Gosh darn!  I really liked Sebastian and he made Gil’s show bearable at times.  I knew Sebastian had been on vacation and he was expected back this week Tuesday.  I wondered why he wasn’t there and now Gil has made the announcement that cBas is gone.  He’s not sick, he’s not laid off, it’s for personal reasons that he left and it’s his decision to reveal why.

I wish you the best, Sebastian!  I will miss hearing you on the air.

You can listen to Gil’s announcement on his program today, Wednesday, September 11th, Hour 2, and it starts at around 21:20 on the podcast.


  1. Wine toots says:

    Sorry to hear about that. No offense but would rather it was Rhoda. Like her but not as a radio sidekick.
    Loved it when he spoke Klingon! Very interesting guy. Hope he does well and finds a better fit perhaps.

    • Hi, Wine toots. Yes! I agree with everything you say. Why does Gil continue to shove that microphone in front of a woman with a voice that sounds so bad it lessens the integrity of his show? I used to love Gil, and accepted a few minor irritants such as him constantly saying ‘and all of that’ plus, a recent one that drives me up the wall: ‘I’m not making this up.’ If you have to say that fifteen times in a four-hour show then you’re depending too much on the internet for show content. But, what pushed me over to the not-quite-a-Gil-fan column is his insistence on unleashing his amateurish wife on us! With a voice that could crack a nut! (maybe that explains why she’s on there still).

      I, too, miss Sebastian’s quirky humor with a pleasant laugh. He’s not smug or self-important. He’s just a good guy. I think Lloyd Lindsay Young is the same. I no longer think that about Gil.

      Did you ever hear Sebastian’s Nerd News? I’ve heard one and it was fun. I linked one but I don’t recall the date of the post. You can probably find it somewhere online by googling Sebastian’s Nerd News. I’m sure there’s an easy to find audio file of it out there.

      I was thinking about this (maybe too much) how Sebastian was the one who filled in for everyone. One week he was doing the weather and the traffic, plus his news reports. Maybe he’s worn out and they took him for granted. He’s the first radio personality I liked immediately from all of the new voices I’ve listened to since Cumulus destroyed radio in December 2011.

      Thanks for the comment! I hope we hear Sebastian again, on a station we can all enjoy.

  2. Pam Hinck says:

    Please bring them back…Len, Tom and Sebastian

    • Not only bring them back, but bring back the callers! I don’t mind Frosty, though. Did he take Tom’s slot? I’m unsure who Tom is.

      Len has been quiet about his abrupt end of broadcasting. Maybe it took up too much of his time to bother with it. He probably had many followers on his podcasts but how many were legitimate listeners? And, from that, how many were potential clients? Probably less than 1%. But, for Len to abandon his loyal listeners without a quick note or thank-you, it says more about him and how unimportant we are when someone can’t make a buck off us. Lesson learned. I’m disappointed. Disappointed in Len, in Gil, that Sebastian is gone, and disappointed in local radio in general.

      I appreciate that you took the time to comment! I think many feel the same way you do.

      • I want to hear callers again too, darned it! Tom Sullivan was who Frosty replaced on 910. Ages ago Tom was on KFBK (back in the day when Bernie, Christine and Rush were there). I don’t really listen to 910 anymore, due to the weak signal and the lack of callers. Callers make the show, if you as me!

      • Hi, Julie. Frosty took a call today on his show. And, it was a good call. A guy named Steve who brought up relevant points and Frosty could only agree with what he said. Steve brought more insight to the subject and broadened the viewpoint. This is what we are missing. Thankfully, Frosty said he wants to hear from Steve again and Steve said he would continue to call in. At least Frosty tries to take calls. I think when Frosty started to mimic Gil’s lead and talk to himself and Politico correspondents and his board op, that’s when listeners no longer bothered to call. Frosty just might bring the callers back. Ease them in there, bit by bit. If he does, you can listen online. The show podcasts are usually posted a few hours after the end of the show, so the content is still current. And, you can listen to it, live, online.

        Sorry you lost a host you enjoyed. I’ve heard of Tom Sullivan but have never listened to him.

        That weak signal is not helping, is it?

        Even that heinous media blogger guy is beating his chest over getting a gig in Santa Cruz with a weak signal. And, that guy is the worst of the worst. If this is the future of radio then radio has no future.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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