Photo by Sun Ladder CC-BY-SA 3.0

As you know, I listen to BBC Radio 2 and Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Show.  He has a segment of confessions where he reads a confession sent in by a listener and Simon and his team discuss it and decide if the confession writer should be forgiven.  I post a link to the confession page when I hear a humorous one, so here it is:

The particular confession I’m referring to is Practice What You Peach.  It’s grouped with the week’s other confessions named ‘One Man And His Prog and other tales’.  The peach one is the first confession:

Friday, March 8, 2013 (available to listen online or download the podcast for the next 30 days):

Want to listen to Simon’s show?  Here’s a link to his BBC Radio 2 page:

Episodes of his drivetime show are available online for one week.  I listen to his show live online.  Simon’s drivetime show airs 9:00am Pacific Time so I listen to it instead of that other guy on that other station.  (Note: it will change by one hour when our time changes on Sunday but the Brits will change their time as well a week later).  Haven’t listened to that other radio station since Cumulus Media destroyed it.  Do NOT listen to Cumulus Media.  Don’t even give them a blip on any ratings system.  There are other shows out there.


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