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Sorry, Ronn, we’ve moved on.

I checked the Cumulus stock price about a year back and it was hovering at the $.30 mark.  Since then it has declined to under $.10 and, somehow, Ronn Owens is holding onto his diminished celebrity status at the once-famed KGO radio station.  As the sfgate article states:

As of Monday, “The Ronn Owens Show” has ended, making way for the debut of “The Ronn Owens Report” the next day.

The new show, premiering Tuesday, will air weekdays… and cover whatever topics Owens finds interesting that day.

“My goal is to be a 2018 version of Paul Harvey and Andy Rooney,” he said in an interview in his KGO office after his final show.

Owens said the decision is a “win-win” for him and the station. “They get the credibility of still having me, and it helps me because ‘Ronn Owens KGO Radio’ gets me a better table than just ‘Ronn Owens.’”

That sums it up.  He’s hanging on by his fingertips because he wants people to know ‘he’ deserves a better table at a restaurant because, technically, he’s in media.   I guess ten minutes every week day is enough to make restaurateurs suck up to ego.

How’s this for timing, ‘Sunset Boulevard’ (1950) aired last night on KQED.  I watched snippets of it, including the scene where Norma Desmond rides in her aging luxury automobile to the studio where she had been a money-making star in earlier days.  The few people who remembered her showed respect.  Others looked with curiosity at a relic of time gone by.

Ronn is a relic who will be remembered by former KGO listeners as the guy who always claimed he could do or say whatever he wanted without corporate interference but when it came time to prove that, in December, 2011, he gushed something similar to ‘this will be a good change’ after his colleagues had been escorted to the door.


Radio Industry’s Fake Outrage Over KGO

Jody, in the comments section:

The final chapter in killing KGO began to play out in 2011. That’s when Cumulus announced it was rebranding KGO as “news and information,” and moved from a news-talk format to a primarily news format. The company fired all but one of the regular M-F talk hosts and instead expanded its news operation.
I wanted to hear the “new” format and was listening to Justin Wittmayer as Ronn Owens first guest who said that there are glorious days ahead with the “NEXT GENERATION OF KGO,” and the new format.


The beginning of the end:


To be fair, I know Ronn’s comment about getting a better table was an attempt at humor.

But those of us, who used to listen to him over the years, know there is a bit of Norma Desmond lurking in his soul:


You used to be big.  You used to be a morning host on KGO Radio.

I am big, it’s radio that got small.




I just saw this article today.  Had no idea.

According to the San Jose Mercury News article, by Tony Hicks, Owens was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2001 and wanted to go public with it after learning about Robin Williams’ diagnosis of the disease before Williams ended his life.

Owens told his listeners on Monday, August 25th, during his radio program.


And, here’s the sfgate article about it:

If you turn off Gil’s dreadful show every Friday, as I do, then here’s another online program to consider in its place.


Many of you are familiar with TED (, owned by the non-profit Sapling Foundation.  Here’s the Wikipedia page:

I’ve never had extra time to really explore TED’s website, but now with Friday afternoons free, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover so many alternatives that entertain and educate at the same time.  I’d thought TED was a bunch of pompous and mind-numbing ‘facts’ speeches and it’s not that at all.  Yes, there are speakers but they deal with subjects that used to be discussed on a good talk show.  There are no callers, but we sure don’t get any callers on talk shows now.  On TED you can find many viewpoints and opinions discussed in-depth by someone in that field.  There are speeches with heart, others with heartbreak, some with historical relevance – on any subject you select.  Not in the mood to listen to the next sex-capade of another politician?  Look up talks about how love works:

Talk by Helen Fisher – The Brain In Love

Talk by Helen Fisher – Why We Love, Why We Cheat:

What?  You don’t really want to waste time on love?  Okay.  They’ve got sex there, too:

Playlist with 8 Talks – Sex: Can We Talk?

Check out TED’s Playlist: Collections for Curious Minds:

Want more insight into events happening in the news?

Seek out Playlists like this one:

Egypt in Crisis – As the violence continues in Egypt, 7 talks from freedom fighters from around the globe:

Or, seek out creative inspiration in this Talk by Kirby Ferguson:

Steal Like An Artist – The surprising sources of inspiration for creatives from Steve Jobs to Bob Dylan.

Or, learn How to Tell a Story – a Playlist with Six Talks

There are some incredible talks on this Playlist.

TED’s website offers hours, even days, of listening and reading.



