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I have nothing to say about talk radio today.  I’ve been listening to Frosty, but it’s been so busy at work I miss a lot of the show.  Hey, Frosty, I love the email responses from listeners and that you are taking calls!

But, he’s not a former KGO host so I might have to start up another blog and name it something else.  I still get sufficient hits on this blog to leave it up for awhile, but I’m sure it will dwindle down to nothing soon.

Plus, some interesting search terms land on this blog.  Not sure how some of the stranger searches end up here, and I still laugh about some poor misguided soul who searched for ‘Len Tillem naked’.

Every week I get searches for a song I posted a year or two ago.  When I first posted about the song I couldn’t find the version of it I had in mind and had to post a harmonized version.  Today, after seeing another search for the song I went back to YouTube and found the original version by Beatrice Kay.

Thank you, Aaron Brummett, for posting on YouTube the 78 version of Beatrice Kay’s recording.

If you don’t know what a 78 record is, here’s a link to some information about it:

I first listened to this song on an old phonograph my grandmother had stored in her attic.  There was a stack of old 78 records, and I loved to listen to the thick, red record with big grooves that made the big, heavy needle wobble a bit as it played.  It was Beatrice Kay’s version of ‘I’ve Been Waiting for your Phone Call for Eighteen Years’.

What’s posted on YouTube is not the best quality sound.  It’s scratchy and, at times, incoherent, but I remember those lyrics from the many times I sat in my grandmother’s attic to listen to the song, over and over again.  Laughing every time.

The lyrics I’m going to post should help overcome the poor sound quality of the YouTube post, but you really have to hear Beatrice Kay’s phrasing for full enjoyment of the song.  Especially when she gets to: ‘how could you treat your only love this way’.  When you hear it, you’ll know what I mean.

The lyrics:

I’ve Been Waiting for your Phone Call for Eighteen Years

by Beatrice Kay


Gee, look at that moon.

It makes you think, what if the world was perfect?

Imagine, a perfect world.

Joey’d never fail to show up for a date

And he’d bring me presents,

All kinds of k-nick k-nacks and small what-nots.

And the family’d have money.

We could afford to get glasses for my sister.

She could go talk to an optimist.

And I wouldn’t have to work no more for the telephone company.

A girl gets pretty tired of being an operetta.

A telephone operetta I mean…

Of course if everything was perfect there’d be no excitement.

For instance, mom wouldn’t crown pop with the flower pot every night.

And she might as well do it, she’s entitled to a little pleasure in life.

And, Joey, so what if he does forget to call me for a date, he just suffers from loss of memory now and then.

He’s just got a case of magnesia.

You know, Joey, it’s funny about the way you keep me waiting for your phone call.

But I love you Joey

And I’ll always keep my promise.

I said that I would wait for you forever.

Joey, I meant every word I said.

The thought of not waiting forever never entered my head.

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

Maybe you don’t love me anymore.

How long must I wait for you to keep our date?

Could it be, sweetheart, that you are poor?

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

You told me that you’d call me back that day.

I’m wasting my youth in a telephone booth.

How could you treat your only love this way?

I was young and healthy when you left me.

Has your love grown cold?

You’re acting strange.

Could it be you’re fickle, or didn’t ya have the nickel?

If you’d had written, I’d have sent the change

in a postcard.

I’ve been waiting for your phone call for eighteen years.

Could it be you found somebody new?


I’ll wait for your phone call just eighteen more.

But after that we are through.

(The Brooklyn Dodgers)

But after that we are through.


Now, here’s the song:




Here’s the link to it on YouTube:


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