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Another election.  Another result that will push the winner to the top of the media pile for everyone to scrutinize and criticize over the next four years.

Can we predict what will happen on Tuesday?  What do the polls tell us?

Gil Gross reads various presidential poll results every day on his show at KKSF-Newtalk 910-AM ( ).  He tells his audience the poll results should be taken as seriously as reading a daily horoscope – mostly for the useless entertainment value.

There must be a better way to monitor this stuff.  But, then, you’d have to be a mind reader to get it right.  Not just one mind, millions of minds.  And, you’d have to be tuned into what effect those millions of minds will have on the hundreds of minds that make-up the electoral college.

Ugh.  I would not want to read minds.  First of all, it’s not that interesting.  Why would I think that?  Have you ever read Facebook and Twitter feeds?  It might be interesting if you could zero in on specific minds, but everyone all at once?  Have you seen network television lately?

Back in election year 2000, there was an attempt to read minds to find out the outcome of the election.  I stumbled upon the article in the SF Weeky early in December 2000.  At the time, no one had been officially declared the presidential winner.  Gore, the winner of the popular vote, waited as his future hung on a chad.  It was December 6, 2000.

This is the article I read back then.

SF Weekly writer, Silke Tudor, was intrigued with a 1995 interview he’d seen on Nightline with Ted Koppel and his guest, retired Major Ed Dames, on the subject of military remote viewing.  The article is about Silke Tudor’s attempt at civilian remote viewing and its after-effects.  It’s a fascinating article, especially how it ends.

A week after I read the article, Al Gore conceded to president-elect George W. Bush.

You have to admit, if you believe in mind-reading or not, it is a compelling and disturbing read.

I know some people have the ability to mind-read.  When I was in high-school, one day while sitting at a table in the lunchroom with several others, one of my classmates claimed she could read minds.  We all laughed, so she asked if anyone wanted to volunteer and she would show us.  I volunteered.  She told me to select something from my purse, hide it in my hands so no one could see it, and think about the object.

I chose a multi-colored, beaded coin purse, it was empty so no coins clinked together, and I kept it hidden in my hands and under the table.  I concentrated on that coin purse.  My classmate closed her eyes and we waited.  It was a slow process.  First, she visualized the size of the object.  Small, like she couldn’t have figured that one out without reading my mind, and then, after more waiting, said it was rectangular.  She had my attention, but it might just be a good guess.  She wasn’t guessing.  When she said something, it was only one thing, the thing she was seeing in her mind.

She then, slowly, said it was light-colored with darker colors over it.  After more time, she could see the colors orange and green – the color of the beads.  I don’t recall if she eventually named the object, but she had described what was in my hand.  A cream-colored, rectangular coin purse decorated in orange and green beads.  At no time did I say yes or no to what she was seeing.  She wasn’t a good friend of mine, so she wouldn’t have known what I carried in my purse.  Girls in high school carry so many things in there.  It could be that a coin purse was a logical choice since that’s what girls have in their purses, but how did she know the exact colors?

So, because of that, I don’t dismiss people who claim to have the ability to read minds.

I thought I’d look online to see if anyone had attempted a remote viewing project for this 2012 election.  Oh my gawd, the things I see online now about the subject are simply insane.  Things about grey reptiles riding in on the backwash of comets and aliens’ master plan to harvest human souls for food and energy.  It’s beyond the scope of aluminum hat insanity.  Makes me appreciate the poll results Gil Gross reads every afternoon.  Who needs mind readers when we have polls?  I’ll stick with that, thank you very much.

The interesting thing about what I found online is that most of this stuff is referenced online in connection with that radio program, Coast to Coast.  Are you kidding me?  Is that what people are listening to now?  I’ve never heard that show.  I wonder if Sebastian Kunz listens to it.  He loves Star Trek.  I’d love to hear his opinions on it.

Gil Gross should do a show about remote viewing.  He used to discuss a variety of topics back when radio was functioning.  Back when politics wasn’t looming in our collective minds so close to election day.  It’d be interesting to hear his take on all of this after the polls no longer matter.

As if polls matter now…

Here’s the Wiki link to the 2000 election:,_2000

Don’t want to read the entire article about remote viewing?  Here are links to Page 2 and Page 3 of the article if you want to skip ahead to the ending.  It’s more fun to read the entire thing, though.