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Keeps him away from his radio show.

I’ve endured some bad radio before, heck, I’ve even listened to Gil’s wife, Rhoda, for a few months until I couldn’t stand it any longer.  Why is Gil doing this to us?  He has an opportunity to be great in this market, being one of the true professionals left on the air in this area, but what he’s been presenting in this major market is puzzling and frustrating.

He tells the same stories many times.  I can forgive him that, not everyone is listening every day to his entire show.  But I’ve heard these stories over and over again, all about him, and it’s eye-rolling radio.  How he broke into a radio station to start the show, how a critic once thought his name was fake, how he… Gil, Gil, Gil, Gil.  In a recent conversation with someone, he even said ‘before I was famous’.  what?  Then, he took it back, saying in his self-deprecating way that is really saying how wonderful he is, that he’s not famous but only someone with a radio show.

Did I mention he forces us to listen to the sound of his wife’s voice that, at times, can make the ears bleed?

I continue to listen, except on Fridays.  Yes, lately I’ve been turning the volume of the show down so it’s just background noise.  If there’s a big news story, I might turn it up to a hearing level.  Gil is still a trained broadcaster and he can bring it when big news breaks.

It’s all of that air time between breaking news that degrades the show to a level that now borders on honking clown noses.  Think Armstrong and Getty.

I wouldn’t be complaining about this if one or two silly stories was an anomaly.  Can’t be serious all of the time.  But, lately, Gil seems to be phoning it in.  I guess someone has to phone it in, since he doesn’t bother taking calls from the listeners.  Just this week I heard him say “I want to hear from you” meaning his listeners, and then he gave out his Facebook account, Twitter information, and email address.  Yep.  That’s how our local talk show host on our Bay Area talk station wants to communicate – in every way except for, you know, talk.

By the way, when John Rothmann filled in for Gil over the July 4th holiday, there were plenty of calls.  hmmmm…

I guess there’s no time for listener calls on a show that has someone from Politico on the line all of the time.    Plus, after Politico, Gil has to get in those ridiculous dumb criminal stories.  Now add to that dumb teachers.  Brain fluff.  Then it’s back to read a news story, have someone from Politico tell us what we should think about it, and then Gil, with his guest still on the line, goes into great detail telling another story of his life in radio.  Then the guest laughs, many times just being polite.  Oh, isn’t Gil funny and relevant in this medium?

So it goes.  But, this Thursday was the low in the life of Gil Gross on the radio.  It was a low for Bay Area radio.  I think this is the beginning of the end.

This is how it started.  The show started with its usual Politico segment.  Afterwards, Gil wanted to call Sebastian Kunz to the microphone to talk to him about something.

I don’t mind.  I enjoy Sebastian Kunz.  I really missed his voice and on-air personality when he was on vacation last week.   Anyway, Sebastian was actually working, doing traffic in addition to news, and didn’t have time to sit in with Gil.

So, Gil humphs and tells the story how earlier in the day Sebastian was histrionic over some missing apples.

It was an odd thing for him to tell on the air.  Like a little home spat that made him chuckle.  Not the kind of thing listeners in the Bay Area need to know about or even care.

But Gil didn’t let it go.  He soon brought Sebastian on-air to tell the story how he, Sebastian, saw apples in the station lunch area and why he didn’t eat one at the time and that when he came back all of the apples were gone.


So now all of San Francisco has the news about the missing apples.  Now, can we get on with a show?


This is the part that annoys me.

When Gil is supposed to be doing his show, he thinks it’s cute to run to Safeway and call in to the show, yes, the same show he doesn’t let any listeners call in to, and he has Sebastian take his call on-air.  What is Gil doing during his own program?  He’s at the local Safeway buying apples for Sebastian.  And, he thinks it’s so darn cute that he’s doing it during a segment he’s supposed to be in-studio.  Gil asks Sebastian what kind of apples he wants and names different varieties until Sebastian chooses one or two.  Then, we listeners, get to stand in line with Gil as he waits to pay for the apples.

And, that, my friends, is the state of radio in this major market.  Standing in line waiting to checkout.

I just might get in line and checkout of Gil’s show.

  1. Well, Gil’s show today took some of the edge off my weekend rancor over his show. He opened his show for calls today and even gave out the number to call. Several times. It was so nice to hear callers again. It gave balance to his four-hour program. He took callers in one segment early in the show, then in the third hour he took more callers. It was like a real talk radio station again. sigh. I miss that.

    Even Frosty took some calls today. He gave out the number to call as well.

    Today was a good radio day.

  2. Well, opening the phone lines didn’t last. Back to the same ol’ format of no calls and a new topic every ten minutes. sigh…

    I hate to say it, but I think I’m ready to bail on Gil’s show.

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