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His book, that is.  I’ve searched online for any signs of it.  Has anyone heard anything more?

I did find some interesting Ray backstory, though.  Things we can look forward to in his upcoming book.  There is a book, right?  Whaddya say, Ray?

Here’s some of what I found:

Basic background information

Did you know Ray once co-hosted with Regis Philbin?  Plenty of interesting background here.

In this 2011 article, Ray tells us what rides would be found in amusement park ‘Rayland’.

Plus, Ray narrated a DVD about Sutro Baths – Sutro’s: The Palace at Lands End (2011)

Here, you can hear Ray’s voice at the beginning of Sutro’s DVD trailer:

More info about the DVD:

So, that’s all the Ray we’re left with for now – until the book comes out.  I hope it comes out in audio.  That’s the Ray we know – the familiar voice we can listen to once more.


Bernie has another blog post:

Thursday, April 18, 2013 – Defiant, Resourceful…Sheep! (about recent events in Boston and use of street cameras)


On the subject of Boston, I did go back to WBZ NewsRadio to listen to talk radio and it was all news.  Of course, it was mostly about what happened in Watertown.  I was disappointed, I’d hoped to hear some talk.  I wasn’t disappointed having to go back to Gil’s show.  He’s great, but no callers whatsoever.  And, once again, there’s the Friday show…I need to find an afternoon replacement for that.


On a lighter note, there were two funny stories on BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo’s Confessions in the past two weeks.  These are available online for 30 days after the first broadcast date.  They can be downloaded as well if you want to keep them on your computer with no expiration date.

Listen to this one on Simon Mayo’s Confessions page –Stuck On You and other tales 26 Apr 13 – It’s the 2nd story – Pins in my Pants!

The last story is funny as well, Stuck on You.

Then, listen to this one on the Confessions page – A troublesome toilet tale and other tales 19 Apr 13  (yep, it’s the toilet tale, the 3rd story.  I didn’t realize what had happened until the end, will you figure it out?)

Find them here:

BBC Radio 2 – Simon Mayo’s Confessions


Finally, I heard this on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 show last week.  Thought it was great, about looking back on youth.

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen


Here’s the link to the YouTube page:


Every one, at any age, should listen to this at least once.

And, don’t forget about the sunscreen…

  1. wencke aarrestad says:

    I arrived in Sacramento Dec. 1960
    I have listened to KGO since then..
    Anyone old enough to member Ira Blue??
    Now I listen to Kgo when Karel is on.
    Kabc790La, I get on phone.
    Missing my OLD friends!!

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