I listen to BBC Radio 2 every morning, usually until 11:00am.  I used to switch over to Spreaker for Len Tillem but he’s still not posting and hasn’t offered any reason why.  I’ll just have to do another hour of BBC before Frosty’s show on Talk910-AM.  I’ve tried to listen to TED in that hour before Frosty, but I forget to turn on his show at 12:00Noon because I’m in the middle of a great talk on TED.  So, I’ll leave TED for Fridays when Gil’s wife shows up and ruins Gil’s show.

I’m enjoying Frosty more and more.  On Thursday, he talked about his streak of bad luck (starts around 9:08 on podcast).

It’s funny, because I’ve experienced the same thing.  Everything seems to go wrong.  For me, it usually lasts about three days.  When I expect it, I’m able to laugh about it.  The computer goes down, the smoke detector’s batteries need replacing, something you need can’t be found, and other small irritants.  Nothing major or catastrophic.  Just things that happen in a short time span that together can be thought of as ‘bad luck’.

I like that about Frosty.  He talks about things other than politics all day.  He talks about things we all can relate to and laugh at ourselves.  If you listen to that clip of Frosty’s show you can even hear it happen on air.  I love that.

There is another audio clip of Frosty’s I want to share as well.  Earlier this month, I posted a link to Frosty’s show where he played audio of a phone call Monica Lewinsky made to Bill Clinton.  Well, the entire call was recently released and Frosty played the entire clip (it starts at 4:23 on the podcast):

Another thing Frosty does is he posts interesting video clips on his Talk910-AM page.  I haven’t looked on his page yet, but he’s tempted me many times.  I think I will go and peek at his video clip of the snake he talked about this week.  That one sounds too creepy to be believable.

Aargh!  I just went to Frosty’s show page to see the snake, and YouTube has removed the content for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.  Oh well..  It’s not Frosty’s violation, it’s whoever posted the original video.  In a way, I’m glad I didn’t get to see it.

Here’s Frosty’s show page where he posts all his videos:

Frosty also gives out the show’s phone number.  Yes.  He not only gives out his Facebook contact, but he also gives out the phone number for his show.  I think I’ve even heard a call or two.  It took a few weeks, but I’m really enjoying his show.

Here’s Frosty’s archived podcasts:

I just had one more thought about Frosty’s show.  This week he was talking about prescription drug commercials and how the drug companies have to list so many frightening side-effects at the end.  Frosty read off a few and contemplated if it’s worth taking the chance.

Later that evening, at home, I had the television on in the background as I was doing things around the house.  This is what I heard on the end of a commercial: “If you gave your young boy (*drug name*) and he developed breasts in his adolescence…”

what the – ?


Stan and other sites

I wish I could say the same for Gil as I do about Frosty, but Gil’s show has been a big disappointment.  Friday, of course, I can’t even listen to it.  The other days of the week I do, but it’s the same thing day after day after day.  Politico on the line, talk about politics, talk about dumb teachers or criminals.  Don’t talk to callers but chat on-air to your producers and board operator, who don’t offer much to the conversation.

We don’t have much left, do we?  Ray’s not around, supposedly writing a book.  We lost Gene Burns.  John Rothmann is on radio a few times but not enough to schedule time around a show he hosts.  Len is missing in action.  Ed Baxter posts on his website and fills in a few times for Gil.  Ronn Owens is not even an option after December 2011.  People who still listen to that radio station he’s on have allowed those Atlanta Dick-eys to continue to destroy our local radio landscape.

We thought Santa Cruz might be an option.  What a joke that turned out to be.  And it’s disgusting how that no-talent blogger guy, who ranks media women by their ‘hotness’, is trying to shove his way in the door.

But we did get a bit of entertainment off that mess.  Good ol’ Stan started a blog.  He seems to have even cleaned up his language a bit (I said a bit…) although he, too, thinks it’s okay to rank ‘hotness’ (and no, he doesn’t include Radnich in his rankness):


Remember to visit these sites as well:



This American Life:


John Rothmann:


Ed Baxter Media:


Here’s an interesting story I read on OpenSalon this week.  It’s a true story written by Old New Lefty.


COZI TV, Musée Mécanique, Camera Obscura

Anyone see COZI TV today?  Before the America’s Cup race there was an old movie. ‘Man’s Favorite Sport?’, about a journalist who claims to be a fishing expert.

