I don’t have much this week, only two things that caught my attention besides the obvious media gala of Batkid.  What a wonderful thing to do and well-deserved of all of the media attention and support of people all over the world.  Not much more I can say.

So, after that sweet ‘ahhh’ moment we had yesterday I’ll start with the funny confessions on BBC Radio2 this week.

Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio2 includes a listener confession that Simon reads on the air every Monday-Thursday.  On Fridays, they post the collection of the week’s confessions as a downloadable or listenable podcast that is available for 30 days online.  There is also an archived list of confessions that Simon posts online as separate links to each confession and they are available to listen to at anytime.

This week’s confessions include lines such as ‘My brother has a piranha’ and ‘Let’s pretend we’re a couple’.

You can hear them on the first and second confessions on the podcast and you’ll have a great laugh when you do.


Here’s a list of some archived confessions on Simon’s blog:



This second item is a disturbing video Frosty posted on his blog page about a game that kids in New Jersey are playing called the Knockout Game.  You have to watch the video to understand how violent and hideous this is and listen to the girl who explains it as people who simply ‘go to sleep’ and the guy who says it’s done ‘for the fun of it’.



Here’s another article about it at opensalon.com along with an interesting discussion of it in the comments section:



Maybe these kids need to take a trip to see the anti-pope’s local holy man:


Or, maybe Batkid needs to put on his cape and make a visit to New Jersey…

  1. Dick says:

    wow, can’t believe “frosty” is still on talk 910

    • Hi, Dick. I think most people won’t listen to him because of the foolish name. They assume he’s idiotic and listen to him a few times for a few minutes and hear something from him that they believe confirms their skepticism of him. I get that. I listen to both Frosty and Gil daily and hear most of their shows. I like that Frosty takes calls, that he sometimes says things that make me cringe, and that he doesn’t filter what he says except for things that are FCC regulated. I also appreciate that he doesn’t boast about himself or is giddy about his perceived self-importance.

      Unlike Gil, who is sickeningly vocal about how wonderful he is, and brags about who he knows, and how everything he’s done is so cutesy or how he deprecates his importance in a way that is telling you how important he really thinks he is.

      I was a big fan of Gil until he seemingly stopped caring about his show and spent so much time on dumb criminals when he should get the annual dumb talk-radio host award for bringing his wife on the show and leaving her there when she’s horrible! ugh!

      Thankfully, Frosty isn’t married. Ha. He hasn’t even had sex for decades, as he said on his show the other day.

      I enjoy Frosty’s show more than Gil’s show now. Never thought it could happen six months ago, but Gil is just there to pick up a check and Frosty seems to care about giving listeners a good show. He might not be the best host, but at least he seems to care about what he is doing. And, enjoys it.

      That’s the difference I hear every day when listening to the two shows.

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