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What is going on at Talk910-AM?  Are they trying to see how low their ratings can go?

I was happy when they removed Rush from the schedule.  Not so thrilled that they gave Armstrong and Getty an extra hour.

Frosty’s show was moved back two hours. I don’t mind Frosty.  I enjoy his show.  But, he discusses many lite-news items.  He loves to talk about Bieber.  And, weird, trending news items along with audio clips of 911 calls or odd interviews.  Things that are interesting for a one-time listen but they are topics you hear once and there is no need to listen again.

That was evident when Frosty was on vacation during the week that began with St. Patrick’s Day.  Mid-week the station played a ‘Best Of Frosty’ show.   It was all about Bieber’s bad behavior.   Do we really need to hear that again?  sigh…

That is a flaw when presenting a news-lite program with no callers.  But, I do love it when Frosty shares personal stories.  When he returned from vacation, he said he ruined the St. Patrick’s Day parade of a small town in Ireland.  I listened to his entire show that day just to hear that story, but he didn’t share it.

Thankfully, the next day newsreader, Lisa, asked him about it.  Frosty didn’t have time to share it on Monday, but he finally told it on Tuesday.

Want to hear it?  It begins around 17:30 on the podcoast: 

Frosty has some great personal stories and that is what I usually share.

Also, when he returned from vacation, he read a listener’s email on-air.  It said, simply: Frosty, do not ever take another vacation again.

That was something I was thinking the week he was gone.  The guest hosts were uninspiring at best, and mind-numbing horrible radio at its worst.  That happened on Thursday.  I’d never heard of the guy before, at first I thought it was Gabbert, he has a similar voice tone to Gabbert, but the guest host on Thursday spewed so much vile for discussion points I had to turn off the radio.

What is going on over there, Talk910?  That guy on Thursday nearly made me throw away my radio for good.  Who needs it?  I can’t listen to Gil’s Friday shows because his amateur wife shrieks through it, and when she’s not screeching and interrupting guests, she’s talking slow to enunciate her words trying not to shriek, but she always reverts to her true nature and that voice gets unleashed no matter how careful she tries to control it.  It’s awful.  And, Gil’s topics rival what one hears on The View.  Such as, what is happening on the latest installment of some fashion show I’ve never seen or even heard of before.

Really, Gil?  Really?

If it wasn’t for Frosty, I’d continue to listen to BBC Radio2 all day.  I can’t easily abandon my talk radio habit after so many years, though.  I do stream This American Life on Fridays so I don’t have to hear one syllable of Gil’s wife’s voice.

I sometimes listen to the show that comes on after Frosty, the Randi Rhodes Show, but I turn the volume down so it’s simply background noise.  I usually turn her off.  Same with Gil.  During the week, Mon-Thurs, he’s just background noise.  If he starts telling his stories I’ve heard fifteen times before, I turn him off.  If he interrupts an interview to throw in a lame joke, I turn him off.  If he, once again, interrupts an interview to tell a lengthy story about himself, I turn him off.  He gets turned off a lot during the week.

Even the promos they now play of Gil’s show are laughable.  That’s the content they’re promoting?  Really?  They played one promo for weeks about Gil discussing sex and marriage and vacuums.  It was sad.  That’s the best they can find?  It really shows how he doesn’t care about presenting a quality show any longer.

If he doesn’t care, why should we?

Someone at Talk910-AM is sleeping during programming meetings.  Do they know what goes out on-air?  Maybe they don’t care, either.

If they don’t care, why should we?



Photo by Wing-Chi Poon CCA-SA-2.5

I have nothing to say about talk radio today.  I’ve been listening to Frosty, but it’s been so busy at work I miss a lot of the show.  Hey, Frosty, I love the email responses from listeners and that you are taking calls!

But, he’s not a former KGO host so I might have to start up another blog and name it something else.  I still get sufficient hits on this blog to leave it up for awhile, but I’m sure it will dwindle down to nothing soon.

Plus, some interesting search terms land on this blog.  Not sure how some of the stranger searches end up here, and I still laugh about some poor misguided soul who searched for ‘Len Tillem naked’.

Every week I get searches for a song I posted a year or two ago.  When I first posted about the song I couldn’t find the version of it I had in mind and had to post a harmonized version.  Today, after seeing another search for the song I went back to YouTube and found the original version by Beatrice Kay.

Thank you, Aaron Brummett, for posting on YouTube the 78 version of Beatrice Kay’s recording.

If you don’t know what a 78 record is, here’s a link to some information about it:

I first listened to this song on an old phonograph my grandmother had stored in her attic.  There was a stack of old 78 records, and I loved to listen to the thick, red record with big grooves that made the big, heavy needle wobble a bit as it played.  It was Beatrice Kay’s version of ‘I’ve Been Waiting for your Phone Call for Eighteen Years’.

