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As you know, I listen to BBC Radio 2 and Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Show.  He has a segment of confessions where he reads a confession sent in by a listener and Simon and his team discuss it and decide if the confession writer should be forgiven.  I post a link to the confession page when I hear a humorous one, so here it is:

The particular confession I’m referring to is Practice What You Peach.  It’s grouped with the week’s other confessions named ‘One Man And His Prog and other tales’.  The peach one is the first confession:

Friday, March 8, 2013 (available to listen online or download the podcast for the next 30 days):

Want to listen to Simon’s show?  Here’s a link to his BBC Radio 2 page:

Episodes of his drivetime show are available online for one week.  I listen to his show live online.  Simon’s drivetime show airs 9:00am Pacific Time so I listen to it instead of that other guy on that other station.  (Note: it will change by one hour when our time changes on Sunday but the Brits will change their time as well a week later).  Haven’t listened to that other radio station since Cumulus Media destroyed it.  Do NOT listen to Cumulus Media.  Don’t even give them a blip on any ratings system.  There are other shows out there.

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Len Tillem, our favorite radio loyah on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM, is always saying, “Don’t eat your liver.”  As in, let it go and stop thinking about it.

Well, I can’t stop thinking about something that could be a fluke, and it’s making my liver crawl.  As in, actually making liver crawl.

Simon Mayo, a BBC Radio 2 host ( ) , has a segment on his program called ‘Homework Sucks’.  Kids call in with a question and Mayo and his team try to find an answer before the end of the show.  They take listener calls about it, they talk about it on air amongst themselves, and finally, they take a call from an expert on the subject, or someone who has experience or knowledge on the subject, who offers an explanation.

Sometimes, the so-called expert’s response is questionable.  Most times, a believable expert calls in who can back up their argument with science and facts.

Questions range from ‘Why do we have fingerprints’ to ‘Can crocodiles spit’?

At this moment, I can’t recall the most recent questions asked on his show (except one), but they are varied and funny and interesting.  I always listen for the answer.  I’m curious about the how and why of some of this stuff, too.  The question samples I used came directly from Mayo’s book.

Yes, Simon Mayo actually wrote a book about his show’s Homework segment.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the question was something I’d never heard before.


If you put a fresh liver on a plate and a glass of full-fat milk on the same shelf in the frig overnight, the liver moves towards the milk.  Is it true?


Want to hear it?

See the pictures posted on the Simon Mayo Drivetime Facebook page:

Here’s the page where you can listen to the most recent Simon Mayo Drivetime episodes:

Also, this article explains flukes:

Photo by Flukeman CCA-SA 3.0

I shared this with a friend and he doesn’t believe it’s possible.  Says someone moved the liver to get to the jello.  ha ha.  What do you think?



And, don’t forget to listen to Len!

Followed by Gil Gross (with Lloyd Lindsay Young and Sebastian Kunz):

I’ve listened online to BBC Radio2 for years ( ).  It’s a nice mix of oldies, new pop, and celebrity interviews.  Also, I enjoy hearing a broadcast without commercial interruption.  I used to listen to the Steve Wright show until it ended at 9:00am Pacific Time (5:00pm London time) and then, in my daily routine, I’d turn on KGO and listen to it for the remainder of my work day – starting with Ronn Owens.  That is, until December 2011, when Cumulus Media decided to destroy talk radio in this market.

I continued to listen to BBC Radio2 through all of this, but without KGO as an option I listened longer to the BBC shows.  Still do.  There is a show that follows Steve Wright, a drive time show in the U.K., hosted by Simon Mayo.  He’s been doing a segment every Monday-Thursday that he calls Drive Time Confessions.  People call in and confess their past misdeeds and Simon and his co-workers decide if the confessor should be forgiven.

Some of the confessions are fun, some are lame, but it’s entertaining to listen to them because sometimes there’s a gem.

On Wednesday, July 11th, I heard a gem.  Just wanted to share it.

I laughed so hard I was crying.  It’s hysterical.  Made my entire day.

Want to hear it?  You can download the podcast and listen.  It’s available online for about a month, so you have some time.  But, don’t forget!  It’s worth taking the time to listen.  It’s only a few minutes, but you’ll be laughing about it for days afterwards.

This is where you can find it online:

Simon Mayo’s Confessions Podcast

(click on the Download for:  ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and other tales 13 Jul 12’ and the Larry in Love Land confession begins at 15:00 on the Podcast.)

Just listening to it again makes me laugh-  every time!

How could I post this and not include the YouTube accompaniment?

Listening to it, how can you not laugh hearing those lines again?  They are at the end of the recording, approximately 10:25 in.  Enjoy!



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