There’s a scene in the movie where they end up in Musée Mécanique and Rock Hudson runs around feeding coins into the player pianos and musical games so they all play at once.  I used to do that.  Bring in a roll of quarters and plug all of the machines.  It was great.  Musée Mécanique is at the Wharf now.  I haven’t been to it since it moved away from Ocean Beach.

I also used to love to visit the Camera Obscura.  I thought it had been moved to the Wharf as well, but from what I see online it’s still near the Cliff House at Ocean Beach.  Years ago, I’d go there and watch the sunset from the inside of the Camera Obscura.  Back then, it was also a bit creepy inside with those holograms on the wall and that music playing.,_California%29

Someone even wrote a fiction novel about Camera Obscura.  I read it years ago, it’s a good read:


America’s Cup had some excitement today.  Not one, but two racing boats falling apart during the race.  Two men overboard.  Italy’s racing speed was at 6-10 knots at some points.  It was crazy.  Too bad the America’s Cup has not turned out to be what promoters claimed it would be.  New Zealand racing alone.  So many racing teams not participating.  Tragic accident.  Now, Oracle accused of cheating and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  Allowing them to remain in the race as the defending champions even after the cheating has been proven.

It’s too bad, because there was so much potential to holding the race in San Franciso.  I enjoy watching it, but I’m not going to support a cheating team.  Go, New Zealand!  They deserve it and I hope they win it.

Well, I keep thinking I have nothing to write anymore, given the state of radio and our former hosts.  Somehow, I manage to type a few words every time.  Not that it’s worth reading, but I’m amazed I keep finding something to say.

So, that’s it until next week!  Hopefully, I’ll find something more to talk about by then.

Now that I can no longer listen to Gil’s show on Fridays, and I made the mistake of leaving the radio on after Frosty’s show today (Friday) until the screeching and squawking sound of Gil’s wife’s voice, that irritating, unprofessional voice, had me scrambling to turn that radio off faster than Ron Owens can say mattress, so I used my listening hours instead to explore the Radio Archive section of the website This American Life.

Oh, my gawd, I laughed, I cried, I held my hand to my heart.  This American Life episodes sneak up on you and sock you in the gut.  I had a true listening experience today.

This American Life’s style is similar to Radiolab, but it’s less scientific, focusing more on the emotional human condition than the significance of a story examined by logic and reasoning and theory.  This American Life is like cooking at home, with friends in the kitchen, while Radiolab is like being in America’s Test Kitchen, that public television show that dissects the molecules and chemistry of the food to find the optimal cooking method.

I’ll add links to some of the episodes I’ve heard on  But, first, I have to mention Frosty.

I’ve read online that some people have listened to Frosty’s show for an hour and had to turn it off, couldn’t listen to it and will never listen again.  I feel the same about Gil’s Friday shows but I’m gone in one minute.  One hour of it would have me poking pins in my eardrums.

Frosty is like a bumbling, affable neighbor who comes over with a beer in his hand and sits on your creaky, wooden back porch steps and talks.  He has opinions, he sometimes says cringe-worthy things, but his show is beginning to hit a stride.  Even better that Lloyd Lindsay Young is there as well as Sebastian Kunz.  If I navigate away from Gil’s show altogether I would miss Young and Kunz.  heh, that sounds like something that needs a 900 number.

Lately, Frosty has been playing audio clips of interviews or events in the news.  He ends his show with one of those clips.  Many times it’s something heart-warming that makes me smile or say ‘ahhhh’.  I like that.  I notice.

Today, he had two interesting audio clips.  The first one was a phone call Monica Lewinsky made to Bill Clinton.  It’s fascinating.  Here’s the link to Frosty’s show today, Hour 2.  The Monica Lewinsky story starts around 6:35 on the podcast.

Later, Frosty played a clip of Richard Nixon, who sounds drunk.  It’s on after the Monica story in Hour 2.  Frosty ended his show today, Hour 3, playing Nixon’s audio clip again.

Here’s the page to all of Frosty’s archived podcasts:

I think he even took a call today, but I could have misinterpreted a guest as a caller.  It was busy at work today and I missed sections of the show.  I heard only the end of the conversation.

I’m really warming to Frosty.

There are other listening options, though, for those who won’t listen to someone who calls himself Frosty.  Or, to Gil who, sadly, is not what he used to be.  He’s PPMing.