What’s posted on YouTube is not the best quality sound.  It’s scratchy and, at times, incoherent, but I remember those lyrics from the many times I sat in my grandmother’s attic to listen to the song, over and over again.  Laughing every time.

The lyrics I’m going to post should help overcome the poor sound quality of the YouTube post, but you really have to hear Beatrice Kay’s phrasing for full enjoyment of the song.  Especially when she gets to: ‘how could you treat your only love this way’.  When you hear it, you’ll know what I mean.

The lyrics:

I’ve Been Waiting for your Phone Call for Eighteen Years

by Beatrice Kay


Gee, look at that moon.

It makes you think, what if the world was perfect?

Imagine, a perfect world.

Joey’d never fail to show up for a date

And he’d bring me presents,

All kinds of k-nick k-nacks and small what-nots.

And the family’d have money.

We could afford to get glasses for my sister.

She could go talk to an optimist.

And I wouldn’t have to work no more for the telephone company.

A girl gets pretty tired of being an operetta.

A telephone operetta I mean…

Of course if everything was perfect there’d be no excitement.

For instance, mom wouldn’t crown pop with the flower pot every night.

And she might as well do it, she’s entitled to a little pleasure in life.

And, Joey, so what if he does forget to call me for a date, he just suffers from loss of memory now and then.

He’s just got a case of magnesia.

You know, Joey, it’s funny about the way you keep me waiting for your phone call.

But I love you Joey

And I’ll always keep my promise.

I said that I would wait for you forever.

Joey, I meant every word I said.

The thought of not waiting forever never entered my head.

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

Maybe you don’t love me anymore.

How long must I wait for you to keep our date?

Could it be, sweetheart, that you are poor?

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

You told me that you’d call me back that day.

I’m wasting my youth in a telephone booth.

How could you treat your only love this way?

I was young and healthy when you left me.

Has your love grown cold?

You’re acting strange.

Could it be you’re fickle, or didn’t ya have the nickel?

If you’d had written, I’d have sent the change

in a postcard.

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

Could it be you found somebody new?


I’ll wait for your phone call just eighteen more.

But after that we are through.

(The Brooklyn Dodgers)

But after that we are through.


Now, here’s the song:




Here’s the link to it on YouTube:

Frosty, you sir, are no Gil Gross.

Image by Petritap CC-SA-3.0

And, for that, I thank you.

ha ha.  See what I did there?

I did it again on Friday.  It was so busy at work that I forgot to turn off Talk910 before the shrieking and screeching began.  Please, please,  please get Gil’s wife off the air.  I’m thinking of sending Clear Channel an extended tape of what we listeners are subjected to on the air but I don’t want to listen to it one second longer than I have to so I can’t create a ‘worst of’ Gil’s Friday shows.  There are so many to choose from.  If the suits had to listen to a compilation of high-pitched squeals and inane chatter then maybe they’d take some action that Gil won’t.

But, that’s not what I came here to discuss.  As you know, I listen to Frosty’s shows now.  I’m done with wasting time on Gil.  He repeats the same news items that Frosty does on his show anyway, with the exception of Gil inserting a Politico correspondent phone-in every few minutes.

I see many search terms on this blog looking for Frosty but seldom see anything on Gil unless it’s a negative search, such as, why is Gil Gross’ radio show so bad?  I can’t guess why Gil has given up on hosting a quality show, but it was in decline long before Sebastian Kunz left.  I miss Sebastian’s nice voice and his pleasing, calm presence on air but I do enjoy Michael the news guy on Frosty’s show.  And, of course, I always appreciate the warmth and passion of Lloyd Lindsay Young.  Love ‘ya, Lloyd.

One thing Frosty does that Gil would never do is read email from listeners (yes, I know Gil reads snippets off Facebook, but they are hand-selected, self-serving snippets).

I guess if no one calls, then email is the next best thing.  I enjoy Frosty’s email segments because he loves to read email from listeners who bash his show or berate his intelligence and physical appearance by calling him names like ‘fat clown’ or ‘moron’.  Then Frosty explains why he said what he did on an earlier show or segment, but not before he has a good laugh at some of the more vitriolic tirades.  Sometimes Frosty even agrees with the email and admits he should have worded something differently or researched something more thoroughly.

There are times Frosty flubs what we wants to say.  After he realizes it, he corrects himself but he still gets angry, vicious email about the unintended comment and he reads all of the email from the people who will ‘never listen to his show again’, that is,  until they send another email a week later.

For me, the most entertaining Frosty shows are when he shares things that have happened to him.  The One-Eyed Guy and the near miss of a speeding car and ice cream, always, ice cream.  I’ve included links to some of these stories in earlier blog posts.

Unlike Gil.

When Gil starts a story I now groan and roll my eyes because I know the story, could repeat it word for word, lame jokes and all, and for the fifteenth time he has to tell it again.  It’s excruciatingly long and drawn out, not to mention it’s usually to name drop or, in an indirect way, portray how wonderful he thinks he is.  Those nauseating attempts at humor get old fast.

