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The title of this post is taken from a Colin Quinn quote.

Here’s the quote:

Humanity is a crazy contradiction. I accept us for who we are. We’re not that great. Every time we take a step forward we go back to the same primitive behavior. We’re meant to be this way. It’s not our fault, it’s just who we are.

-Colin Quinn

I was not going to even bring this up, but I saw this following article and it fits right in with what I’ve been thinking.

(Fair warning: If the incorrect usage of ‘your’ vs ‘you’re’ drives you crazy then you’ll have to choose between reading the article or your sanity)

If you read the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners, (and if you don’t then get over there now and remember to ‘like’ their page: you’ll see links to many articles about the former KGO and radio in general.

That’s where I saw the announcement that crummy-Cumulus KGO station will be holding an All-Star debate.  I had a good laugh at that one until I realized they were serious.  huh?  That’s when I shook my head and said, “That’s crazy.”

Then, that blogger guy who posts things that are not always true, well, too-many-times-to-count not true, (the same guy who rates weather women by their hotness, yeah, that tells you everything you need to know) says that KGO will go back to talk.  Now people are speculating on which talk-show hosts will be on the air there and at what times.  They say they are contacting KGO to let them know.


Why would anyone want their favorite hosts to work for Cumulus Media?  They’re the same guys who fired the Bay Area’s long-time favorite hosts and decimated radio in this market.  So, now that the listener boycott has worked, and crummy KGO is losing money and the Dick-ey’s can’t find advertisers (isn’t this the reason for the boycott to begin with?) suddenly people want to listen again?  To put money in the Dick-ey’s pocket and allow them to continue to grow?


Does anyone think long-term anymore?  December 2011 is not that long ago.  Do we now want the advertisers to come back and give their money to Cumulus?  What would that accomplish?  Bigger bonuses for the Dick-ey brothers?  The same brothers who pay themselves millions every year but offer minimum wage paychecks for local talent and producers working on their shows?  Is that what you want for the Bay Area?

That’s crazy.

And, Clear Channel has not been the most sane, either.

There has been no announcement (that I’ve heard) on what will replace the Randi Rhodes show.  I saw this disturbing little tidbit on the Brad Blog (it’s old, from December 2013, so hopefully, it’s not the direction they will choose to go):

Of course, on the topic of crazy, I have to add my ongoing Gil gripe again!  I know, I know, it’s insanity saying the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

It is what it is.

Crazy is Gil Gross bringing his wife on the air and disrespecting his once-loyal listeners by keeping her screeches on the air every Friday.  Here’s a thought, Gil.  Just because your wife does crossword puzzles does not make her a compelling (or, even good) radio host.  It’s ‘must turn-OFF’ radio as its best.  Can’t even describe it at its worst, don’t want to even think about it.  Gil is obviously trying to get out of the business, fast.  He’s lost any relevance he might have had.  Now, he’s a joke.  It’s crazy, isn’t it?  Why would he do that to himself?

There.  Now I feel better.

Now it’s your turn.   What makes you crazy?



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