Len Tillem made an interesting comment to Gil Gross as Len passed off the end of his hour to Gil before the 4:00pm news and the start of the Gil Gross show.  I’ve tried to find the comment on podcast but it’s not there.  The podcasts do not include that back and forth between Len and Gil as they trade off air-time.  I think the conversation occurred on Thursday, July 26th.

So, I’ll have to write what happened according to my memory.  It was a quick comment.  Len was saying hello to Gil Gross and then blurted out, “You know, when Ronn Owens’ contract ends, he can come over here and do the 12-3 spot.  It’ll be great.  Ronn and me and you.  Just like old times.”  Again, that is not exactly what he said but it’s a close approximation.

I was stunned.  I think Gil was a bit taken aback as well, because he didn’t say anything in response.  Then, after some silence, Len said something like, “Maybe I shouldn’t be speculating about things like that on the air.  This should be a private conversation.”  Gil gave a nervous laugh, and then went on to talk about other things.

It made me think.  Would I listen to Ronn Owens if he moved to KKSF-Newtalk 910-AM?  I’m unsure.  I don’t even know who has the 12Noon to 3:00pm slot on KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM now.  I don’t listen to that station at all before 3:00pm.  The promo spots I’d heard of the morning show that airs there, Armstrong and Getty, were a big turn-off and, then, when I’d heard how disrespectful that duo had been to the former KGO hosts who’d filled in for them during a vacation week or two, that was it for me.  I wasn’t going to waste my time listening to Armstrong or Getty pop their prepubescent pimples on the air.  No thank you.  I’ve noticed that the promo spots for Armstrong and Getty have been toned down lately, but I know what they really sound like.  Not wasting time on that.

That leaves Limbaugh in there somewhere.  I know his show airs on KKSF, but I’m not sure when.  That’s why I avoid that station in the morning and then wait until 3:00pm to turn on Len.  I listen to the archived online podcasts of Len and then Gil until the three o’clock hour.  Sometimes I listen to Dr. Bill Wattenburg on KSCO from Monday-Wednesday at 12Noon-2:00pm, but that schedule has been inconsistent.  For the past month Dr. Bill hasn’t shown up on Mondays and in the past two weeks hasn’t aired even on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I don’t know what’s going on over at that Santa Cruz station.  I noticed that they’ve removed Dr. Bill Wattenburg Presents from their station’s web banner.  I’m not too worried.  It’s one thing to listen to Dr. Bill at night when you are half-asleep and hearing bits of pieces of his broadcast.  It’s an altogether different show in the daytime when you’re awake.  You actually hear what he has to say and most of it is repetitive.  Bubble butts, eco-freaks, read his website about that lawsuit, he narrated the save the dolphins documentary, Farr Out, Sierra Club and NOAA frauds, etc.  It’s slightly less irritating than the KSCO commentaries by the 90-year-old station owner.  Overall, KSCO is a strange station and not one to take seriously.  There are always annoying glitches in their phone system and they have some really funky ads, bordering on porn.  It’s embarrassing to be a listener at times.

With that said, would I listen to Ronn Owens if he moves to KKSF-Newtalk 910-AM?  Not at first.  Would I listen eventually?  I guess it depends on how Owens explains the messy way he handled the KGO fisaco.  We’ll see…

What about you?  Would you listen to Ronn if he moves to KKSF?

  1. Ken L. Ingus says:

    I believe I would. Ultimately, it comes down to what I want to listen to. And I’d rather listen to Ronn than anything else on there prior to 3 PM. Plus, KGO regurgitates their news all afternoon. Yeah, in thinking about it more, I would listen. Ronn annoys me at times with his ego and wannabe comedian persona, but he is mostly fair and reasonable. I would definitely listen to his first show. As Desi Arnez would often say, “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do.” lol

    • ha ha. I’m thinking the same thing. If he does get a spot on Newstalk 910-AM, I’m sure that I’ll listen in after some time goes by. I hate having to spin the dial all day to listen to something. BBC Radio2 in the morning, Dr. Bill when he’s on KSCO (hasn’t been on there much lately), archived podcasts of Gil and Len on Newstalk 910 until Len begins his regular slot at 3:00pm there. Not like before, when I’d go from BBC to Ron’s show and leave it there until the end of the work day.

      I don’t listen to Newstalk 910 before Len. Every once in awhile an Armstrong and Getty supporter will flip me off but I’m so not interested in those children. If their supporters are any indication of their show, then I’ll say it again, “No, thank you!” But, I would never wish them off the air. I just don’t have to listen to them.

      By the way, the following day after Len said this, a caller asked him about it on-air and he said the same thing. That he’s really hoping Ronn will come over to KKSF – Newstalk 910-AM and it just might happen.

      Thanks for your comment. I have a little quiet space over here on WordPress, but it looks like tons of people have found me today. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I never heard how he “messily” handled the KGO business, because the second I found out what happened… and I mean THE SECOND- I stopped listening. Without another thought, other than “this is truly disgusting”. That being said, can anyone fill me in?

