For disappearing acts, it’s hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.   -Doug Larson

Yeah, tell me about it.  Months have disappeared in Olympics coverage, longer work hours and learning how to create a game in JavaScript.

It’s unbelievable that we are approaching another December and it’s been nearly one year since the small Dick-eys over at Cumulus Media decided to enrich themselves at the expense of the Bay Area and beyond.  They’ve taken their hatchet job on the road and decimated many other markets, leaving radio listeners across the U.S. angered that not only can one company overtake media communications across entire communities, but that the FCC doesn’t even expend the effort to shrug its shoulders.

The Dick-eys are hoping that, with time, we will forget what they’ve done to our communities and hope that we radio listeners, out of habit and out of lack of alternatives, will continue to turn on their radio stations so the Dick-eys can increase profits with lesser talent and an inferior product.

I haven’t forgotten.  It’s why I take the time to remind others what Cumulus Media has done to our market.  I’ve read about scores of other markets affected as well.  Blogs and forums and comments by listeners who’ve lost their favorite radio personalities in the same brutal way we lost ours, no surprise they are all Cumulus Media stations.  One day beloved talent is on the air, and the next day listeners are left with recycled air out of a can.  There is no outlet to discuss or question the change.  The remaining staff at the stations are expected to carry on as though nothing has happened and any reference to it by listeners through social media is banned or deleted from the affected stations’ online presence.  Is this any way to run a business?  Well, I guess it is if you want to run it into the ground.

Want to see for yourself how well it’s going for the Dick-eys?  Look at the ratings and comments of their own employees, not exactly raving reviews.  Without those employees there wouldn’t be a radio station to run into the ground.  Some say, at least it’s a job.  But that job is destroying any future job in the industry.  That job is paying almost minimum wage while the Dick-eys ask for huge bonuses from the stockholders.  Is that a future for any community?  Think about it.

Read the reviews:

Also, ratings for Cumulus Media stations are dropping.  Oh, there are some bumps in Quarterly reports but it’s bumping around in the low rankings and not about to bubble back to the top.

Some financial reports show a small percentage of increase in Cumulus stock.  Some even recommend buying that pile of stink coming out of Atlanta.  I’m no expert, but isn’t that increase coming at the expense of our communities’ local media being stripped down to nothing and sold  to the highest bidder?  Again, enriching only the Dick-eys and not the communities they are supposed to represent and serve.

To those who still listen to Cumulus Media, you are blindly contributing to the loss of your community’s voice and living-wage jobs and dumping all of the pay raises and bonuses into the pockets of greedy media conglomerate executives.  Is that money well spent?  Is that thoughtful use of your time?  It’s time to think about the effect of our choices.  If not now, when?

In my next post, I’ll be adding links to recent posts on Gene Burns’ blog at KKSF-Newstalk 910AM and to more articles by Bernie Ward at his blog.

See you next time…


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