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In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have started a blog.  I have a busy job and not a lot of time to put the effort into a seemingly simple one post per week type of blog.  But, I was so darn angry at Cumulus Media and I’d awakened to the mess of our public airwaves.  I had to express it somehow.

Today, I’m still darn angry at Cumulus Media and how they threw their trash into our backyard.  If you want to read more about Cumulus Media history, there’s an extensive article here: that lists all of their radio stations (stations you should now boycott).

**Note: See the end of this post for discussions of Cumulus Media on the News/Talk section of

Also, I’ve never been fully committed to the radio station that offered jobs to some of the former KGO hosts; the daily content wasn’t appealing to those of us who were used to leaving our radio dials in one spot all day long.  The morning screamers had me holding my hands over my ears and turning it off, then came Rush and the big rush for the door for me.  I had to wait for Len at 3:00pm before I could turn on the radio.  Until then, I streamed online BBC Radio 2, listened to KQED, sometimes Radiolab, and many times (but not now) I’d listen again to Len’s and Gil’s podcasts from the day before.

So, now Len has been kicked to the curb again from the station we thought would save us from our radio nightmare.  huh.  Guess my instincts were right.  That station operates in a similar way to the hated Cumulus Media.  Something we always knew but didn’t want to admit.

Sure, I still listen to Gil on that station.  He is professional and endearing.  Well, that is when he doesn’t drag his wife on the show and that is my first break with Gil.  Why does he continue to push Rhoda on the listeners?  We really don’t want to listen to it.  She doesn’t add anything to the show except the cringe factor and the high-pitched voice unsuited for the airwaves.  Added to that, I can’t understand why a Talk station is committed to keeping out callers.  You know, the talk portion they are touting.

I wonder if it’s a budget thing.  I know Gil can handle callers, but maybe there’s no budget for proper screeners.  Is that what it is?  I’ve been reading that the company is not in the best financial condition so it’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with. What do you think?

Sorry, I’m not adding a link for Gil any longer since that station got rid of Len.  Not Gil’s fault, I know, but I don’t want to advertise a company that has similar business practices to those losers at Cumulus Media and are acting like a bunch of Dick-eys.

This leads to my thoughts about that media blogger who has tried to profit off the backs of these media professionals.  I no longer add that link since it’s not worth the time even if you have time to waste.  I see reposts of it on the Facebook page of .  FormerKGOListeners do a good job keeping up with what’s going on in our media wasteland.  Sometimes it includes that blogger guy.

I used to read that media blogger guy’s posts just for the comments, but it turned into one big advertising message for that weird Santa Cruz station.  uh, no thanks.  Plus, that blogger guy has made up so many stories from so-called ‘reliable sources’ that there comes a time to reflect on the saying: Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice… (yeah, you know the one).  We have lives to live, who wants to waste time on that nonsense?  Also, so many supporting comments over there on that blog are obviously fake to fluff up the numbers.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  I hold my nose when I see that stuff now.


We might have a chance to see some of our former hosts together again.  For one night in Berkeley, on Thursday, June 27th, 11:30am – 3:00pm at Spenger’s Seafood Grotto.  Not much yet except the date and time.  There is no mention of potential guests.  That would be good to know.

Here’s the link:


By the way, if you don’t know, Len is back, baby!  He’s now taking about four or five calls per day.  All new stuff.  Follow him on Spreaker.  Bump up his numbers (currently at 6,408 followers) and take a minute to leave him a message.

Here’s the link to his podcasts on Spreaker:

Following are links to his show for the past week:


I hope you haven’t forgotten about Ed Baxter.

Here’s a link to his Making Sense podcasts (I wish they were dated, I don’t know if he updates them weekly or daily):


John Rothmann continues to share his insights with Gil every so often on the radio.  If you want more, here’s a link to John Rothmann’s web posts:

Here’s his most recent post:


Yes, and Bernie Ward continues to write for his Lion of the Left Speaks blog.