I found out This American Life has an archived section.  At first, I thought episodes were only available for one week unless they were downloaded.  But there is a Radio Archive section and it has years of audio listed.  As promised, here are links to some of the episodes I’ve heard:


359: ‘Life After Death’ – Jul 18, 2008

‘Guilty As Not Charged’, Act One, still haunts me, and I listened to it last week:


489: ‘No Coincidence, No Story!’ – Mar 1, 2013

I loved the ‘Poopatrooper’ story in the Prologue and ‘Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’ in Act Three, will have you scratching your head.  You can listen to each section of Episode 489, or the entire hour (this applies to any episode).  But, the hand to the heart story is in Act Two, ‘In God We Trust’ and, trust me, the dollar works in mysterious ways:


486: ‘Valentine’s Day 2013′ – Feb 8, 2013

’21 Chump Street’, Act Two, about the school kid is disturbing.  ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’, Act Four is hilarious.


There are more, but the ones I’ve listed are worth the listening time.


And, here’s a link to all of This American Life‘s Radio Archive listings:


So, listen to Frosty, and if Gil finally gets to you, try the above episodes instead.  It’s better than listening to Gil and Politico correspondents discuss sexual misconduct in government today.

And, if you are wondering what the heck Stan has to say today, and you don’t mind colorful language, (I’m not talking pink hearts and yellow moons), then here he is in all of his glory:

Photo by Infrogmation CCA-2.5

I received a comment on my blog post, ‘Loud Lindsay Young Never Gets Old’.  I don’t know what to think of it yet, I debated about approving it.  I even sent a copy to the email address of Gil Gross at KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM, but it was returned undelivered.  Rejected by their station servers.  Probably because the way I copied it, it appeared as if I’d pasted an image in the body of the email instead of plain text.  Oh well, universe, I tried…

I’m not a big poetry fan.  I read all of the time.  I even attempt to write.  But the lure of poetry has never attracted me.  The sight of stanzas makes me roll my eyes and I can’t click away from it fast enough.  So, imagine my lukewarm reception at the sight of a long, stanza poem sitting in my new comment section waiting for approval.  I was sure it was some new kind of spam.  I was ready to delete it for eternity when the word KGO caught my attention.  What?  Someone was sending a poem about KGO?  I glanced through it, hoping it was some spam or scam so I could delete it.  But, I couldn’t stop reading it.  There is a raw intensity to it.  And the poet knows about KGO and Len and Gene.  He writes of them.  And, the protest against KGO.  I decided it should be shared.

I’m unfamiliar with the author.  It’s written by Majid Naficy.  I’ve also noticed someone by the name of Azad Naficy posted a comment on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners recently of what could be the full text of this poem, but I can’t read more than a few words of the comment and I can’t see the Facebook page of that person named Azad so I don’t know what anyone has said of the poem.  But I do know that I think others will enjoy reading it. I’ll write my thoughts about it later when I have more time.  What are your thoughts?

Here’s the poem:

A Fight for KGO

by Majid Naficy

You deserters of San Francisco Bay Area,
San Jose and Oakland!
you less than Adam and Eve!
You big mouths, little chimps!
How come you let go of KGO without a fight?
How come you did not fight for your dignity
And let a bunch of crooks and con artists
Wipe out your huge radio community
In the name of the invisible God of market
At the merger of two media companies?
How come you let go of that elegant soul
With a big body: Gene Burns
Who has the free spirit of a Libertarian
With the benevolence of a New Deal Democrat?
He can fight against mean-spirited profiteers
With reason and passion,
A good piece of salmon
And a glass of chardonnay.
How come you let go of that funny lawyer
With his R-less New York accent?
He can entertain and educate his listeners
With the colorful stories of his callers
And show how to compromise or fight
In the labyrinths of courts and law firms.
How come you let go of Len Tillem:
That icon of Northern California?

It takes you a Southern Californian
To show you how to fight,
It takes you a Persian,
An Iranian-American
To tell you how to stand.
Because I come from a line of fighters.
My first wife Ezzat Tabaian
Was executed in Evin Prison
On January 7, 1982
Because she stood for her dignity
And said NO to mullahs.
I come from a line of survivors
My brother Sa’id
Disappeared on the streets of Tehran
But his hope for freedom remained strong.
My ancestor was Nafis, son of Evaz
Who served Ulugh Beg, the grandson of Tamerlane
As a physician in Samarkand.
He taught The Book of Healing
Written by the Persian philosopher Avicenna
When the ancestor of greedy Cumulus
cleaned his dirty ass
With the palm of his right hand!
Yes, You have to fight, men, women!
And do not let go of your talk radio
Just because big money talks
And follows the law of market:
Supply and demand.
No! Money is not speech
And corporations are not people.
That radio community was more tangible
Than a gold mine turned into a ghost town
In the nineteenth century, California.
KGO was born in 1924
And became a voice of democracy in our state
And one of the best talk radios across the country.
It could create meaningful conversations
With interviews and listeners’ participation
Without the demagoguery and bigotry of Rush Limbaugh.

