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Forget about PPM, today we are going to review something I heard at the end of Frosty’s Tuesday show.  He played audio clips of a phenomenon that seemingly came out of the sky.  Strange sounds crying out from above.  People are skeptical about its authenticity, some believe it’s an end-of-time sign, and others are copy-cats creating fake YouTube videos by inserting movie sounds into video.

I’d never heard of strange sounds from the skies.  I’ve heard of humming sounds in small towns, I’ve watched reports about strange lights in the sky, but this is the first I’ve heard eerie sounds that seem to come out of the sky.  There is a lot of information about it online so I’ll post a few links and you can decide for yourself if it’s fake or figure out a possible explanation.

I’ll start with Frosty’s show.  Listen to the last ten minutes of his show on Tuesday, September 3rd.


What the- ???


My thought is the sounds are too mechanical or industrial sounding to be some heaven-sent warning to humanity.  These are man-made sounds, similar to highway noise, screeching metal, slow-moving train cars, birds, voices, horns and television white noise.

So, what could it be?

I read a few articles on the subject:


After reading about it, I still couldn’t form a logical explanation about why it was happening.  So, I went on a YouTube search to hear more of the sounds.

I listened to some videos that the posters admitted were fakes.  Their point was to prove how easy it was to duplicate the phenomenon and fool people. I even listened to a few videos that are over-the-top conspiracy theories or religious themed.  They are all getting in on the action.

First, I dismissed the end-of-world nonsense and searched for videos that seemed plausible.  The fact is, there are too many reports from people in varied parts of the world to reject it as a total hoax.  There has to be some reasonable explanation.

The other baffling thing is that there isn’t one consistent sound.  Some people hear trumpet sounds (and immediately think the heaven train is pulling into the station), others hear voices imbedded in noise, and there are many sounds with a mechanical, grinding quality.


Want to hear some of it?  These videos include a collection of the sounds from around the world:

At a baseball game

A worldwide collection of sounds:

Here’s one of the fake videos, she admitted to playing the sound on her laptop out of camera range:


Every so often, the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is mentioned as a possible cause.  I’ve heard of it before but never paid attention.  At first I thought it was the atom-collider project.  Remember that?


Nope.  It’s not that.


Then, I found an interesting series of videos recorded from The History Channel about HAARP that people have posted online.

The History Channel – HAARP Part 1:

HAARP Part 2 – (Russian Woodpecker and ELF waves):

HAARP Part 3 – (is there an earthquake connection? plus, talk about chemtrails):

HAARP – Part 4 (more about chemtrails and flooding):

HAARP – Part 5 – (This video discusses conspiracy theories about Hurricane Katrina, speculating China and Russia atmosphere attacks created the mega-storm and HAARP was developed to defend against future manipulation):


huh.  This is news to me.  So, I looked up more information on HAARP:


And, I looked for more video:

This guy is tracking all plausible reported incidents on Google Maps:

A news report about it:


Of course, for entertainment purposes, I’ve included a freak show video that’s noted as a documentary.  It’s interspersed with conspiracy theories about freemasons, the Bush family,  Japan’s seismic activity and the world’s financial markets.  One guy even offers up some supposed proof.  What he doesn’t explain, after claiming his life is in danger if he reveals any information, is why he would post a YouTube video about it.  The background music alone discredits this video.

One more thing, when I listened to it I kept wondering why these illuminaties (alluded to in the video) would go after Japan.  Of course, how could I not guess it has to do with Iran.  *slaps head*  I’ll go find my aluminum hat now…

Never even heard of the Illuminati Card Game.

Here’s the freak show video (if you can sit through an hour of this):

And, here’s a link about the card game:


All illuminaties aside, it seems the strange sounds from the sky could be coming from HAARP.  I’m not talking about theories over what HAARP represents in a military capacity, but there is no question they are experimenting in emitting low-frequency ELF waves into the ionosphere ( ) and this is the possible cause of the strange sounds people are hearing.

It would also explain the strange vibrations some people feel when they hear the sound.  And, remember those weird lights in the sky over the same places that are now experiencing the sounds?  It probably even explains the hundreds of birds falling out of the sky, or fish washed up on shore in different regions, and the improbable cloud formations.  It even makes sense now why that crackpot guy kept calling Dr. Bill Wattenburg to talk about the chemtrails.

Here’s a story about snoring in the sky:

Here’s a video of a strange ring of clouds:

More clouds and sounds:

Dead dolphins:


How could I leave out a Coast-to-Coast contribution?

Coast to Coast report (I’ve never listened to this radio show but I do know many are skeptical about its content overall):

In the Coast-to-Coast report they speculate the government is working with mind-control and putting thoughts into heads.  If that was true, then why can others hear the sounds from the sky?  It makes no sense.  Another theory is government entities are trying to develop a weapon that will make people think sounds coming out of the sky are from God.  The government can then manipulate the masses.

oh, gawd….



Well, I bet you wish I’d stuck with PPM, don’t you?  I blame Frosty.  Thanks a lot, Stilwell, for making me watch this stuff on my day off.  I guess I did learn things I’d never heard before, and some of it has helped me realize how nutty it really is out there.

Maybe that’s why talk-radio stations no longer take calls.

Maybe we won’t need radio any longer.  All we have to do is open our windows and listen to the sky.

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