Bernie’s May days blog posts:

Thursday, May 2, 2013 – No Free Lunch (about online privacy and the Right To Know Act)

Monday, May 6, 2013 – Suicide is Painless… (about the rate of suicide in America)

Monday, May 13, 2013 – I’m a H-1 Believer… (about big tech labor)

Monday, May 13, 2013 – Killing the Golden Goose… (about energy exports)

I found this old news item about Bernie Ward’s former house when it went back to the bank:


Think I’m done?  Oh no, I’m going to link away….

Last week, Gil Gross said on his show that he doesn’t believe in ghosts or psychics.  He mentioned Sylvia Browne specifically and how she told the mother of Amanda Berry, on The Montel Williams show, that her daughter was dead.

Here’s the link:

Gil really slammed Sylvia Browne, calling her a fraud that preys on people’s hopes.  I used to like watching her on The Montel Williams show.  Didn’t see it much, only on my days off from work every so often.  But I did see the show when Sylvia Browne predicted a disaster somewhere in India and said to tell anyone who planned on going there that they would die.  That’s what she said.  Don’t go there, you will die.

Here’s an excerpt talking about that show from

“In October 2004 on the Montel Williams Show, Sylvia advised viewers to avoid travel to India due to safety concerns. On December 26th Sylvia’s prediction was validated when a tsunami devastated India. Sylvia further warns that travel to the region will not be safe for another 6 months due to health issues (water purity, disease) created in the aftermath of the tsunami.”

Here’s information about the tsunami that hit on December 26, 2004:

I don’t think that’s just a lucky (or unlucky) guess on her part.  She was adamant.  But, I don’t think it’s possible to for someone to ‘psych’ on command, in a quick answer to a question.  I don’t think the type of energy is there for it.  But, I wonder if some of the big stuff can be felt before it happens, like an intuition.  We have all experienced that.  We just don’t go on tv to talk about it.

So, I also got to thinking about how Gil doesn’t believe in ghosts.

I was going to write my thoughts on it.  I was searching around on the internet and I found this interesting site:

There are some really interesting ghost stories about good ol’ SF.  This one in particular is so trippy:

Here’s an excerpt (if you dare):

“Once again, I saw the man standing at the shoreline. I said, ”the fisherman! ” and at that moment, the man’s legs stretched to at least 40 feet long, as he took 3 giant steps toward us!”

If you listen to Gil’s show, you know that he is on vacation for a few days.  Frosty is sitting for him and I see that he is up for discussion at  .

Want to join in? Here’s the San Francisco section:

And, here’s the Frosty thread:


**Some recent discussions about Cumulus Media at in their News/Talk section:

Here’s the general News/Talk section link:

Following are direct links to the threads about Cumulus Media.

Titled – A Great Article Re: Cumulus and Rush

Titled – What is Cumulus Doing?



Finally, Simon Mayo had another entertaining confession on his BBC Radio 2 show.  It has to do with fishing and missing teeth.  You can listen to it online for the next 30 days, or download it and listen to it forever.

It’s included in the podcast titled:

Friday, May 17, 2013 – Let’s Sick Together and other tales…

It’s the fourth confession on the podcast (and the third one about the resting man is great, too).  Here’s a link to Confessions Page on the BBC website:

By the way, BBC Radio 2 is making news with its surging listening audience:

“Radio 2 has seen its figures grow by almost 5% compared with those this time last year, when 14.56 million were listening in. And it has piled on 260,000 listeners in the past quarter.”

“Meanwhile, the whole station achieved its highest listener levels ever as it is now reaching 15.27 million listeners every week, a massive 4.9% increase year on year. Share was also up for the station as it rises to 17.7% from 16.8% in the same quarter last year.”


  1. wendy says:

    Thank you for doing this and for not mentioning the name of the “blogger guy” who indeed has posted too much nonsense. I, too wonder about your observation: “I can’t understand why a Talk station is committed to keeping out callers. You know, the talk portion they are touting.” But this seems to be a trend, not only at “talk910”, but at KGO and even at NPR, which has cancelled “Talk of the Nation” for a show that has no callers. It would seem at this time when the ordinary person has no voice in Congress, we need all the voices we can to reality test what’s going on in our city/ state/ country.

