Since I no longer listen to radio station KGO, the first thing I do when I get into work is log on to the computer and listen online to BBC Radio 2.  I usually catch the last hour of the ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ show (when my work day begins the Brits are on their way home) and then the ‘Simon Mayo Drivetime’ show.  One daily feature of Mayo’s show is a listener confession segment that is read on-air by the host and then others in the studio join in to decide if the confession should be forgiven.

I love this segment.  There is a confession every Monday through Thursday, and on Friday all confessions of the week can be downloaded from the BBC Radio 2 website or listened to online.  I’d recommend downloading the podcast because you can listen to it anytime and will always have it.  If you listen to it on the website, the audio (under ‘Play Recent Episode’) expires 30 days from the Friday it’s posted.

A few months ago, I posted a link to another hysterical confession about a guy and his microphone moment.  It was a great ‘Float On’ enhanced confession.  Remember?  Hello, and my name is Larry and I love everything and everyone…

I downloaded that Float On podcast so I can listen to it anytime for a good laugh.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer available online but maybe I’ll transcribe the story.  It will lose some of its entertainment value, though.  The most fun was listening to host, Mayo, mimic the voice of the confessor.

Most confessions on the show are throw-aways – I listen to them once, smile, and move on.  But, sometimes, a confession makes me laugh out loud.  These are the ones I share.  This one aired on Thursday, about a girl going to the library and discovering the music section.

If you listen online, it will only be available for another 29 days from today (Saturday, October 13, 2012).  The podcast is titled – (and it includes the Guilty confession, the last one on the podcast beginning at 23:15):

Eau de Toilet and other tales 12 Oct 12

Fri, 12 Oct 12 (Duration: 31 mins)
Available: 29 days remaining (as of October 13, 2012)

This week’s concise collection of terrible tales includes a cassette catastrophe, some underhand underwear usage, toilet trauma, and rock royalty’s rebuttal…but will you forgive?

Here’s the link to the page with the podcast for download as well as the online audio you can listen to without downloading the podcast (on the right-hand side of the page):


I especially enjoyed this confession because it reminded me of an incident that happened years ago to an animal-lover friend.  He’d rented a video at Blockbuster about puppies.  Another friend was thinking about getting a puppy so he lent the video to her as long as she returned the video to Blockbuster, which she did.

A week later her boyfriend brought his buddies over to watch a video of Tarantino’s ‘Natural Born Killers’.  They sank into the couch, beers in hand, grabbing handfuls of potato chips, and the guy pressed Play.

Yep.  You guessed it.  The puppy video.

I laugh now, even, thinking about it.  Not only at the thought of the look on the faces of the guys expecting two hours of blood and gore, but also at the thought of the poor soul in front of her television, sipping chamomile tea, ready to indulge her innocent passion for puppies.


If you read this before October 17th, and want to take a trip down cassette tape memory lane, listen to the short discussion Simon Mayo had with guest, Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show, on Thursday, October 11th.  This podcast will be available for another five days (as of today, October 13th).

Here’s the podcast, the interview begins approximately 18 minutes in (18:10) and goes through (22:50).  Also, listen to the new Rolling Stones song that plays after it.  ‘Doom and Gloom’.  It sounds a little like U2’s ‘Get On Your Boots’ song.

I remember, do you?


Also, speaking of remembering, on Simon Mayo’s show, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, was an interesting segment with guest, Hunter Davis, author of the new book ‘The John Lennon Letters’.   There is a clip of it online but it won’t play for me.  If you have the same problem, then you can still listen to the show’s podcast online – for the next four days.  It won’t be available after October 16th.  If you listen to the show podcast, the interview starts about 1 hour, 4 minutes in (1:04:30) and lasts about 20 minutes (to 1:23:55).

Here’s the link to the show podcast:


Here’s the link to the clip of the Davis/Lennon segment (this is the one I can’t play on my system): 


Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:


If you want to poke around on the BBC Radio 2 website, here it is:


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