Can you tell I’ve listened too long to Gil?  His show does not hold up to a long-term listener.  It’s unfortunate, because I really enjoyed him on that other station.  But, my dissatisfaction grew with the Friday shows and his amateur wife with her scorched vocal cords and I knew my time was wasted trying to listen.  I can’t listen to him on any day now without feeling irritation.  I usually turn to other options.

So I’m left with Frosty.  That’s it.

I was a bit disappointed with Frosty this week, though, because he’d been saying he watches all of the Olympic coverage he can and I was anticipating his shows this week to hear what he thought about the Sochi Games.  Well, what he said is he keeps falling asleep during the Olympics and misses prime-time events.


He should look online at .  Has he seen Johnny Weir lately?  What is up with that?  And, what does he think of Bode Miller?  Can Frosty appreciate the skill of Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya (also known as Julia)?  Probably not, because he did make a comment that figure skating is just someone skating around and flapping his or her arms at the same time.

Oh, and Frosty has commented on the ongoing saga of CostasCodeRed.

But, that’s it on Frosty’s Olympics coverage.  Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think Frosty has even talked about Shaun White.

There was a wonderful article written about Shaun White recently on how he changed a columnist’s opinion.  You can read it here:

I don’t like Matt Lauer as CodeRed’s stand-in.  He’s about exciting as a mattress-man radio ad.  Meredith is fine, though, and she appears more engaged in the events than Matt.  But those segments with Mary Carillo just aren’t the same without Costas.

But Frosty wouldn’t know about that.  He’s snoring away in his new easy chair…

Want to catch Frosty between snores?  Here’s a link to his archived podcasts:

Souce: Posted by Toshio Ando CC-By SA 3.0

He sings: “I used to care but things have changed.”

When I was young, I listened to music on the radio.  I used to turn it down low and fall asleep with it playing.

As I aged, I listened to talk radio whenever I visited my grandmother.  It was always on in her house.  She played it loud and loved the crazy callers.  We’d drink coffee at her small wooden kitchen table and listen to her small black radio, its  antenna pulled all of the way up and tilted to the left, next to the toaster on the counter.   She’d laugh whenever a call escalated to name-calling and then flick ashes from her cigarette into a big glass ashtray.

I don’t recall when I began listening to talk radio.  Probably on a sleepless night I searched the radio dial for something to distract me.  Maybe it was Ray or Bill or Bernie that hooked me, or maybe it was the fond memories of my grandmother’s kitchen, but talk radio became my listening habit and my radio dial was always tuned to KGO.

That is, until December 2011, when Cumulus Media came to town and destroyed radio in this market and many others.  I would not listen to KGO now.  Not even if Len goes back or they somehow manage to convince Rothmann to host a show.  As long as Cumulus owns that station, I will not listen.  I will tell others not to listen.  Why would talk radio listeners support a company that doesn’t care about listeners, only money in their executive pockets with no benefit to the local community?

So, I was forced to find another outlet for my radio time and thought Talk910-AM was going to step up their programming and build a talk station worth its listeners’ time.  I listened to them everyday from 12:00Noon to the end of my work day.  They hired Len and Gil to host shows.  Then they dropped Len, who knows what happened there, and there was something very wrong with Gil’s show.  It was him talking and talking and talking, the same tired format day in and day out, no callers, and he even brought his wife on the show every Friday.  yikes.  Fridays were the worst.  His wife does not belong on any radio, not even Nighttime Theater of Horrors.  Her voice is ear-splitting irritating and her laugh is downright goosebump scary.  I’m sure it hits the dog whistle range.  ugh!  I shiver in agony just thinking about it.

I listen to Frosty.  I like his show.  He doesn’t take callers, so it’s not optimal, but it’s the only thing out there now.  I don’t listen again to his podcasts.  I don’t have to.  Gil discusses the exact same news items in his show a few hours later.

This is what we are left with.

I seldom listen to Gil’s show now.  I usually turn to ( or ( instead.

I did hear Gil recently when he had a guest on to discuss Pete Seeger’s death and it confirmed what I don’t like about Gil.  He had a guest on who knew Pete Seeger and Gil took up half of the interview telling the guest about the time he, Gil, saw a Pete Seeger show.  It was unbelievable.  Here, he had a guy on the line who knew Seeger personally, and could provide more insight into who Seeger was, and Gil interrupts to inject himself into the conversation about how he once went to a Seeger concert.  By the time Gil was finished with his long, drawn-out story, it was time for news.

I thought his wife was a horrible addition, and now I’m at the point where I can’t stand Gil’s name-dropping stories that he thinks are interesting.  It’s pathetic.

For weeks now, they’ve been playing a clip of Gil and his wife on a promo spot.  Are you kidding me?  It’s like they want to drive away any listeners they have left.  When I hear it, I turn off the radio and go back to BBC.

