I can’t believe it.  As Gil Gross was talking, a disturbance can be heard in the background.  Listening to it now with my headphones, I can hear a guy laugh.  Gil, the true professional that he is, says quickly, “We’re gonna have to go back and pick up one line there.”  As Gil continues his commentary without missing a beat, there really is a toilet flush in the background!  Unbelievable.  I would have been on the floor at that point.  How he could continue on without even a pause is a testament to his years in the business.

In yesterday’s post, I mistakenly thought it had been Hour 2, but it happened in Hour 3.  I’ll go back to my old post and correct it as well as add the link to the podcast.

Here’s the link to my post yesterday:


In case you’d rather not lift a finger and go backwards in time, here’s the link to the flushing podcast:

It all happens in the first two minutes of the Hour 3 show.  You can hear the guy laugh at around 1:30 and the actual toilet flush around 1:51.  It’s hysterical.

I suspect I was correct in my speculation.  That laugh sure sounds like Sebastian.  Was he in the little boys room with a live mic?  Who knows.  What do you think?

Gil Gross 06-20-12 Hour 3


And, in keeping with the toilet theme, today, during the Gil Gross show, Sebastian Kunz had a news story about exploding toilets.  What a week it’s been in radio!  Al Bundy would be proud.

  1. I can’t hear the laugh, but it sounds like someone coughing to me. And a toilet. Poor Gil, I wonder if he ever got a chance to laugh about it.

    • ha ha, Rachel. I would have loved to hear Gil’s reaction, but being the professional he is he didn’t mention it on air. I was hoping he would, because he does laugh and joke around with Sebastian Kunz and others, but he was probably a little shocked that a flushing toilet began his program. Or, then again, maybe he didn’t hear it or didn’t realize it went live.

      Thanks for commenting.

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