Les Grimaces

On Friday, I had the misfortune of hearing some of Gil’s show with his wife on it.  I know, I know.  I usually turn it off on Fridays at the end of Frosty’s show, but I was busy at work and didn’t get the chance.  What I heard reinforces the disgust I have of Gil’s Friday shows.  It’s an embarrassment.

First, I should say, that there is another woman on the show who reads the news.  I think her name is Valerie?  Not sure, but she has a distinctive voice and has a nice rapport with Gil.  She discusses things with him, doesn’t shriek out like a two-year old when she disagrees, and keeps her voice controlled and her thoughts organized.  Why doesn’t she partner with Gil on Friday?  If he wants a woman’s viewpoint, why not use someone people can listen to for more than a minute?  Lose the wife, already!  So many people express the same thing.  The wife is not adding anything to the show except unhappy listeners.


Now, with that out of the way, Gil brought up the news story of a late-night shooting into a house and a ten-year girl who’d been shot in the butt.  Her parents did not report it or seek medical treatment until the morning.  They explained that they thought their daughter had begun to menstruate and didn’t know she’d been shot.

Gil started the discussion and was joined by his wife, whose screaming voice could make one cross-eyed.  Valerie, at least, was there and tempered the discussion with some reasoning and a calm voice,  It went on for minutes, them speculating about ten-year old girls menstruating and, then, about how could the parents mistake where the blood was coming from on the girl’s body?  It was the most moronic and eye-rolling mess of a conversation I’ve heard yet on Gil’s show.

Yeah, who needs callers when you can listen to this stuff?  *eyes rolling to the ceiling*

yikes.  This only reinforced my dislike of Gil’s Friday shows.  I couldn’t turn it off fast enough, but not fast enough to blot it from memory.  It was that bad.  It leaves stains on the brain.  It’s unbelievable how bad Gil’s show can be.  I would have never thought it possible when I first started to listen to him years ago.  It’s like a game of ‘How Low Can You Go’?  Not much lower, I think.


Didn’t have time this week to read more about PPM (Portable People Meter), but a few weeks back when reading about HAARP,  I found an article about contrails from a surprising source.  It was in an interview with Joe Rogan.  Yep.  That Joe Rogan.  The Fear Factor guy.  He’s now on the SyFy channel and hosts the show, ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything‘.  I’ve never seen the show, hadn’t even heard of it until I read the interview.

Here’s the link to the interview on bloodyelbow.com conducted by Steph Daniels and some excerpts from it:


“… All those conspiracy theorists is exactly what I wanted to avoid. All these whacko dudes calling me a government agent, and that’s what’s been going on. All these cuckoo heads that think I’ve been paid off by the government to discredit chemtrails. It’s been quite fascinating.”

“People don’t want to accept that their ideas are not good. People don’t want to accept that there are scientific explanations for things that they have been espousing for a long time.”

“This chemtrail idea is a really weird one, because people look up in the sky and they see these clouds that are coming out of the back of jets, and their automatic thought is, ‘ok, they’re spraying something out of these jets.’ Once you start saying that, and you’ve been saying it for a while, it’s really hard to take those words back. It’s really hard to step back and go, ‘Ok, I might have been wrong. Okay, I am wrong. Okay, there is proof that I’m wrong.’ That’s really what’s going on with the whole chemtrail thing.”

“When they see these criss-cross patterns that turn into cloud cover they go, ‘oh this is geo-engineering.’ No. It’s actually flight patterns. It’s just normal flight patterns. They go, ‘But I’ve seen planes turn around.’ Well, planes have to do that sometimes. It’s called holding patterns. Sometimes air traffic controllers have to hold flights because they can’t have everybody land all at once.”

“…when it comes to the chemtrail thing, what I’m saying is not that there’s no geo-engineering. It’s not that the government has not sprayed things out of airplanes before, because they most certainly have.”

“One of those separations is this idea that people are spraying things out of jets. They may very well be. There may very well be some geo-engineering going on, but that’s not what you’re seeing when you look up at the sky and see these clouds formed out the back of jets.”

“The United States Army wrote a paper about contrails in the 1940’s. They were trying to figure out what was going on, and whether or not it was dangerous when planes would leave these clouds in the air. Back then they called them persistent condensation trails. People went into great detail about the various lengths of time that these things stay in the air, and whether or not they would be dangerous. This isn’t something that’s a new phenomenon like people seem to think it is.”

“…why reject science in one sense and believe it in conspiracy theories…”


This is a three-part interview and I’ve read only the first part.  If you’re interested in reading more, I’ve included links to Part’s Two and Three:

Part Two


Part Three



I have to laugh.  I’m complaining about Gil’s show content and then I use Joe Rogan to explain contrails.  Yep.  How Low Can You Go?  It’s an ongoing theme here.


Then, on the news this week was the Naval Yard shooting.  It was revealed the guy who did it had claimed people were sending microwave vibrations into his body.  And, etched on his gun was ‘My ELF weapon’.  If you’d followed some of those links I posted a week or two ago about HAARP, then you can guess where the ELF thing came from.

Here’s a CNN link about the news item and some excerpts from it:


“Unexplained etchings: Alexis etched phrases into the shotgun, a source said. But investigators don’t know what to make of it. They read: “Better off this way” and “My elf weapon.””

“Hearing voices: In August, Alexis told police in Newport, Rhode Island, that he was hearing voices and was convinced that someone was using a “microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body to keep him awake. Police notified the Navy. The Navy isn’t commenting.”


Finally, there was an odd confession on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Confessions show this week on BBC Radio 2.  Here’s a link to the weekly podcast, available for 30 days from the date of its online posting.  The confession is about drinking, fluffy animals, the boss, and Cabbage Patch dolls.  Told you it was a weird one.  Here’s the link to all of the confessions for the week and I think it’s the third confession on the podcast:

Call Mr Irresponsible… and other tales

Fri, 20 Sep 13



This is new, I think, a list of archived confessions:



I’ve got a confession as well.  That’s all I got for the time I have!

Not much, I know…

  1. Sharon says:

    Only you hear gill’s wife as an annoyances or screechy, You need to retune your ear. I think you just don’t like her because she’s not a real broadcaster. I’m tired of hearing this gripe on your blog. I’m doing to stop reading now.

    • Hi, Sharon. I appreciate that you don’t mind Gil’s wife on the air. I can’t listen to her. You are able to listen to Gil’s shows with his wife and I am not. That’s the thing about radio, you can turn it on or you can turn it off. I choose to turn it off before she utters one word. I’ve lost respect for Gil as a broadcaster and I question his decision to leave her on the air after many complaints about her, but it’s his show and he can do what he wants. I can listen to what I want, and it’s not that.

      You are correct, though, saying that I gripe about it too much. There’s not much I can do about it. I’m not going to call the station because all I need to do is turn it off. That’s what I do. If enough listeners turn it off, maybe then the station will do something about it. For now, all I can do is gripe. I gripe because I used to enjoy talk radio and now there is nothing out there. The one station I’d hoped to listen to as a replacement for KGO has such broken programming that I have to seek other alternatives. Especially on Fridays. Can’t listen to anything but Frosty then. I wish it was different.

      Thank you for the comment, Sharon, and continue to enjoy Gil’s Friday shows. It’s good that some people out there enjoy it. Maybe that’s why they keep it on.

      I’ll keep it off.

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