So, now I’m down to listening to Frosty’s show.  That’s it.  Three hours in a day.

I tried the Randi Rhodes program, but it’s an angry show with sound effects that seem to come from a machine shop.  You know the sound of welding?  It’s like that.  Along with clips of Limbaugh.  She has some good discussion points, but it’s all that other stuff in between that’s annoying.  I tried, but I can’t listen to it.

Here’s the Wikipedia link to her show:

Thankfully, BBC Radio2 has decent programming.  I guess I’ll have to go back to listening to a music format again.  I started out with ‘things have changed’ but I probably should have said ‘the more things change, the more they remain the same’.

NARA 533886

I found out that radiodiscussions is gone.  Here’s a link that explains it all – from beginning to end:

I used to visit that site every so often, whenever I heard something and wanted to find out more about it.  Real radio people populated that site, not some gossipy Caen-wannabe, as we see in that other stupid media blog that is trying to hang on by a thread.

Looks as if everyone is migrating to this site:

When KGO claimed it ‘listened to its listeners’ and changed the entire format in December 2011, they lost most of their listeners. huh.  As Judge Judy would say, ‘you didn’t have your listening ears on’.  A few of the old KGO audience still hang on to Owens, but they don’t ‘get it’, that continuing to listen to that station is the same as contributing to a Kardashian charity fund, where Kim keeps 90% of the proceeds for ‘administrative costs’ – in the same way the Dick-eys have to lay-off highly paid people, and cut the others down to minimum wage, so those same Dick-eys can give themselves another million in bonuses for what they’ve saved in costs.

Not that I would ever listen to Owens ever again after December 2011.  I still cringe when I hear those mattress ads on other stations.  I’ll never go there to buy a mattress.

I noticed on the Facebook page of formerkgolisteners (– go there and ‘like’ their page.  They update the site with new information every week.) that Len Tillem wants to start up again on radio.  You can find out about it if you want.  I’m not going to bother promoting it.  Len left without a word, just left his loyal listeners hanging and didn’t bother to mention he was no longer posting podcasts.  What did he care?  Listeners weren’t paying him.  Why would he bother to mention to people, who’ve listened to him for years, that they no longer matter?  They don’t give him a check.  So, he can disappear without a thank-you, for months, and think his personality alone will bring people back.

um, no.

I work in a business that is paid by clients, but we wouldn’t have clients if we didn’t have the customers who support them.  We make decisions with both customer and client in mind, not just the one with money attached.  There would be no money attached if there were no customers of our clients.

In a convoluted way, Cumulus Media is trying to circumvent the customer of the product.  They are selling airtime to clients on stations that no longer have an audience.  All Cumulus has to do is tell advertisers how many markets they will penetrate and sell that as a package.  Listeners are a given.  They are counting on having someone listen to their stations at least a few minutes every day, and that way they can profit from ad revenue and add more money to their annual corporate bonuses.  Ever think of that when you listen to Ronn?  I don’t understand how intelligent people still don’t understand this.

It’s interesting that the few who could have profited from the KGO mess two years ago didn’t have the intelligence or ability to pull it off.  That media blogger, instead of expanding his worth in the market, chose to continue down the same path of gossip, sensationalism, and rating media women by their ‘hotness’, not to mention his utter ineptness at putting sentences together.  What a waste of time that was.

Plus, that Santa Cruz station instead of using an opportunity to increase listeners tenfold, they opted to continue using equipment that seldom worked, podcasts that never posted, and some old lady who loved Donald Trump and was allowed on the air, every day, to express her opinion.  yikes.  What a mess!

These are not the game changers.


The new station that offers a half-day of programming for the former KGO listeners, KKSF  Talk910, will be changing their programming soon.  Gil will stay.  I don’t have to tell you what I think of that.  They might as well cut his entire Friday shows.  What a disappointment Gil has turned out to be.

Frosty’s programming will begin at 10:00am now instead of 12 Noon and will end at 1:00pm, not 3:00pm.  I don’t mind.  It cuts into my BBC Radio2 time, but I’m sure Simon Mayo won’t care that I have to switch to local programming after his confessions segment.

I’m unfamiliar with the person taking over the 1:00-3:00pm slot.  Randi Rhodes.  I’ll be listening and maybe I’ll have more to write about after these changes take place.

Not that anyone reads this, anyway.  But, hey, I don’t mind.  Keeps out the riff-raff.

Here’s the announcement of the change:

oh, did I forget to mention that Limbaugh is gone from KKSF in January?  ha!

Plus, I’m not excited the buffoons known as A&G will get an extra hour, but I sure won’t be listening to them.  Just like I don’t listen to Gil on Fridays.  But, I’ll probably be listening to KKSF an additional two hours now, every day except on Friday, and I’m happy about that.

For once we can get through December without a radio catastrophe.

Enjoy the holidays!

