I thought I heard callers on talk radio this week.  Yes.  Those people who call a show and  express their own thoughts about a situation or news item.  People who bring the most unexpected things to a conversation.

On Wednesday, early in the first hour of Frosty’s show, he took multiple calls.  It reminded me of the old KGO days when police officers called in regularly to share their thoughts and expertise on developing events.  Wednesday’s discussion was about the recent shooting death of the 13-year-old boy in Santa Rosa.  The police-officer callers said some surprising things, about policy changes in weapons training and what really happens when someone is shot.

The officers shared with Frosty aspects of their experience a talk-show host wouldn’t know to even bring up in a long monologue on the subject.  Gil and Frosty lack the real-life knowledge and can only express their opinions.  The officers tell what they know from first-hand street experience.  That’s what we’re missing in talk radio today.  Shared and varied ideas, opinions and information.   Not some Politico correspondent telling us what to think and then a talk show host telling us again what the Politico correspondent just said.  We want real discussion, with disagreements and unexpected information from assorted people who have the potential to change the thought-process.

So what if the Lennon guy sneaks in periodically?  That’s part of the fun.

Is Frosty bringing back talk?  I hope so.

His Wednesday show is a start, the callers start 11:00 minutes into the podcast and the calls continue after a short segment about a celebrity chef in the news:



And, now for something completely different, don’t miss this hysterically-funny short blog post from Frosty:



Now, isn’t this next thing just craptastic?

Here’s something Frosty can talk about on Monday.  Is this our city dollars at work or is this a joke?  I couldn’t believe this when I saw it.  I had to ride Muni this weekend and above the seats, on the overhead advertising placards , I saw these advertisements:

Your #2 is our #1


We deal with the crap so you don’t have to.

These were on color-printed placards so someone had to allocate budget to be spent for these things.  Are you kidding me?  Who was it advertising?  SF Sewage and Water Department.  Yep.  That’s your city dollars at use, unless it’s someone’s idea of a joke.  There is a website listed on the ads, something like sfsewage.org – that’s not it because I can’t find it online.  The next time I ride Muni I’ll look for the correct website so I can find out if this is a joke or not.


Disturbing items I found this week:

Someone sent me a comment made about Sebastian Kunz and what he posted on his Twitter account.  I looked it up:

See the September 10th post.


This disturbs me.  Was Gil flat-out lying to us?  I’ve never questioned Gil’s integrity.  I’ve questioned his bad judgement bringing his unlistenable wife on his show, but I’ve always relied on him telling us the truth.  This makes me question his honesty.  What has happened to Gil?  He used to be so good.

I miss the presence of Sebastian on the show.  He added a nice touch.  But, I also enjoy the new guy – is he named Michael? – who carries on some interesting conversations with Frosty.


Now, more things truly disturbing. 

Stan, the guy who started his own blog, has some strange comments about Radnich and Heenan.  Don’t read it if you’re eating.  I don’t watch Radnich so I don’t know if what Stan is seeing is built up in his mind or not.





It’s okay if you have to leave now to take a shower.  When you come back, here’s an actual interesting post of Stan’s.  Bad grammar and spelling and all, I’m actually impressed with this one:




Since I mentioned the Lennon guy earlier, it reminded of something I found on YouTube when poking around last week:


Here’s the link to it:



Just now, searching for that Lennon/Yoko Ono video, I found this one with John talking about his media campaign on peace.  He tells people similar things Bill Wattenburg talks about: putting up posters in windows and using the power of people to change things by using advertising type of campaigns to get the word out:




At the very beginning of this next video John Lennon reads a letter that someone sent him warning that the spirit of Brian Epstein came though in a Ouija Board reading telling about an attempt that would be made on Lennon’s life in March 1970.



I don’t know about the authenticity of it, but that woman interviewer sure is annoying if you watch the rest of the video.


Earlier I listed links to Stan’s creepy observations of Radnich and Heenan.  I have one, hopefully dissimilar, of Gil and Valerie.

I’m saying this without malicious intent.  In an innocent, grade-school way and not to be confused with the real love and respect Gil has for his wife.  He’s solid.  But, does he have a little bit of a school boy crush on Valerie?

Gil does get a bit giddy with Valerie, who reads the news on his show, and he seems to boast more when she’s around.  Telling more stories about his life and pulling her in to every conversation.  He even interrupts her in mid-sentence as she’s delivering a news report so he can tell her another lame story of what once happened to him.  I really think he’s developing a bit of a crush.  Nothing serious, nothing wrong with it.  It’s kind of cute.  This week he even invited her over to the house sometime.  With the wife there, of course.  Don’t get the wrong idea.

I wish he’d have Valerie on his Friday shows as co-host instead of the wife.  I’d go back to listening on Fridays.  They do make a good duo on the radio.

Anyone else get the same vibe?


In my last post I included some YouTube videos of performances by Leo Sayer.  I found one of Sayer that includes many snippets of some great songs.  It’s fun to hear:



Okay.  That’s it!  There is no more that I can say. woah, woah, woah, yay-hay…


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