From the start of his show today, Gil Gross teased listeners with a soon-to-be-announced new talk show on KKSF – Talk 910 AM.  Ten minutes into his show, Gil mentioned it again.  He would soon, very soon, have some information to share about a new talk show on the station.  At fifteen minutes, he said it again, promising everything would be revealed but, now, it was time for the weather.

Lloyd Lindsay Young had just returned to work after a week-long vacation, to the relief of Sebastian Kunz who’d been filling in for him.  Lloyd, as always, was cheerful, and in a great mood.  Many know him for the distinctive way he bellows out “hello!” to Bay Area locations. Today he extended a hearty greeting, “Hello, Pacifica!” and gave his weather information, ending with “…and the marine layer is around, and he’s, ah, right here, the one and only Frosty…”


There was some fumbling conversation before Gil said to the audience, “Well, you’ll never guess who’s been added to the Talk-910 schedule.”

He added, “Lloyd, we did tell you this was a secret, yes?”


I want to say, thank you, Lloyd, for just coming out and saying it.

So, now you know.  Frosty, the guy who sat in for Gil a few days in May, will now have his own show on Talk-910, weekdays, from 12 Noon to 3pm.

This should be interesting.  Frosty’s show begins tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/4/13).

He said after he sat in for Gil the last time he googled his name and found hateful comments, saying things like, oh my gawd, who’s that guy sitting in for Gil?  I’ll never listen again!

He was probably reading

I’ll listen to him as long as he doesn’t drag his wife on the show with him.

Here’s the podcast with Lloyd Lindsay Young telling it to the world.  The Lloyd slip starts around 17:00 on the podcast.


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