I don’t have much this week, only two things that caught my attention besides the obvious media gala of Batkid.  What a wonderful thing to do and well-deserved of all of the media attention and support of people all over the world.  Not much more I can say.

So, after that sweet ‘ahhh’ moment we had yesterday I’ll start with the funny confessions on BBC Radio2 this week.

Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio2 includes a listener confession that Simon reads on the air every Monday-Thursday.  On Fridays, they post the collection of the week’s confessions as a downloadable or listenable podcast that is available for 30 days online.  There is also an archived list of confessions that Simon posts online as separate links to each confession and they are available to listen to at anytime.

This week’s confessions include lines such as ‘My brother has a piranha’ and ‘Let’s pretend we’re a couple’.

You can hear them on the first and second confessions on the podcast and you’ll have a great laugh when you do.

Here’s a list of some archived confessions on Simon’s blog:


This second item is a disturbing video Frosty posted on his blog page about a game that kids in New Jersey are playing called the Knockout Game.  You have to watch the video to understand how violent and hideous this is and listen to the girl who explains it as people who simply ‘go to sleep’ and the guy who says it’s done ‘for the fun of it’.


Here’s another article about it at along with an interesting discussion of it in the comments section:


Maybe these kids need to take a trip to see the anti-pope’s local holy man:

Or, maybe Batkid needs to put on his cape and make a visit to New Jersey…

Image by amalon619 CCA-SA 3.0

It was so busy at work this week, I didn’t really listen to Frosty or Gil’s shows.  They were on in the background, but I have no idea if Frosty had callers or if Gil cut off Valerie in mid-sentence to talk about himself.  Of course, I did remember to turn off Gil’s Friday show.  Once you hear his wife’s voice, you don’t forget to do things like that for your sanity.  Is she still screeching and shrieking her way though the show, cutting off guests to ask in her oh-so-slow, trying-to sound-professional, prattling voice?  ugh!  Please, Gil, have Valerie sit in for your Friday shows.  You’ll get some listeners back!

Why would they get rid of Sebastian Kunz and keep Gil’s amateur wife on the air?

Doesn’t this make anyone else angry?  If it wasn’t for Frosty taking calls and seeming to care about his show, and for  the few times Gil really does show up for his show mentally, I would opt out of listening to radio.

So, why did I bring this up again?  Because on Friday, during Gil’s show time, I was listening to This American Life and heard a great online segment.

They have something on their website now that I’ve been hoping for, a 24-hour live-stream of their show segments.  You can listen to continuous shows now for 24 hours if you want.  Just click once and let it run.  Love it.  It’s almost like turning on the radio without the commercials.  No more having to stop what you’re doing to find the next hour-long podcast and click on Start.  This American Life now has the option to click once and you’re good to go.

Here’s the website:

Try the 24-Hour Live Stream.  It’s directly under ‘This Week’ podcast information on the front page, click it and enjoy the program variety.

Here’s the show I heard.  It stays with you.  For once I’m glad Gil’s show is so bad on Fridays or I would have missed it:

Within the podcast ‘The Cruelty of Children’, there is a 17-minute story titled The Man in the Well.  Find it under the third segment down the page, as Act Two.  Click the Play arrow next to the story summary to listen to this story only:


I took another ride on Muni this weekend and confirmed the website listed on those SF Sewer Department ads.  Listed under such ad slogans as ‘We deal with the crap so you don’t have to’, and ‘Your #2 is our #1’ is the website  Unbelievable.  Why are we wasting (get it?) funds on this questionable ad crap?


My Muni ride this weekend took me to community day at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.  It was Community Open House, the tickets were free, and children of all ages were welcome.

Opera costumes were on display, from The Merry Widow and other productions.  Tables were set up so children could create their own props, such as flowers made from crepe paper and pointy paper hats decorated in glitter and ribbons.  There were long lines of people who were able to try on some costumes and get their pictures taken wearing them.

There was a question and answer session with General Director, David Gockley.  There were live orchestra performances and sing-alongs.  Even a scavenger hunt.  There were soloist and duet performances from The Barber of Seville, currently playing at the opera house.  A Costume Demonstration presented by Assistant Costume Director, Christopher Verdosci, who shared some opera performance secrets, presented a highly-entertaining program and talk.  My favorite event, though, was the back-stage tour.  Really makes you want to slap on the face paint and give it a go.  ha ha.

This was the second season of an open house by San Francisco Opera House to celebrate National Opera Week.  It was possible through funding by Chevron, OPERA America’s Building Opera Audiences Grant Program, and Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation.

Here’s the website:

If you get a chance, attend the open house next year.  It’s fun for the entire family.

I’ve loved some performances there.  One memorable one was Hansel and Gretel.  The Gingerbread Witch was played by a man in a dress and apron and it was so campy.  He jumped on top of a massive table and waved a big wooden spoon over his head as he sang.  Loved it.  One of the Faust performances I attended had an incredible set, with men dressed in black slinking down the sides of high, white walls.  I was mesmerized once by a production of Wagner’s Parsifal.