    • Ronn wrote two posts about it after it happened on his Facebook page. Didn’t help matters any. People hated him more after he wrote them. You can look at the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners and in the Notes section they’ve listed all of the links to find the former KGO hosts and, maybe, Ronn’s page but I’m not sure. I think I copied and pasted his posts in here somewhere. But, look over at FormerKGOListeners to see what’s in their Notes pages.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Bobby Gee says:

    No way. I can barely stand him now. Let him take his millions and go his favorite eateries in his
    Tommy Bahama shirts. I can’t figure out why a super nice person like Jan Black would stick with
    Ronn. Outside of money and two beautiful daughters, what is there? Hope he rides in the Sunset.
    Never to be heard from!

    • Well, he just might go into that sunset hand-in-hand with Len to a new home at KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM. I’m surprised Len would say it on air, but I heard him say it twice. That day and then the following day a caller asked him about it. I haven’t listened for one second to KGO after the mass firing and Ronn’s pitiful reaction to it. I know that Jan tried to go on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners and try to defend Ronn, but people really attacked her for it. She hasn’t returned as far as I know. People take this personally and not many will forgive Ronn. I’m not sure what I’ll do if, and I mean if, Ronn shows up on Newstalk 910.

      Glad you stopped by!

  4. zoe moire says:

    I’d listen right away to see if he can share some insight on those never spoken words: “I quit.” Well, shows how money talks. Thus, he’d get one day from me, then…I’d want to see if he remembered how to have a good show.

    • It’s interesting that Rich Lieberman, that strange guy who writes the media blog, thinks that Mickey Luckoff is secretly putting together a plan to get the former hosts together again at one location. His info isn’t always dependable, though. I think he throws stuff out there trying to keep up his blog hits. It’s worth it to give him some only for the people who comment on his rambling, obscure posts.

      I don’t think I’d listen the first day to Ronn, if he does take a spot on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM. I’d prefer to read about it and then make a determination if I should waste any more time on him.

      As for now, I don’t understand why people still listen to KGO, knowing that it could increase KGO ratings. Why support the Dick-eys in Atlanta? Haven’t they done enough damage? Why reward them?

  5. Former Listener says:

    I heard it too.

    I thought “OMG. Len has stepped in it.” Gil knows differently from Len because Gil is in the radio business; Len is a lawyer who has a part-time radio gig for fun.

    But as for the substance of the comment: I doubt Ron Owens will be at 910 because he’s got too big of an ego to fit through the door. Apparently his agent told KGO that Ron will work for less money in a new contract, and we can assume that applies to other stations as well, but Ron has created a bunch of ill will in his former audience.

    • Hi, Former Listener. I agree with your assessment that Len just-talkin’ to Gil in the change-over of programming should not be considered definitive insight into the contract negotiations of Ronn Owens. But, what I find interesting is that Len has said it twice now, on-air, and both times said something like ‘we’re working on it’. I wonder if Ronn would be tempted to settle in where he has host-friends already and where it would be an easy move since he has a long history with the Bay Area. Maybe he’d consider it a partial retirement and the money won’t be a big determining factor.

      You are right, though, Ronn has created ill-will and that is an understatement. If he does decide to switch over to Newstalk 910-AM, he could get big numbers for his first show. If he handled it right, allowing discussion of what happened at KGO without him breaking any confidentiality agreements, it just might work. Many people are angry over his seemingly callous attitude toward the fired former hosts, as well as the lack of an opportunity for long-time listeners of KGO to register their response to it. That is what enrages everyone the most. Talk radio audiences want to talk about it. I’d like to hear what Ronn has to say about it. I’d like to hear what listeners say to him. Would you listen to that? I’d be very tempted and, at least, I wouldn’t go against my vow to never give Cumulus Media one blip of a rating on any of their stations.

      By the way, John Rothmann will be filling in Gil tomorrow (Friday). And, thanks so much for commenting.

  6. Well, I’d listen to Ron Owen over Rush Limbaugh. But it’s not like I’m picking a favorite but the lesser of two evils. I don’t really like Ron anymore, but I absolutely cannot stand Rush Limbaugh.

  7. Don says:

    Ronn is selling out and he knows it. He has made a sharp right turn to keep his place on the radio.

    • That’s not unexpected, is it? Considering how he bragged for years about how independent he is and how no one dictates his show. With his feet to the fire, the first thing he does is acquiesce to that brainless boy producer who has about as much integrity as Ronn has shown. Match made in radio heaven. It’s tainted Ronn’s career and he will never have the respect of his old audience again. Fool me once…

  8. Don says:

    Quite frankly, I’d be perfectly happy without Ronn Owens. I don’t like a sellout.

    • It’s funny you say that. I don’t even think about him or his show at all now. It wouldn’t matter to me if he stayed or if he left the market. I do think if he ends up at KKSF-Newstalk 910-AM the first week of his show would be something interesting to hear. Just to see how he tries to wiggle his way out of his bad behavior.

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