I used to hear him on the old KGO, when it was a real talk-radio station before the bottom-feeders at Cumulus Media destroyed the property value at that former prime location.   Now Bay Area consumers wouldn’t buy into that junk station even if it was promoted by Captain America himself.  The obvious choice of spokesman for Cumulus Media can only be Uncle Scrooge, who fits nicely in with the company of the heinous Dick-ey brothers.

But, we all know about what happened over there in the land of greed.  SweetJack my a**,  it’s more like Jack the Listeners and sweeten the Dick-ey pot.  Do NOT listen to one SECOND of that station or any of their stations.  You are contributing to the demise of broadcast sanity and locally shared on-air community.

There is one station in this market that has heard what the Bay Area has to say about local radio and has reached out to our local talent, creating a broadcast home for some of our favorite on-air personalities.  Yes, it happens to be Clear Channel Communicatons, Inc., the largest radio-station-group owner in the U.S.  And, it’s privately-held, in part, by Bain Capital.   So, Clear Channel’s history has contributed to the mess we now find on-air in this country, so they don’t get a free pass when it comes to serious discussion of the state of radio today.  But, they do get some credit for recognizing the need for local talent in this market.

Yes, they plan to profit from it.  But there seems to be more heart in their iHeart than just dollar bills.  Let’s look at what they’ve done so far:

1) When Cumulus Media unceremoniously dumped our favorite KGO talk-show hosts and production staff, our local Clear Channel station, KKSF-Newstalk 910AM extended invitations to many of the former KGO hosts.  Our favorite loyah!, Len Tillem, accepted a 3-4:00pm slot.  Gene Burns followed Len’s show in the 4-7:00pm show.

2) When Gene Burns suffered a stroke and could not meet his contract obligations, did KKSF – Newstalk 910-AM point him to the door?  No.  They kept Gene on contract and several former KGO hosts filled in for him as guest hosts.  We, in the Bay Area, could once again listen to Len Tillem, Gil Gross, John Rothmann, Ed Baxter, and Rosie Allen.  Even Jim Gabbert joined in, but I’m not sure if he’d been a host on KGO during the mass firing.

3) When it became clear that Gene Burns needed more time to recuperate, KKSF – Newstalk 910AM hired Gil Gross to take Gene’s slot, but kept Gene on in a blogger capacity.  That way Gene could continue to communicate with his loyal listeners as he recovered from his stroke.

4) KKSF-Newstalk 910AM also hired John Rothmann as a political correspondent, especially focused on the upcoming election.

5) 910AM also kept Ed Baxter on to create his own :30 commentary Monday-Friday that can be heard during the Gil Gross show.  Ed’s pieces can be found on Podcast and they are called ‘Making Sense with Ed Baxter’.

6) Now, the latest act of this iHeart station, is the hiring of that unique weatherman voice of good ol’ Lloyd Lindsay Young.

I remember Lloyd Lindsay Young from KGO, and always smiled at his boisterous ‘HELLO – (insert city here)!”  It was a bit much, but it was a bit much with joy and enthusiasm.  Unlike those blow-hards heard all of the time on the radio, Lloyd Lindsay Young has so much heart in his greetings the over-the-top style is endearing.  It’s wonderful to hear a voice on the radio that is not beaten into corporate-speak and has not broken the spirit of delivery to blend into a corporate landscape.

His joy of delivery comes through loud and clear on Clear Channel’s spot on the dial.  Thank you, KKSF, for giving us the loud, merry greetings once again of Lloyd Lindsay Young – the local weatherman whose unique style will never get old.

Find all of these hosts at NewsTalk 910 – San Francisco’s Talk Station, here’s the link: http://www.newstalk910.com/main.html

Gene Burns Blog: http://www.newstalk910.com/pages/gene-burns.html

Gil Gross Podcasts of his show: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=gil_gross

Ed Baxter’s Commentary: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=baxter

John Rothmann Highlights Podcasts: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=rothmann

And, how could I forget our buddy, Len Tillem: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=tillem

Here’s the Wikipedia page of Lloyd Lindsay Young: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Lindsay_Young

Lloyd Lindsay Young’s website: http://www.lloydlindsayyoung.com/

By the way, I haven’t heard Wickes call into KKSF 910AM lately.  Where in the world is Wickes?

And, I’m really liking the news with Sebastian Kunz and his after-news banter with Gil Gross.  I missed Sebastian when he was on vacation last week.

  1. Don says:

    Fear not. Cumulus Media, based in Atlanta and has no clue about the SF Bay Area Market, has
    lost market share due to their complete ignorance and lusy, long distance executive thinking. A clear KKSF win.

    • I would love for Cumulus Media to shrink back into the little hole they crawled out of, but they are playing the game of radio with an FCC that cowers at the feet of corporate big money and they are betting that the listeners in all of the markets they have destroyed will go back to worrying about the Kardashians and won’t notice the degraded content coming out of radio today. All for a profit off the backs of our communities. They think we will sit back and quietly listen to whatever they spew out, that we will meekly allow the abrupt replacement of local talent with cheap syndicated content on our airwaves.

      I wish low ratings for them, but people are doing exactly what Cumulus had anticipated. I read daily about people who still listen to KGO – they just want to hear their remaining favorite hosts. Some still listen to Ronn. They are doing exactly what Cumulus planned they’d do. And, Cumulus has crept up in the ratings recently. They are going to sell ads by network blocking. We don’t matter, they are simply selling their network of radio stations to a corporate advertiser. People should be outraged. People should NOT be listening if they want to support local radio.

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