So, now we go from high art to pop culture.  I’ve never understood the popularity of Tom Cruise.  Happy to say I’ve never spent any money supporting his films.  So, it was surprising that I really enjoyed this blog post about him:

It’s too bad that with so much imagination Tinkertink uses it on someone like Tom Cruise but I’m glad he did.  This is the most entertaining story I’ve seen on Cruise to date.


Since I didn’t hear most of the talk on Frosty’s show this week, I’ll comment on something he brought up a month or so ago.  My Muni ride made me think of it.

I was sitting on Muni, minding my own business just looking out of the window, and a guy got on on the bus, walked past me and said b*tch.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wasn’t doing or saying anything.  Just sitting on the bus and this guy chooses to call me that.

Not to mention that he sat in the back, and I could hear him proceed to sell drugs to some guys back there.  I didn’t turn to look, but I heard him.  And, of course, the guys were interested in buying what he had to sell.

It reminds of a segment on one of Frosty’s shows, one in which he asked why are women complaining about being noticed by men when women dress specifically so men will notice them?  A woman caller told him that she is harassed daily by strange men who accost her on the street and want to talk to her or ask for her number.  She said it’s scary, especially when these guys follow her.

Frosty could not understand why women would be offended by that when what they want IS for men to notice them.

He doesn’t get it.  Most women do not want strange men to notice and interact with them.  Who knows why that guy on the bus decided I was the b*tch out of everyone there?  I wasn’t dressed for attention.  I was dressed for comfort.  But, whatever I was wearing was enough for some guy to assume it was okay to call me whatever he wanted.  I was not there to be noticed, I was there to get to my destination.  Is that too much to ask?

Riding Muni is the perfect endorsement on why NOT to ride Muni.  No amount of PR can change that.


Even the anti-pope wrote about women and men this week:



Maybe I’ll call Frosty this week and ask ‘What are you wearing?’  See how he likes it.

I thought I heard callers on talk radio this week.  Yes.  Those people who call a show and  express their own thoughts about a situation or news item.  People who bring the most unexpected things to a conversation.

On Wednesday, early in the first hour of Frosty’s show, he took multiple calls.  It reminded me of the old KGO days when police officers called in regularly to share their thoughts and expertise on developing events.  Wednesday’s discussion was about the recent shooting death of the 13-year-old boy in Santa Rosa.  The police-officer callers said some surprising things, about policy changes in weapons training and what really happens when someone is shot.

The officers shared with Frosty aspects of their experience a talk-show host wouldn’t know to even bring up in a long monologue on the subject.  Gil and Frosty lack the real-life knowledge and can only express their opinions.  The officers tell what they know from first-hand street experience.  That’s what we’re missing in talk radio today.  Shared and varied ideas, opinions and information.   Not some Politico correspondent telling us what to think and then a talk show host telling us again what the Politico correspondent just said.  We want real discussion, with disagreements and unexpected information from assorted people who have the potential to change the thought-process.

So what if the Lennon guy sneaks in periodically?  That’s part of the fun.

Is Frosty bringing back talk?  I hope so.

His Wednesday show is a start, the callers start 11:00 minutes into the podcast and the calls continue after a short segment about a celebrity chef in the news:


And, now for something completely different, don’t miss this hysterically-funny short blog post from Frosty:


Now, isn’t this next thing just craptastic?

Here’s something Frosty can talk about on Monday.  Is this our city dollars at work or is this a joke?  I couldn’t believe this when I saw it.  I had to ride Muni this weekend and above the seats, on the overhead advertising placards , I saw these advertisements:

Your #2 is our #1


We deal with the crap so you don’t have to.

These were on color-printed placards so someone had to allocate budget to be spent for these things.  Are you kidding me?  Who was it advertising?  SF Sewage and Water Department.  Yep.  That’s your city dollars at use, unless it’s someone’s idea of a joke.  There is a website listed on the ads, something like – that’s not it because I can’t find it online.  The next time I ride Muni I’ll look for the correct website so I can find out if this is a joke or not.


Disturbing items I found this week:

Someone sent me a comment made about Sebastian Kunz and what he posted on his Twitter account.  I looked it up:

See the September 10th post.

This disturbs me.  Was Gil flat-out lying to us?  I’ve never questioned Gil’s integrity.  I’ve questioned his bad judgement bringing his unlistenable wife on his show, but I’ve always relied on him telling us the truth.  This makes me question his honesty.  What has happened to Gil?  He used to be so good.

I miss the presence of Sebastian on the show.  He added a nice touch.  But, I also enjoy the new guy – is he named Michael? – who carries on some interesting conversations with Frosty.


Now, more things truly disturbing. 

Stan, the guy who started his own blog, has some strange comments about Radnich and Heenan.  Don’t read it if you’re eating.  I don’t watch Radnich so I don’t know if what Stan is seeing is built up in his mind or not.

