Some One-Eyed Guy Wants to Kill Frosty

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Communications, Entertainment, Media, Radio, Talk Radio, Uncategorized

At times, listening to Frosty’s show is like following a whac-a-mole game:

Listeners follow Frosty through the streets of San Francisco as he SPLAT! drops his ice cream in the street when he has to jump back to avoid a car careening in his path.  whew!  It misses him by mere inches.

We are with him in LA when he pulls into a convenience stop for, what else, an ice cream bar, and then he walks back out to his car now blocked by a monster truck suspended over giant, off-road super-swamper tires.  Frosty tells the driver to move back a bit, and BOING! the truck door opens and out steps a badass looking for a fight.  The ice cream melts as Frosty tries to get out of this one alive.

I’ve added links to these Frosty episodes in earlier posts.

None of these compare with what happened over the holiday weekend when Frosty wanted to splurge on Ritz crackers and a spray-can of Cheez-It.

I’m beginning to wonder if Frosty should switch to broccoli.  He might live longer, and I’m not talking calorie count.

He’s in the cracker aisle, trying to decide between long-roll or short-roll packs of Ritz, and BAM! some guy shoves in between Frosty and his Ritz.  You will have to hear Frosty tell the rest of the story:

12/30/13 Frosty podcast hr 3

This is what reality tv has done to us.  I think the only reason Frosty confronted this guy was because he suspected it was being captured on camera for a tv show and he wanted to look like a hero.  The reality is he will now walk down the street always looking over his shoulder.  Every time a car backfires he’ll flatten to the sidewalk.  He’ll probably even move across town and abandon his high-rental home.  I doubt he’ll ever eat Ritz crackers again with any enjoyment.

He’s even moving his radio show on January 1st, but that was decided long before his cracker craving.

Frosty’s show will move back two hours to begin at 10:00am.  After his show, Randi Rhodes will be on Talk 910am from 1:00-3:00pm and Gil will stay where he’s always been.  I wish his wife would stay home Monday through Friday.  Gil’s show is the worst ever on Fridays when she shows up and shrieks her way through it.

By the way, Ed Baxter filled in for Frosty and Gil over the holidays.  You’ll have to look at their podcasts to find where Baxter filled in.  I heard only a few of Baxter’s shows since I was on holiday as well and not at the office.  Here’s a link to Frosty’s podcasts and you can see where Ed filled in:

I like that Ed takes callers.  I like that Ed has guests on his show who are not all correspondents on Politico.  I like him as a talk-show host.  Here’s a link to his website where you can find a copy of his recently published book, ‘Waiting at Red Lights’:

Frosty took a call as well, on the first hour of his show after his long holiday vacation.  He told the caller, Carol, to shut-up and then hung up on her.   Want to hear why?  Here’s the link (it’s the first story and lasts about 15 minutes):

Frosty doesn’t have the practiced finesse of Ray Taliaferro on a hang-up situation.  It was a sloppy call and I don’t think hosts know how to handle callers any longer.  The Talk 910 hosts are used to talking to themselves for hours and don’t know what to do with someone who disagrees with or criticizes them.  Gil doesn’t even attempt to take a call.  As I’ve said before, at least Frosty tries to take calls.  Not sure how many he’ll take after this last one, though.

I hope he starts fresh with the new year on his new show and makes a resolution to hear what his listeners have to say.  I hope he stops using Gil’s show as a standard and allows his own show to grow.  I hope Randi Rhodes brings a fresh edge to Talk 910.  I hope I can listen to Talk 910 in the new year and hear local talk, both host and callers, communicating again.  I hope Gil’s wife stays home next year.

Is that too much to hope?

Have a safe and happy New Year!  See you in 2014.

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