I know it for a fact, first hand.
It was the symbol of independence for my American girlfriend
When she divorced her husband
Who did not let her listen to KGO
More than twenty years ago.
She craved for an intimate companion
Who could carry a conversation
Intelligently and passionately
And she found it in KGO.
Even after we became intimate
She still called me Gene or Len.
While my girlfriend was driving between home and work
She would listen to KGO in the car,
And while cooking, dining, washing, gardening
Going to the bathroom or taking a shower
And making love at home
She would constantly listen to KGO
On her three separate sets of radio
Working simultaneously in her kitchen, garden and bedroom
Even when she was not home.
Sometimes she would dial KGO’s number
and open her heart on the air
To tens of thousands of other listeners.
Sometimes she would go to KGO public gatherings
To meet Gene and Len in person
And participate in a public conversation.
Yes! I saw her beautiful trembling shoulders
When she called me one night couple of months ago.
she sobbed hysterically on the telephone
And told me that her KGO was gone
And its new owner, Cumulus Media
Had laid off Gene, Len and others
And changed the format of the radio
From a news/talk station into all news
Because the rating had been low
And the profit meager.
Yes! I saw her beautiful wet eyes
When she was sobbing into the phone
Telling that there was no one to stand forKGO
And she had lost her radio community,
Which was more important to her than her neighborhood.

One evening, my girlfriend and I
Went to a small vigil in front of KGO building
And held candles and listened to a speaker
Who asked us some simple questions:
“Will you occupy KGO’s building?
Will you take part in a rally?
Will you write an article?
Will you talk on the air?”
You losers of San Francisco Bay Area,
San Jose and Oakland!
You lost your democracy to Cumulus
Which is an inheritor of a Californian crook
With the emblem of a rattlesnake
Who said: “I am not a crook”.
You lost your goodwill to Cumulus
Which is a follower of a Californian con artist
With the emblem of a poison oak
Who began a war against the poor
By calling them “welfare queens”.
No one stood up to him
Who gave welfare to big corporations
But denied it to the mentally-ill.
I bore witness to it
When in May 1984
I moved to Venice Beach
And saw thousands of people homeless.
In the day that Cumulus took over KGO
Did you sleep overnight without a pill
And in the morning switch from KGO
To KSFO without an afterthought?
Shame on you!
You have no life instinct left in you.
You are totally useless.
Too much TV for you.
Too much booze for you.
Too much pot for you.
They have drained out the passion
That you need for a fight.
Yes! I am from the city of Isfahan
We don’t fight by fists
We fight by words
and why not?
When a Polo shirt is $ 89
And a pair of Levis jeans $ 100
And an Adidas snicker $ 79
And a cotton hat 30 bucks
Why should I get into altercation
And ruin my costly shirt or hat?
No! We fight with words.
This is my art from the city of Isfahan.
I will fight you word by word.
You go on the other side of the bay
I stay on this side.
Let us curse each other
At the top of our voices
Until the mermaids of San Francisco Bay
Hear and judge between us.
I am a man from the city of Isfahan
I know how to put words in a poem
Even if they are bitter as curses.
No matter what the editors of Poetry magazine say
Or the ideologues of the Cato Institute think.
I will transfer my anger into poetry.
Get up! Howl!
Let us fight for KGO!

February 23, 2012 San Mateo

Len Tillem made an interesting comment to Gil Gross as Len passed off the end of his hour to Gil before the 4:00pm news and the start of the Gil Gross show.  I’ve tried to find the comment on podcast but it’s not there.  The podcasts do not include that back and forth between Len and Gil as they trade off air-time.  I think the conversation occurred on Thursday, July 26th.

So, I’ll have to write what happened according to my memory.  It was a quick comment.  Len was saying hello to Gil Gross and then blurted out, “You know, when Ronn Owens’ contract ends, he can come over here and do the 12-3 spot.  It’ll be great.  Ronn and me and you.  Just like old times.”  Again, that is not exactly what he said but it’s a close approximation.

