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I’m not sure, but on Hour 3 of the Gil Gross show today (6/20/12), one or two minutes in, I thought I heard Al Bundy in the background.  Using the Ferguson that Sir Thomas Crapper built.

Did anyone else hear that?  The distinct sound of a toilet flushing as Gil was going into the introduction of his next guest?  Did Sebastian Kunz take a bathroom break and forget to turn off the live mic?  Was Gil’s waiting guest heeding the call of nature?  Was there static interference on my radio and it sounded like a big ol’ flush?

I will have to listen to the podcast tomorrow to solve the mystery of the flushing toilet…

Update: MYSTERY SOLVED (I think).  That really was a flush!  Listen for yourself – Here’s the link:

It all happens in the first two minutes of the Hour 3 show.  You can hear a guy laugh at around 1:30 and the actual toilet flush around 1:51.  It’s hysterical.

I suspect I was correct in my speculation.  That laugh sure sounds like Sebastian.  Was he in the little boys room with a live mic?  Who knows.  What do you think?

Gil Gross 06-20-12 Hour 3


Until then, here’s some toilet fun facts:

When was the first toilet shown on television?

This answer was found on funtrivia:

“It was Leave It To Beaver, the episode called ‘Captain Jack’ where Wally and Beaver get a baby alligator and keep it in the toilet tank.”

And, this answer was found on wikianswers:

“In 1957 a Leave it to Beaver episode “Capitan Jack” showed the toilet tank, but not the seat (censors would not allow the whole toilet to be shown). There is no ‘notes’ (at least that I can find) of when the ‘whole’ toilet was ever shown. The movie “Psycho” (1960) was the first to show a complete toilet.”
If you want something to read while on the toilet, has the whole story:
What was the first movie to show a toilet being flushed?

Found this on The Toilet Museum website:

“The word on the seat is that the toilet’s big-screen debut was in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960. The toilet had one line: “flusssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” Janet Leigh’s character, Marion Crane, can be seen flushing the toilet shortly before getting stabbed to death by “mother.” Unfortunately for the toilet, it was greatly upstaged by the shower.”
What was the first toilet flush heard on television?
Found this answer on
“January 12, 1971 in History
“All in the Family” premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV”
Poor Al Bundy, he doesn’t even get a mention, not even a footnote flush.

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