I wonder if the current talk format on Talk910 has alienated the audience out there who actually pick up their phones to voice opinions on the air.  These listeners seem to have migrated away from Talk910 and I’m trying to understand why.  Before I blame the format (I’ll get there in a minute), I have to consider the lowered power of the station compared to that other station that shall remain nameless.  How do people know to call in if they can’t get the signal?

But, I recall days when John Rothmann and Jim Gabbert have guest-hosted shows on Talk910, formerly Newstalk910, and, what do you know, they’ve had actual callers!  For several hours.  Why is that?  Why is it people find the frequency when those two guys are on the air and then those same callers seemingly disappear overnight?  In the same way I disappear when Gil drags his wife on the show.

It’s the expectation of what’s to come.

When I hear Rhoda, immediately I expect a miserable listening experience.  Why would I stick around for that?  It’s beginning to sour me on Gil as well and I like him as a broadcaster.  I liked him immediately when I first heard him on that other station.  But this new format of his is a detriment to fans of talk radio. It’s not what a talk radio fan would expect from a talk radio station.  (This is a heads up, Frosty!)

After listening to Gil’s show for weeks, then months, why would potential callers hang around waiting to share their viewpoints when they know it ‘ain’t gonna happen’?

If Gil doesn’t cultivate his audience to call in and join the discussion, there is no expectation of his show ever evolving into a talk show.  Sure, he talks, but will we be listening?  Don’t know.  If my expectation is that Gil will talk about a news item, call someone from Politico to talk about it, then move on to the next topic, I might as well spend my coffee time reading Google news and listen to something else during the day.

I’m still forming a listening relationship with Frosty.  To be honest, I’ve been too busy to hear his show except in 5-10 minute segments.  I like that he talks about local news items, even if he is adopting Gil’s format for his show.  He gives out the number to call:  Frosty – 1.800.345.5639.  I haven’t heard any callers lately.

I didn’t hear any calls, either, on Wednesday, when Gil announced at the beginning of his show that he would be ‘taking your calls’ all day about the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision and he even gave out the phone number.  He got Nothing.  Notta.  Well, what’d you expect, Gil?

When I stay late at work, I hear segments of the Alan Colmes show.  Someone once commented that Colmes’ show grows on a person.  I agree.   I’d never heard of Alan Colmes before, but I do hear his callers.  I’ve forgotten how unintentionally hilarious people can be or how listeners know when someone’s been drinking or even how freakin’ intelligent some people can be.  You don’t know what you’re going to get.  And, that’s what makes it work.  Colmes is like a moderator on a social network in danger of being taken over by the trolls.

There is someone who always takes callers and that is good ‘ol Len Tillem.  I listen to his podcasts everyday.  It’s easy, go to Spreaker, find Len Tillem, and just click on the Play button of his show.  It’s only about fifteen minutes, though.  Some of the recent episodes have been best-of calls so Len must be on vacation.  I will not listen to him if he moves his show to that other station.

Speaking of Len, or should I say Spreaking of Len, do you ever look at search terms for your blog or website?  I saw this one a week or two ago: Len Tillem Naked.

huh?  I love Len Tillem, but not enough to want to see him naked.  There are some freaky people out there in listener-land.

This is a search term I saw yesterday: Why does Gil Gross suck?


Does that sound like the current format is working?


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