.

Lionel nails it.  Listen to him on that podcast.

WOR-710AM has been growing in the ratings.  They are now the #1 New York talk station.  It’s not a big number, but they are experiencing growth in this supposedly dying medium.  They are keeping the ‘talk’ in talk.  They don’t have hours upon hours of one person talking and talking and talking to be followed by another person or two, untalented amateurs, talking and talking and talking to themselves.  That is boring, lazy programming.  No station grows by offering stagnant content.  No listener stays around to hear it.

And no real former listener returned to support the Dick-eys 50,000 watt station in the Bay Area and now the Dick-eys are out of the top spots.  Finally.

There was one interesting comment I’d never read before about that blogger guy on the Facebook page of No More KGO.  Don’t know if it’s true.  It was posted by some guy who usually defends the Dick-eys and their decisions, so keep that in mind.  It sure explains a lot if it is true.


Anyone out there into programming and code and game design?  Even an amateur can get into this and have some fun with it.

Unity 5 (a game engine) has partnered with Visual Studio 2015 (Microsoft’s integrated development environment) and offers an import package of Visual Studio 2015 tools to be used for Unity scripting.  It includes IntelliSense for C# and, I think, Javascript but I haven’t tried that yet.  I prefer coding on Visual Studio so I love this.

A beginner can download both Unity game engine and Visual Studio Community for free with unlimited use.  It’s a great way to learn how to code and it’s fun to learn how to create a game.  Both sites offer plenty of help getting started.  Unity has extensive training video and manuals available on their site:

Poke around the Learn tab and you will see what I mean.  There are many tutorials on YouTube as well.


Visual Studio 2015 offers a free version and there are many YouTube videos on how to get started coding basic C#.  Also, they have online support on their Microsoft Developer Network that includes all levels of learning to work with Visual Studio 2015.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN):

Visual Studio:

Download the Community version for free.

If you try out Unity 3D, then you have to start with the terrain and adding trees.  It is so amazing.  The best thing to do is find a good YouTube tutorial on Unity 5 (game engine) and working with terrain.  The creation is easy and the results are unbelievable.  There are many free assets offered in Unity’s Asset Store and they include a free Standard Assets package to get you started.

Look at the trees in that package.  Wait until you see them in the Unity Game Player in 3D.  Incredible.  Unity assets include creations from Speed Tree, a 3D animation toolkit.  There are some free and pay-a-fee versions in the Unity Asset Store.

If you’re curious about the 3D modeling of trees, this 2012 video explains how it works:

Speed Tree is not free.  There is, at this time, at $19 charge that is good for one month.  All assets created can be used and stored after your paid subscription ends.

You do not have to build your own trees on Unity 3D, they have fully created trees ready for use to populate your landscape.  Try it and you’ll see.


So, there’s plenty to do, lots to see, and podcasts to hear.  Get to it!

I’ll get back on the blogging track next month when it won’t be as busy at work now that the holidays are around the corner!

Enjoy the week and see you next time.

As I’ve said several times here, I listen to BBC Radio 2 in the mornings now instead of KGO after Cumulus destroyed that former talk-radio station.  I hear BBC’s live broadcast of their afternoon and drive-time shows, the Brits are ending their day as I begin mine.

Steve Wright in the Afternoon is the first show I hear when I get into the office.  He has a good mix of old and new music with some celebrity interviews thrown in as well.  Following Steve’s show is BBC host Simon Mayo.  I’ve posted some of his confession segments on this blog.  The episode podcasts of these shows are only online for one week so listen as soon as you can.  The confession segments are available on podcasts for download.  Once downloaded, you can listen to it anytime since you are not limited to a one-week restriction.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, Mayo’s guest cancelled.  Instead of finding a replacement he decided to play album picks that exceed the usual time limits for prime-time radio play.  Keeping to the BBC theme this month (Golden Age of the Album), he played three long tracks: ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd, ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ by Billy Joel and ‘The Last Resort’ by the Eagles.   It was a remarkable, nostalgic shared-moment for the listeners.  As of today, it’s only available for listening another four days and there’s no download on these episodes – so listen now before it’s gone!

Simon Mayo Drivetime Episode, Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The longplay songs begin at 1:05:55 on the episode.

I just noticed that they do provide a text format of the daily confessions.  I’ll have to see if my favorite confession, Float On, has a transcript.

As I just mentioned, BBC Radio 2 this month is celebrating ‘The Golden Age of the Album’.  There is a list of the 100 Most Played Albums on their website and you can vote on your favorite album – through Friday, February 22, 2013.