It’s okay if you have to leave now to take a shower.  When you come back, here’s an actual interesting post of Stan’s.  Bad grammar and spelling and all, I’m actually impressed with this one:



Since I mentioned the Lennon guy earlier, it reminded of something I found on YouTube when poking around last week:


Here’s the link to it:


Just now, searching for that Lennon/Yoko Ono video, I found this one with John talking about his media campaign on peace.  He tells people similar things Bill Wattenburg talks about: putting up posters in windows and using the power of people to change things by using advertising type of campaigns to get the word out:



At the very beginning of this next video John Lennon reads a letter that someone sent him warning that the spirit of Brian Epstein came though in a Ouija Board reading telling about an attempt that would be made on Lennon’s life in March 1970.


I don’t know about the authenticity of it, but that woman interviewer sure is annoying if you watch the rest of the video.


Earlier I listed links to Stan’s creepy observations of Radnich and Heenan.  I have one, hopefully dissimilar, of Gil and Valerie.

I’m saying this without malicious intent.  In an innocent, grade-school way and not to be confused with the real love and respect Gil has for his wife.  He’s solid.  But, does he have a little bit of a school boy crush on Valerie?

Gil does get a bit giddy with Valerie, who reads the news on his show, and he seems to boast more when she’s around.  Telling more stories about his life and pulling her in to every conversation.  He even interrupts her in mid-sentence as she’s delivering a news report so he can tell her another lame story of what once happened to him.  I really think he’s developing a bit of a crush.  Nothing serious, nothing wrong with it.  It’s kind of cute.  This week he even invited her over to the house sometime.  With the wife there, of course.  Don’t get the wrong idea.

I wish he’d have Valerie on his Friday shows as co-host instead of the wife.  I’d go back to listening on Fridays.  They do make a good duo on the radio.

Anyone else get the same vibe?


In my last post I included some YouTube videos of performances by Leo Sayer.  I found one of Sayer that includes many snippets of some great songs.  It’s fun to hear:


Okay.  That’s it!  There is no more that I can say. woah, woah, woah, yay-hay…

I don’t know what to say anymore.

We know Cumulus came in and torched our radio landscape.  They’re attempting to overthrow the current leader: Clear Channel.  Cumulus plans to replace local radio content with syndication.  That way they can put more money in their executives’ pockets, feed the shareholders, and charge advertisers more for multiple station platforms that are losing listeners by the thousands who reject the inferior programming being shoved down their throats.

Some still listen to that station, and other Cumulus stations.  Why don’t these listeners know better now?  That’s exactly what the Dick-eys planned.  Doesn’t matter what they put on the air, someone will listen as the Dick-eys collect their bonuses and pay raises and decimate the salaries of local talent.

And we’re going along with it, handing it to them.  Giving it all away.


Here’s the direct link to the video on YouTube:


Programming is now loaded with ads that nearly exceed the show’s content.  Who are these advertisers paying money to Cumulus?  These advertisers who allow the Dick-eys to continue degrading the listening experience.  Maybe we should target the advertisers throwing money at Cumulus.

I’ll mention again the low rate of pay Cumulus expects its staff to live on so the Dick-eys can show a profit to shareholders.  Why are people working there?  When people take these low wage jobs they enable a company such as Cumulus to pay themselves huge bonuses and salaries off the backs of the people who really are the backbone of the station.

Yes, we know business runs on profits.  Radio is a unique business that relies on listener numbers to determine what an advertiser will pay to place an ad on the station.

It used to be that quality programs drew listeners to the station and those stations were rewarded with revenue growth from advertisers’ dollars.

It used to be that one company was restricted in the number of radio stations it could own in a market region.

Then, in the late ’90s, we all dropped into the radio rabbit hole.   And soon the Cumulus clowns rode their circus into town and we gave it all away:


Here’s the direct link to the video on YouTube:


Sorry, it was worth mentioning again.


Now, a handful of companies own the majority of radio stations in the country.  They no longer sell advertising based on quality programming that attracts satisfied listeners.  They sell ads based on market regions and the number of stations in those market regions where the ad might be heard.  The programming no longer matters.  It’s the potential mass of stations where ads could be heard by a potential mass of listeners.

The problem with this model is the ongoing dwindling mass of listeners who reject this new bland programming model of one-for-all syndication.  There is no reliable method to document declining audience.  In fact, Arbitron came up with a way that seems to mask this decline by changing the way they measure audience levels.  Hello, PPM (Portable People Meter).

Minimum Reporting Standards (MRS)
… For the PPM service, estimates can be
reported for an encoded station if at least one In-Tab
PPM panelist was exposed to a minimum of five
minutes within one quarter-hour and the station
had an average Weekly Cume Rating of at least
0.495, Monday-Sunday 6 am to Midnight during
the weekly or monthly reporting period
Locations for which audience estimates are reported.
The PPM reports whether exposure occurred at the
panelist’s home or out of the home. This differs from
Diary measurement, which has four listening
locations: at home, at work, in car and “other.


