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I’ve listened online to BBC Radio2 for years ( ).  It’s a nice mix of oldies, new pop, and celebrity interviews.  Also, I enjoy hearing a broadcast without commercial interruption.  I used to listen to the Steve Wright show until it ended at 9:00am Pacific Time (5:00pm London time) and then, in my daily routine, I’d turn on KGO and listen to it for the remainder of my work day – starting with Ronn Owens.  That is, until December 2011, when Cumulus Media decided to destroy talk radio in this market.

I continued to listen to BBC Radio2 through all of this, but without KGO as an option I listened longer to the BBC shows.  Still do.  There is a show that follows Steve Wright, a drive time show in the U.K., hosted by Simon Mayo.  He’s been doing a segment every Monday-Thursday that he calls Drive Time Confessions.  People call in and confess their past misdeeds and Simon and his co-workers decide if the confessor should be forgiven.

Some of the confessions are fun, some are lame, but it’s entertaining to listen to them because sometimes there’s a gem.

On Wednesday, July 11th, I heard a gem.  Just wanted to share it.

I laughed so hard I was crying.  It’s hysterical.  Made my entire day.

Want to hear it?  You can download the podcast and listen.  It’s available online for about a month, so you have some time.  But, don’t forget!  It’s worth taking the time to listen.  It’s only a few minutes, but you’ll be laughing about it for days afterwards.

This is where you can find it online:

Simon Mayo’s Confessions Podcast

(click on the Download for:  ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and other tales 13 Jul 12’ and the Larry in Love Land confession begins at 15:00 on the Podcast.)

Just listening to it again makes me laugh-  every time!

How could I post this and not include the YouTube accompaniment?

Listening to it, how can you not laugh hearing those lines again?  They are at the end of the recording, approximately 10:25 in.  Enjoy!



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