    • Thank you, so much, for your well-stated comment, Wendy. “It would seem at this time when the ordinary person has no voice in Congress, we need all the voices we can to reality test what’s going on in our city/ state/ country.” You have said so much in one little sentence and I think it’s the underlying issue that makes us all uncomfortable with the state of media today.

  2. Wouldn’t it be something if Bernie Ward got out of prison and landed a talking gig somewhere? It’s probably unlikely because of the nature of the charges against him.

    And I hear you about 910. I only listened from 3:00 – 7:00 for Len and Rosie, Ed, John, Gil. No way in hell would I ever listen to Rush Limbaugh. Pull my fingernails out first, please. Occasionally I listen to Alan Colmes when I’m driving. He’s good: wish he were on earlier.

    And BTW — who the hell is Frosty? Never heard of him. Sounds like he got picked up from a podunk market somewhere.

    • wendy says:

      Never liked Ed Baxter — too much of a retread for me, but I , too, wondered who this “Frosty” guy is. You’d think they would introduce themselves and not assume we know them. Oh well. I really would like to hear what Bernie has to say after all this time. Maybe he’ll have an internet radio show like Len does now. Or maybe not since it’s the internet that got him in trouble. I have a feeling that perhaps he was trying NOT to do anything (re: children) even though he may have had a predilection that way. Just a theory, but based on what I heard and didn’t hear during his time on air.

      • I just responded to EdgewaterIsle’s comment and didn’t realize you were talking about the same thing. I don’t know who Frosty is, but he’s filled-in for Gil before and there is more background information about him at Plus, I think the same thing you do about Bernie doing a podcast for a show. I think Bernie will use it to discuss what he wants to say about what happened, but I don’t think we’ll be able to ‘ask’ about it. You make a good point, though, about the internet. I assume he’s restricted while imprisoned, but once he’s served his time he’ll have access again. Not sure about an audience, though. There are so many searches that show up on my page about Bernie, looking for information about what he’s doing now.

        I wish Ray would do podcasts. I also wish we could listen to multiple podcasts as one long program. For example, no stops between Len’s podcast and Rothmann’s. Listen to them all without having to click every time one podcast ends, and have a group of them stream or play automatically. I’d listen to that instead of radio, just play it on the computer and in the same way I turn on the radio I’d turn on my selected podcast group and listen for hours.

    • ha ha, I like you, EdgewaterIsle. Bernie will probably start his own podcast, based on what’s been posted on his blog. He wants to continue to host talk, in any form. My guess, he has a lot he wants to talk about. I think he needs the control of steering a conversation to deflect the focus off what everyone else wants to talk about: the reason he went to jail.

      You know, I hear you about Alan Colmes. I’ve been staying late at work and sometimes catch the beginning of his show. I’ve read comments about him cutting off callers. One show I heard, the guy who called was obviously drunk. Heck, he even admitted to drinking a beer while talking to Colmes. Colmes let him talk and was good-humored about it. He wasn’t the nasty, phone-slamming hateful person I’d read about. I was pleasantly surprised.

      As for Frosty, he’s filled in for Gil before. There is a conversation about him at They give some background information on him. On Gil’s show, he sets up some interesting topics, but, again, doesn’t take any calls! I wonder if Gil’s audience has stopped trying to call in.

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed it.

  3. The problem with Gil’s show now is that immediately after Gil introduces a topic, and I think “oh, that might be interesting,” and then I have to take a call or run to the “facilities,” by the time I come back to the radio, Gil has moved on top another topic. No wonder we all have ADD. It’s ridiculous.

    I miss the days of KGO when they discussed a topic for AN HOUR. 910 radio today thinks we all live in 140-character maximums and that movies are the limit of a YouTube video and our sneezes are longer than our attention spans. SHAME ON THEM.

