Frosty says he reads every email.  Why not send him an email and tell him what you think, although he does give out the number to call so he’s open to taking calls.  I think I’ve heard a few callers on his show, but I’m busy at work when he’s on the air and it’s hard to distinguish if he’s on a call or talking to a scheduled guest about a news item.

I’ve wondered if people have given up trying to call Frosty’s show, or even Gil’s show.  There was a time a few weeks back when I heard Gil give out the number and said he wanted people to call and talk about something, but I didn’t hear any callers.

I’ve listened when John Rothmann, Ed Baxter, or even Jim Gabbert sit in as replacement hosts and they all have callers and they all take those calls.  Not one or two every other hour, but callers during the hour and more callers in the next.

Gil loves to give out his Facebook and Twitter accounts as contact points.  I’m sure he’d prefer to interact with his audience one-on-one (ha ha, that’s a joke), but knowing in advance what we say online he has time to prep all of the zinger jokes he flings at us every two minutes.  Can’t do that with an impromptu call.  And he ends the week with the biggest zinger joke of all, the wife.

I’ve read that Gil doesn’t read anything about himself online.  Too bad.  Maybe then he’d understand what’s not working and read how many are dissatisfied with his show.  Especially on Fridays.   But, I don’t fault him for not wanting to see what others have to say.  People can be cruel and usually complain about something before praising anything.

Frosty says he sometimes reads things online about himself and it doesn’t really bother him.  It comes with being a radio host.  Heck, Frosty even reads some email on the air from listeners who don’t exactly agree with his opinions.  In the emails he’s called all sorts of names.  He reads it all on-air, well, some of the names he can’t say on the air without getting the station’s license pulled.  He laughs as well, and explains, again, what he’d said that made someone so angry.  The listeners can decide if they agree.

Frosty’s email address is

If you email him, let us know what it’s about so we can hear if he reads it on the air.

When I went to Frosty’s page on Talk910, I noticed he blogged on Friday, September 27th,  about wanting a steak dinner at a nice restaurant but it was too late for an early dinner reservation.  He didn’t want to be seated alone during the 8:00pm dinner rush and take up the only unreserved table at the time.

He is always talking about food.  He told a story this week about his walk to the corner store to buy Häagen-Dazs® ice cream and was nearly struck in the crosswalk by a bicyclist running the red light.  His personal stories are usually self-deprecating, but he laughs at himself.  I don’t get the sense he’s playing up his perceived greatness by pretending to be self-deprecating.  Read his blog post.  That’s not someone who thinks he’s better than anyone else because of his job.

Well, this turned out to be quite different than what I started to write earlier in the day.   Ah, who wants to read about Cumulus Media on a Monday?  I sure don’t.  I’ll leave that for another day.

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