I was stunned.  I think Gil was a bit taken aback as well, because he didn’t say anything in response.  Then, after some silence, Len said something like, “Maybe I shouldn’t be speculating about things like that on the air.  This should be a private conversation.”  Gil gave a nervous laugh, and then went on to talk about other things.

It made me think.  Would I listen to Ronn Owens if he moved to KKSF-Newtalk 910-AM?  I’m unsure.  I don’t even know who has the 12Noon to 3:00pm slot on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM now.  I don’t listen to that station at all before 3:00pm.  The promo spots I’d heard of the morning show that airs there, Armstrong and Getty, were a big turn-off and, then, when I’d heard how disrespectful that duo had been to the former KGO hosts who’d filled in for them during a vacation week or two, that was it for me.  I wasn’t going to waste my time listening to Armstrong or Getty pop their prepubescent pimples on the air.  No thank you.  I’ve noticed that the promo spots for Armstrong and Getty have been toned down lately, but I know what they really sound like.  Not wasting time on that.

That leaves Limbaugh in there somewhere.  I know his show airs on KKSF, but I’m not sure when.  That’s why I avoid that station in the morning and then wait until 3:00pm to turn on Len.  I listen to the archived online podcasts of Len and then Gil until the three o’clock hour.  Sometimes I listen to Dr. Bill Wattenburg on KSCO from Monday-Wednesday at 12Noon-2:00pm, but that schedule has been inconsistent.  For the past month Dr. Bill hasn’t shown up on Mondays and in the past two weeks hasn’t aired even on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I don’t know what’s going on over at that Santa Cruz station.  I noticed that they’ve removed Dr. Bill Wattenburg Presents from their station’s web banner.  I’m not too worried.  It’s one thing to listen to Dr. Bill at night when you are half-asleep and hearing bits of pieces of his broadcast.  It’s an altogether different show in the daytime when you’re awake.  You actually hear what he has to say and most of it is repetitive.  Bubble butts, eco-freaks, read his website about that lawsuit, he narrated the save the dolphins documentary, Farr Out, Sierra Club and NOAA frauds, etc.  It’s slightly less irritating than the KSCO commentaries by the 90-year-old station owner.  Overall, KSCO is a strange station and not one to take seriously.  There are always annoying glitches in their phone system and they have some really funky ads, bordering on porn.  It’s embarrassing to be a listener at times.

With that said, would I listen to Ronn Owens if he moves to KKSF-Newtalk 910-AM?  Not at first.  Would I listen eventually?  I guess it depends on how Owens explains the messy way he handled the KGO fisaco.  We’ll see…

What about you?  Would you listen to Ronn if he moves to KKSF?

I’ve listened online to BBC Radio2 for years ( ).  It’s a nice mix of oldies, new pop, and celebrity interviews.  Also, I enjoy hearing a broadcast without commercial interruption.  I used to listen to the Steve Wright show until it ended at 9:00am Pacific Time (5:00pm London time) and then, in my daily routine, I’d turn on KGO and listen to it for the remainder of my work day – starting with Ronn Owens.  That is, until December 2011, when Cumulus Media decided to destroy talk radio in this market.

I continued to listen to BBC Radio2 through all of this, but without KGO as an option I listened longer to the BBC shows.  Still do.  There is a show that follows Steve Wright, a drive time show in the U.K., hosted by Simon Mayo.  He’s been doing a segment every Monday-Thursday that he calls Drive Time Confessions.  People call in and confess their past misdeeds and Simon and his co-workers decide if the confessor should be forgiven.

Some of the confessions are fun, some are lame, but it’s entertaining to listen to them because sometimes there’s a gem.

On Wednesday, July 11th, I heard a gem.  Just wanted to share it.

I laughed so hard I was crying.  It’s hysterical.  Made my entire day.

Want to hear it?  You can download the podcast and listen.  It’s available online for about a month, so you have some time.  But, don’t forget!  It’s worth taking the time to listen.  It’s only a few minutes, but you’ll be laughing about it for days afterwards.

This is where you can find it online:

Simon Mayo’s Confessions Podcast

(click on the Download for:  ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and other tales 13 Jul 12’ and the Larry in Love Land confession begins at 15:00 on the Podcast.)

Just listening to it again makes me laugh-  every time!

How could I post this and not include the YouTube accompaniment?

Listening to it, how can you not laugh hearing those lines again?  They are at the end of the recording, approximately 10:25 in.  Enjoy!



And my name is Larry and I like a woman who loves everything and everybody …