PPM is supposed to capture real listener numbers versus the listening habits manually entered in the old diary method of reporting.  PPM numbers are based on five minute blips of listening and doesn’t seem to reward loyal listeners who stay with a program.  They want blips, not listeners.  Plus, the sample number of PPMs in the market might be ineffective in capturing the data because the sampling is so small.  Not to mention PPM carriers who cheat:



What others say about PPM:


In broad terms, more people are turning to talk radio. Major radio companies are able to buy more stations in a single market due to deregulation. At the same time, more stations are switching from music to talk, a relatively cheaper format.


So, here we are.  Left with Gil Gross on Talk910.  And what does he do?  He insults us by pushing his wife on us.  Rhoda is no radio host!  Amateur hour with screeching sounds and interruptions of adult conversations.  Her big contribution to the show is saying ‘What?’, or ‘Yes!’, or ‘Hey!’ in varied levels of high-pitched shrieks.  Or, she slows her voice way down to try and sound professional.  oh, yeah, like that’s going to happen.

No one else is left.

I listen to Frosty.  At times he’s actually entertaining.  Then I turn down the radio when Gil comes on and listen to some of the guests’ interviews.  On Fridays, I turn Gil’s show off before it starts.

I might continue to post here, or maybe I’ll start something else.  Not sure yet.  I’m so dissatisfied with this market.  Maybe I’ll begin a new blog to talk back to Frosty.  Who knows?  Frosty gives many opinions but there is no one calling in to counter his.  I’d like to hear what others think about he says.

I’ve said Frosty likes to talk about food.  He has a thing for ice cream.  On his Monday show, October 7, 2013, Hour 1, he shared how ice cream almost got him killed.  Want to listen?  It’s near the beginning, starts around 2:00 into the podcast:


Another thing Frosty does on the air is read some of the email he receives from listeners.  It’s hysterical.  Here’s a good example from a guy named Steve.  It starts around 21:30 on the podcast:


Speaking of near-death, even the anti-pope had a close call recently:


Okay, that’s all I got to give…

Frosty says he reads every email.  Why not send him an email and tell him what you think, although he does give out the number to call so he’s open to taking calls.  I think I’ve heard a few callers on his show, but I’m busy at work when he’s on the air and it’s hard to distinguish if he’s on a call or talking to a scheduled guest about a news item.

I’ve wondered if people have given up trying to call Frosty’s show, or even Gil’s show.  There was a time a few weeks back when I heard Gil give out the number and said he wanted people to call and talk about something, but I didn’t hear any callers.

I’ve listened when John Rothmann, Ed Baxter, or even Jim Gabbert sit in as replacement hosts and they all have callers and they all take those calls.  Not one or two every other hour, but callers during the hour and more callers in the next.

Gil loves to give out his Facebook and Twitter accounts as contact points.  I’m sure he’d prefer to interact with his audience one-on-one (ha ha, that’s a joke), but knowing in advance what we say online he has time to prep all of the zinger jokes he flings at us every two minutes.  Can’t do that with an impromptu call.  And he ends the week with the biggest zinger joke of all, the wife.

I’ve read that Gil doesn’t read anything about himself online.  Too bad.  Maybe then he’d understand what’s not working and read how many are dissatisfied with his show.  Especially on Fridays.   But, I don’t fault him for not wanting to see what others have to say.  People can be cruel and usually complain about something before praising anything.

Frosty says he sometimes reads things online about himself and it doesn’t really bother him.  It comes with being a radio host.  Heck, Frosty even reads some email on the air from listeners who don’t exactly agree with his opinions.  In the emails he’s called all sorts of names.  He reads it all on-air, well, some of the names he can’t say on the air without getting the station’s license pulled.  He laughs as well, and explains, again, what he’d said that made someone so angry.  The listeners can decide if they agree.

Frosty’s email address is

If you email him, let us know what it’s about so we can hear if he reads it on the air.

When I went to Frosty’s page on Talk910, I noticed he blogged on Friday, September 27th,  about wanting a steak dinner at a nice restaurant but it was too late for an early dinner reservation.  He didn’t want to be seated alone during the 8:00pm dinner rush and take up the only unreserved table at the time.

He is always talking about food.  He told a story this week about his walk to the corner store to buy Häagen-Dazs® ice cream and was nearly struck in the crosswalk by a bicyclist running the red light.  His personal stories are usually self-deprecating, but he laughs at himself.  I don’t get the sense he’s playing up his perceived greatness by pretending to be self-deprecating.  Read his blog post.  That’s not someone who thinks he’s better than anyone else because of his job.

Well, this turned out to be quite different than what I started to write earlier in the day.   Ah, who wants to read about Cumulus Media on a Monday?  I sure don’t.  I’ll leave that for another day.