In the last half-hour of the Tom Leykis show today (the fill-in program for Gil Gross), Leykis said the Randi Rhodes show will be gone in a month.

Not that I really care.  I don’t listen to Rhodes.  I’m not going to listen to Leykis either.  Thankfully, I had meetings all day and missed most of his show.  The small bits I did hear were enough to know this guy is not someone I’d listen to intentionally.  In the same way I’d never listen to Gil’s wife intentionally.  I’d rather hear the pocket catheter commercials on TV than hear Gil’s wife’s voice again in my lifetime.

I’d say something about Frosty and post a link, but I missed his entire show today.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



  1. I DO listen to Rand Rhodes and to me she is the most intelligent Talk Radio show host in the Business!I Hate to see her leave but understand she feels she needs to move on in her lie. I only hope another bright talk show host that is Liberal takes her place.We need more not less!
    I still haven’t gotten over Bernie Ward. I don’t condone anything that he got caught doing.I however feel it was somewhat politically motivated because of how harsh his prison sentence was.I know rapist who didn’t get the sentence he got. Oh well all water under the bridge now.Just hope our voice isn’t stomped out by the radicals on the right.

    • Hi, Marcus. I appreciate that you like the Randi Rhodes show and that she researches before she speaks and knows about the topics she introduces. I also appreciate that she takes calls. I wish I enjoyed her show more. It’s a bit too angry for me, and her delivery is hard to listen to, with lots of ah ah ah and coughs. I thought she was leaving because she’s sick. I’ve noticed she coughs more than normal for someone who makes a living on radio. Like a smoker’s cough but I have no idea if she smokes.

      I don’t deny she’s an intelligent woman. That’s what I like about her. But, her show plays so many clips of other shows and interviews that are meant to be funny in a ‘gotcha’ way. There’s also so many off-putting sound effects, like that screeching noise that plays as an intro to the clips. I hate that. If I wanted to hear that I’d turn on Gil’s Friday shows when his wife is on. I hate those shows and I can’t listen to Gil’s wife’s high-pitched shrieking voice. I’ve lost all interest in Gil as a talk-show host as well. The wife thing annoys me so much that I now find Gil annoying by association.

      I’m sorry that you’re losing a radio voice that spoke for you and fought for you. I know when I lost the voices on KGO it was quite an adjustment. There hasn’t been anything to replace it and we’ve had over two years now with no other listening options. I did hear Randi say something about that in the past few days, that we no longer have a voice and it’s why ‘the people’ will never get want what they want. They have no voice. The system is so corrupt that we’ll never have a voice. It’s all monied interests now. I didn’t hear the entire segment, but it sounded like Randi is tired of preaching to the people who will do nothing anyway.

      I don’t blame her.

      Thanks for the comment, Marcus. As for Bernie Ward, I am somewhat uncomfortable with promoting him because I question his actions that put him in prison. I want to believe he was framed, but his own words on his blog make me think otherwise. I stopped linking to his blog then. As you said, oh, well, all water under the bridge now.

      I hope someone else comes along and saves talk radio for those of us who used to enjoy listening to it.

      • I don’t support anything that Bernie Ward actually did. I merely said that I feel the punishment seemed way too harsh because rapist many times don’t receive the time Ward got. I am very angry at Ward for putting himself out there to be set up. He seemed too intelligent a person to wind up where he is, and what he did ruined not only his life but his entire family’s life.
        Randi may be rough around the edges but I doubt if we can find anyone close who tells it like it is. I fear for this country of ours. I feel before long, our Freedom Of Speech rights will be taken by the Right wing and we will have a puritan society back complete with shunning and flogging. Sounds radical but not nearly as radical as some of the things we hear the right wing trying to push on a daily basis. Totally off the wall and without any truth.

      • Hi, Marcus. I wasn’t thinking you supported Bernie’s actions that put him in prison. I was thinking you were still skeptical about his guilt and hoped that his story about writing a book was valid. But, I understand what you mean about the harsh sentencing. It seems to be more political than most, and that’s why he had to serve extended time. Now the question is, how can we ensure rapists serve the same, or more, time that justly punishes the crime?

        As for Randi, at least it was her decision to go. I did hear Randi’s replacement this week mention that she (thinks) Randi made the decision to leave because they were going to cut back the number of stations that carry her show and they offered to continue to carry her show on iHeart but not support her in advertising it. Again, I’m sorry that you’re losing her. Maybe, after some time off, she will continue in an independent format. I’m sure she’ll have a good following.

  2. One other thing. KGO. I listened for years during the time of Bernie and Ray. I have only visited San Fran several times as have lived in the Desert Southwest and the Midwest for my entire life. I went out of my way to listen to KGO then and I can’t believe in a town as liberal as San Fran that they took away that voice that represents so many there. Gil Gross and the other right wingers there make me want to puke.I will never listen to KGO now Nothing there!

    • Hi, Marcus. You gave me a good laugh at your Gil Gross comment. Gil is not a right-winger. He had a show on the old KGO (he replaced Pete Wilson after his death) and then Gil was offered a host job on Talk 910-AM after Cumulus destroyed the old KGO talk format in December 2011. Not sure who you’re thinking of as the right-winger.

      I complain about Gil because he no longer bothers to try to produce a quality show. His content has devolved into dumb criminal and teacher stories, he talks about news items found online and calls a Politico correspondent for a comment, and he constantly interrupts his guests to throw in a joke of his (then waits for a laugh) and cuts in on a conversation to tell the guest a long-winded story about an experience he had with a celebrity or politician. Not to mention the horrific spectacle of bringing his wife on the air every Friday. That did it for me. She does not belong on the air. Her voice is so painful to hear, she tries to talk slow to keep the pitch low, so annoying to listen to, and then can’t help screeching and shrieking when she forgets to regulate her voice. It’s a nightmare show. Why Gil continues to embarrass her and embarrass his show is beyond me. He has lost any good reputation he had in this market. He’s hurting himself more than he knows.

      It’s good that you no longer listen to KGO. Why give Cumulus ratings? It doesn’t make any sense that the same listeners who were outraged at what Cumulus did to the station continue to listen to KGO. They are the ones that allow companies like Cumulus to continue to destroy broadcasting.

      I only wish that hosts such as Gil would take his show seriously again and give listeners something that would elevate the radio experience. Sadly, he’s content to put little effort into what he does and cares little about what his audience expects. He’s just there to pick-up his paycheck. The pay is not as much as he would like it to be, so he coasts through his shows without much effort on his part. It’s sad.

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