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What the h- is going on out there?

When the unbelievable happens, where do we go?  For information, for updates, for insight.

I used to go to KGO.  Not anymore.  Trashed by greed and on-air content only a bottom-feeder shareholder could appreciate – not to listen to, of course, but appreciate.  You know what I mean.

Not even 910AM, or whatever they are calling themselves now, can be considered a go-to source for answers.  The morning and early afternoon shows on 910 are filled with screaming fools and syndication.  Gil Gross is the only reason to listen to that station now and then only starting at 3:00pm.  I stay away on Fridays, though.  That voice of Rhoda ruins Gil’s show for me.  Can’t spend any length of time listening to it.

Gil Gross is a good broadcaster.  He has faults but there is no denying he is a dedicated, professional host.  On the day of the Boston Marathon when the terrible news broke late morning, Pacific Time, I had nowhere to go to listen to what the h- was going on.  I found a Boston outlet, online, the CBS local affiliate, WBZ NewsRadio 1030 and listened to that station most of the day.  When I wanted to see video, I watched WBZ television streamed online.  I made sure it wasn’t a Cumulus station.  Not giving them one second of a blip on any of their ratings tracking systems.

Here’s a link to online WBZ NewsRadio 1030 – Boston (using

There is a strong feeling of community on this station and it’s heard in the calls.  Something we used to, but no longer, have here.  I really wish Gil would take calls!  Listen to this station and recall how good it can be.

At 3:00pm on Wednesday, the day of the marathon, I turned on Gil’s show but there were so many commercials played and Gil didn’t even stay on the story.  Unbelievable.  I had to turn back to non-stop coverage of the Boston Marathan at WBZ and that’s where I stayed all day and far into the evening.

There was so much misinformation being reported out there as well.  It’s summed up neatly in this blog post:

On late Thursday, early Friday, when the MIT police officer was found dead and there was a report of a car hijacking, I watched everything unfold on WBZ TV leading to the firefight that broke out in Watertown,  WBZ aired non-stop online coverage.  They did report some misinformation, but corrected it the moment more information came in.  They cited their sources and included a listener-beware statement that in a fluid on-going, breaking story there was sure to be updated, corrected information from the proper authorities.  And, that’s exactly what happened.  The naked guy turned out to be just that, a naked guy and nothing more.  I’m sure we’ll hear all about his story once this all calms down.

It was hours before the local television stations here in the Bay Area broke into programming for Special Reports, and even then they repeated the same things I’d been hearing about and watching for hours out of Boston.  I turned my television to the ABC network so I can hear reports from George Stephanopoulos.

Next week I think I’m going to listen to  Boston’s WBZ NewsRadio 1030 talk station instead of Gil’s program.  I want to hear what the callers have to say about all of this.  They were the ones affected by it and they should have a voice in all of this.  I’m listening to it right now and I love to hear the calls and all of the opinions.  I miss that.

Even members of agree that WBZ had some great coverage.

Here’s Page 5 of the discussion in the Boston section under the topic ‘Patriot’s Day Explosion’:

Plus, another topic on ‘Why Local Radio is Important’:

I want to note that Thursday morning I listened to Gil’s Wednesday podcast.  He did a great job reporting on the Boston Marathon tragedy and he was especially astute in cautioning about what information would turn out to be true.  He was correct in almost every point he made, all of it corrected by reporters early this morning.  Good job, Gil.  Now if only you would take callers and stay on breaking news instead of stopping for ten minutes at a time to break the flow with inane commercials.  Yes, they need those commercials.  But they also need listeners.  Without us, those advertisers would go elsewhere with their ad dollars.

One last thing, I happened to see video online where Amy Poehler gives advice to a young girl that Poehler framed against the happenings of the day.  Watch it.  It’s very touching.

That’s how I got through these past few days.  How about you?

What did you do?

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