I’ve read that Bernie will be released in December 2014.  Recently, he wrote about prison life on his blog, The Lion of the Left Speaks:

Saturday, August 17, 2013 – Rom Coms (about his life in prison)



Thursday, August 22, 2013  – Stop Digging… (what it was like when he first went to prison)



I don’t get the impression he is still claiming he was framed.  He talks about his sins and letting go, forgiving himself –  things that a man wrongly charged wouldn’t ruminate over.

What do you think?

  1. Mr. Insurance left this comment and I can’t get it out of the spam so I’ve just copied and pasted it here:


    “How do you know what a man wrongly charged wouldnt be ruminating over? you dont know. dont state it as a fact when its just your opinion. Get off the man. what it wasnt good enough that he has almost finished his sentence? Hang in their Bernie.We cant wait for you to get out of that shit hole and to get back on the air in the bay area.Its long overdue.”


    My reply:
    You do have a good point, Mr. Insurance. I’ve tried to understand how this could happen to Bernie, someone I listened to for years on KGO and even enjoyed the doughnut hole church on Sunday mornings. I don’t want it to be true so that’s why I try to read what he says about it. I admit that I never read the transcripts from his conviction so I’ve always left open the possibility that there is more to this than we know. But when Bernie writes about it, he mentions forgiveness and not the injustice of what’s happened to him. So, yes, to clarify, it is only my opinion and I shouldn’t guess what thoughts he has in his head but I can form an opinion based on what he writes about it. I didn’t mean to offend.

  2. James H. Armistead says:

    If you THINK that Bernie Ward was “framed” to silence his “Freedom of Speach”; then, Google Search “Robert Peernock”, and wonder why he is not allowed to talk to any lawyer, anymore.

    • Thanks, James. I’ll have to look it up and respond in the New Year.

    • JimmyDEET says:

      Anyone who thinks Bernie Ward is not a lifelong pedophile has to explain the “coincidental” police report on him back when he was a priest in training at the seminary and he was accused of physically molesting two girls (sisters, IIRC – 10 and 7) from the North Bay that he was “counseling” as part of his seminary work. A single occurrence can be a one-time mistake, but two incidents 30 years apart is indicative of a lifelong sexual addiction

  3. Rick says:

    I heard Karel a few weeks ago claim that Bernie had paid his dues in prison and that he Karel would hire him back to KGO if he had his way. He was also tossing in support for Bill Cosby. Sheesh

  4. Lisa M. says:

    He deserves a second chance? The guy is a scumbag pedophile. Those urges don’t change — he wrote about sexual activity with his own kids, for crying out loud. Even if it never happened, which he and they claim is the case, who the hell even *thinks* about their children that way? He’s a sick S.O.B., and I sure wouldn’t want him living anywhere near me or anyone else with young children. I don’t know where he’s ended up after serving his too-short sentence, but I’m glad he has to be identified as a sex offender.

    • Hi, Lisa. There are many out there who feel the same way you do. I don’t think he will be able to return to broadcast, anyway. He might do a podcast type of thing, or write in some form, and there are people out there who will follow him. But, his voice wields no power now. He will be at the mercy of powerful public opinion and that can be much harsher than a prison term.

      Thank you for the comment, Lisa.

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