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Hey, it’s a long, holiday weekend so we’ll wander off the path of radio a bit and peek into the backyard of the anti-pope where he and Sarge discuss the Miley media moment.


9/5/13 UPDATE: yikes.  I titled this as a play on words for cyber attack, and now I see that the anti-pope really did have a cyber attack that didn’t have anything to do with Miley Cyrus.  He deleted everything and started over, so all old content has been removed.

Here’s what he says about it:

Darn.  He’s hit and miss with his blog, but when he’s on it’s a compelling read.

ANOTHER UPDATE 9/8/13: well, he did  it again!  He deleted his recent purging post!  What is going on over there?  Anyway, here’s what he says now:

You’d better read it fast before he deletes this one!  You’ll now have to read the Purging My Soul post in Google cache.  Oh, well….

You can still find his old Miley content by Googling: opensalon emmerling rumimatopms on mz miley.  You have to look at the cache view to see it.

NOTE: The following link is no longer valid.  You have to view it in Google’s cache.

“I am reading that from some quarters that this is about the ‘’empowerment of women’’. And from other quarters that such ‘’obscenity’’ and bare skin and suggestive twirlings & whirlings are exactly the opposite of empowerment.

I am thinking: it was the teenage boys who are now empowered, if this is their image of the female species.”


Some months back I posted a link to an event promoted by Broadcast Legends that brought together some former KGO staff and hosts at a public luncheon.   Now that the Chronicle has lifted their pay-wall, the write-up by Ben Fong-Torres is visible to the public:

It’s interesting what was said about the financial health of the Dick-eys at Cumulus, especially after the headlines this week of a merger:


Well, I guess we did wander back into a radio theme.  So, let’s finish it off with an interesting bio I found on Gil Gross.  It explains his penchant for crafting jokes out of every other sentence spoken by his show guests.


That’s it!  Get back to enjoying a long, relaxing weekend before it’s over!

We’ll PPM next week.

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