    • I agree, 100%. I have the same problem, I hear something and want to know more about it but I get called away or engrossed in something I have to do for work and miss the entire conversation! Well, not a conversation, but a monologue. And a reporter’s take on it from Politico. That’s why I used to listen again to the podcasts the following day. I don’t even do that any longer. I just look it up online if I really want to know more.

      Do you listen to Gil every day? I have one annoyance with him, lately. He keeps telling Sebastian Kunz the same stories we’ve all heard at least five or more times already. Drives me crazy. Especially when Gil uses that ‘ain’t I just the cutest ‘lil thing?’ voice of his. And I like Gil, but he’s beginning to wear on me. Especially when he calls over Sebastian, or the other two (can’t recall their names right now) and he starts chatting with them about what they think about a topic. Isn’t this where he should be taking calls? If he has the time to drag in a board op to find out his opinion, why not just take a call and find out from a listener? It’s really beginning to annoy me.

      • wendy says:

        Well, that makes three of us 😉 I, too, think that Gil flits around too much from topic to topic, but it’s probably because he has been told the audience has the attention span of a may fly, especially the young ones who go from link to link online. That seems to be the thinking even in the hallowed halls of NPR, which, as I said is eliminating their national talk show, “Talk of the Nation” and even Forum, Michael Krasny’s show often splits an hour so that a topic is only 1/2 hour. When they did that with Nightline on TV, I turned it off.

        So why does Gil bring on Rhoda and talk to Sebastian, etc? Well, if he doesn’t take calls and it’s still called “talk radio”, he has to talk to SOMEBODY!!

      • Hi, Wendy. Your good buddy Ed Baxter filled in for Gil today. hee hee. He followed the same format. Talk about something, bring in Politico to talk about the same thing, and then introduce something else to talk about and repeat the cycle endlessly. We might as well just read Politico from now on. At least Ed had Rosie Allen call in to give her take on a topic. As for Gil, the people he brings to the table are not elevating the thought process. They are basically there to laugh and sigh and agree with Gil. Except when Rhoda screams, “hey buster, you’d better watch it.” I don’t enjoy that cutesy interplay, it falls flat and is so irritating.

  4. Well, we all agree. I hate to say it, the grand old days of TALK RADIO are over I guess. I don’t care at all what Sebastian Kuntz THINKS about something: he is supposed to be the “news” guy, and he’s marginal at that. (He missed a huge detail of the Christopher Dorner story back in February — so much for the “news” guy.)

    I think we’re tiring of Gil because it’s all Gil, all the time now. When he actually took callers, it gave us less of an opportunity to become annoyed with him. Now, “familiarity breeds contempt,” and we’re growing tired of all him, all the time. (That’s not what I thought we’d be getting when 910 announced they signed Gene and Len.) (Geez– 910 has really dropped the ball, haven’t they?)

    I haven’t listened to NPR because they all sound like they’re going to sleep. Maybe I should give it a try.

    • Hi, EdgewaterIsle. I don’t mind Sebastian Kunz, in fact, I appreciate his casual style and I loved his enthusiasm during the election cycle. But, as you said, familiarity breeds contempt. Well, contempt is too strong a word but I’m disappointed that Sebastian chooses news-lite. He is drawn to news of the bizarre and ironic in the same way Gil is attached to his dumb criminals. It’s stuff that should be hidden in the cheap paper press that can be found at the supermarket check-out aisle. It is entertaining, but it’s fluff. I hate that and I’m beginning to resent it. If he wants to be a serious news guy, then it should be reflected in what he chooses to report. We have a few minutes to find out what is going on in the world or what is happening locally, and it’s wasted on things that would show up in a most shared list on Yahoo.

      You might be too late for NPR, Wendy says they’re getting rid of calls as well, and shortening the time allotted to a topic. You could try Radiolab. They have some interesting podcasts, but it’s not news or politics, really. It’s some storytelling mixed in with information and all tied up in a nice little package. There’s an archived podcast about space and astronauts. It’s fascinating.

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