Here’s the link if you want to vote:

BBC Radio 2, BBC Four, and 6 Music have all contributed to this theme:

Here’s a list of programs available highlighting the longplay album:

More media about it:

Home Page: When Albums Ruled the World – BBC Four:

TV Blog – When Albums Ruled the World: The LP’s Golden Age

By the way, Simon Mayo aired a confession on Thursday that included a bathtub and Neil Diamond underwear.  um, what?  You have to listen to it.  Here’s this week’s compilation of confessions:

It’s titled ‘Blinded By The Lights and other tales’ Friday, February 8, 2013

and includes:

“This week’s concise collection includes a sink satire, a petrol prank, a blind befuddlement and a terrible tub trauma. But will you forgive?”

It’s available to listen to online for 30 days, or you can download it and have it forever.

It’s great fun.  Why listen to radio that sucks on Cumulus-owned KGO?  Enjoy your listening time at BBC while waiting for the afternoon Len Tillem and Gil Gross shows on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM.

Here are the links to Len Tillem podcasts and Gil Gross podcasts (they include Lloyd Lindsey Young and Sebastian Kunz).  You can listen live or listen later to all of the archived podcasts.


By the way, if you voted for an album, let us know which one made your top pick!

Since I no longer listen to radio station KGO, the first thing I do when I get into work is log on to the computer and listen online to BBC Radio 2.  I usually catch the last hour of the ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ show (when my work day begins the Brits are on their way home) and then the ‘Simon Mayo Drivetime’ show.  One daily feature of Mayo’s show is a listener confession segment that is read on-air by the host and then others in the studio join in to decide if the confession should be forgiven.

I love this segment.  There is a confession every Monday through Thursday, and on Friday all confessions of the week can be downloaded from the BBC Radio 2 website or listened to online.  I’d recommend downloading the podcast because you can listen to it anytime and will always have it.  If you listen to it on the website, the audio (under ‘Play Recent Episode’) expires 30 days from the Friday it’s posted.

A few months ago, I posted a link to another hysterical confession about a guy and his microphone moment.  It was a great ‘Float On’ enhanced confession.  Remember?  Hello, and my name is Larry and I love everything and everyone…

I downloaded that Float On podcast so I can listen to it anytime for a good laugh.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer available online but maybe I’ll transcribe the story.  It will lose some of its entertainment value, though.  The most fun was listening to host, Mayo, mimic the voice of the confessor.

Most confessions on the show are throw-aways – I listen to them once, smile, and move on.  But, sometimes, a confession makes me laugh out loud.  These are the ones I share.  This one aired on Thursday, about a girl going to the library and discovering the music section.

If you listen online, it will only be available for another 29 days from today (Saturday, October 13, 2012).  The podcast is titled – (and it includes the Guilty confession, the last one on the podcast beginning at 23:15):

Eau de Toilet and other tales 12 Oct 12

Fri, 12 Oct 12 (Duration: 31 mins)
Available: 29 days remaining (as of October 13, 2012)

This week’s concise collection of terrible tales includes a cassette catastrophe, some underhand underwear usage, toilet trauma, and rock royalty’s rebuttal…but will you forgive?

Here’s the link to the page with the podcast for download as well as the online audio you can listen to without downloading the podcast (on the right-hand side of the page):


I especially enjoyed this confession because it reminded me of an incident that happened years ago to an animal-lover friend.  He’d rented a video at Blockbuster about puppies.  Another friend was thinking about getting a puppy so he lent the video to her as long as she returned the video to Blockbuster, which she did.

A week later her boyfriend brought his buddies over to watch a video of Tarantino’s ‘Natural Born Killers’.  They sank into the couch, beers in hand, grabbing handfuls of potato chips, and the guy pressed Play.

Yep.  You guessed it.  The puppy video.

I laugh now, even, thinking about it.  Not only at the thought of the look on the faces of the guys expecting two hours of blood and gore, but also at the thought of the poor soul in front of her television, sipping chamomile tea, ready to indulge her innocent passion for puppies.


If you read this before October 17th, and want to take a trip down cassette tape memory lane, listen to the short discussion Simon Mayo had with guest, Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show, on Thursday, October 11th.  This podcast will be available for another five days (as of today, October 13th).

Here’s the podcast, the interview begins approximately 18 minutes in (18:10) and goes through (22:50).  Also, listen to the new Rolling Stones song that plays after it.  ‘Doom and Gloom’.  It sounds a little like U2’s ‘Get On Your Boots’ song.

I remember, do you?


Also, speaking of remembering, on Simon Mayo’s show, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, was an interesting segment with guest, Hunter Davis, author of the new book ‘The John Lennon Letters’.   There is a clip of it online but it won’t play for me.  If you have the same problem, then you can still listen to the show’s podcast online – for the next four days.  It won’t be available after October 16th.  If you listen to the show podcast, the interview starts about 1 hour, 4 minutes in (1:04:30) and lasts about 20 minutes (to 1:23:55).

Here’s the link to the show podcast:


Here’s the link to the clip of the Davis/Lennon segment (this is the one I can’t play on my system): 


Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:


If you want to poke around on the BBC Radio 2 website, here it is: