Sometimes a news event is too disheartening to follow.  Personally, I have no desire to read up on details coming out of the ongoing trial of accused child molester, former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky.  I’ve seen headlines and quotes about it, the evidence seems to be against him, but it’s a trial and the prosecutor’s questioning and witness testimonies have to be fully presented before a verdict is reached.

Let me say this, although I know in my head how justice prevails in our society, it’s hard to listen to some of the facts of this case and not form an emotional opinion.  Lock this guy up, now.

That’s my opinion after hearing Gil Gross interview his guest, Diane Dimond, a journalist covering the trial for The Daily Beast.  She has been writing a series of columns about the Sandusky trial.


Links to Diane Dimond’s columns on The Daily Beast:

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Honestly, I haven’t read the columns.  I’ve heard enough of what she had to say about it on the Gil Gross program.  She describes the anguish of the victims’ testimony as well as her own revulsion over the described actions of Sandusky.  I think it was in the second day of testimony, Diane Dimond described one particular boy and his graphic testimony, and how Sandusky, his elbow on table and head propped up on his hand, stared at the boy with an “oddly, beautific-looking, plastered-on smile on his face” when listening to it.


*cold shiver*


These are the podcasts of the Gil Gross program with Diane Dimond as his call-in guest:

Gil Gross 06-11-12 Hour 2 (interview with Diane Dimond is at the beginning of the podcast, the first day of the Sandusky trial):

Diane Dimond speculates that the defense might go for an insanity defense, using personality disorder as a reason.  Gil provides some information about the disorder the defense might discuss: Histrionic Personality Disorder.

According to information found on the website, this disorder is a “group of conditions called dramatic personality disorders. People with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images.”

A symptom of this disorder is to: “Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior.”

Here’s a link:

Gil Gross 06-12-12 Hour 2 (the interview with Diane Dimond begins at 17:00)

Gil Gross 06-14-12 Hour 2 (the interview with Diane Dimond is at the beginning of the podcast)


One more interesting note, and something I hadn’t heard before, Gil and Diane discussed a mystery that could tie-in to the Sandusky trial. It involves the 2005 disappearance of a Centre County, FL district attorney, Ray Gricar, who handled the 1998 accusation of an 11-year old boy against Jerry Sandusky.

Here’s an article about it found in The New York Times:

And, here’s a forum at Free Republic where members discuss it:

It starts out with this:

“One of the questions surrounding the sex-abuse case against Jerry Sandusky is why a former district attorney chose not to prosecute the then-Penn State assistant coach in 1998 after reports surfaced that he had inappropriate interactions with a boy.

The answer is unknowable because of an unsolved mystery: What happened to Ray Gricar, the Centre County, Pa., district attorney?

Gricar went missing in April 2005. The murky circumstances surrounding his disappearance — an abandoned car, a laptop recovered months later in a river without a hard drive, his body was never found — have spawned Web sites, television programs and conspiracy theories. More than six years later, the police still receive tips and reports of sightings.”

This story and trial keeps getting ‘curiouser and curiouser’…


And, speaking of curious, remember that guy at 415 Media who speculated in a recent blog post that Ronn Owens’ contract will be bought out by Cumulus Media in August, and that Brian Copeland will be the new morning host on that awful radio station?  Well, this sure seemed to rankle both Owens and Copeland enough to respond to it.

Brian Copeland wrote a scathing comment about it on his Facebook page.  Of course, I’m not a Facebook fan or member, so I had to grab a copy of the comment from the 415 Media blog.

This is Copeland’s statement on his Facebook page, apparently Rich’s blog pissef him off. Great work Rich!!!:
“A number of you have sent me congratulatory emails today based on an erroneous report by a local blogger that I will be taking over “The Ronn Owens Program” on KGO Radio in the fall. While I usually do not respond to or read the crap that this lowlife puts out, the attention that this item has garnered has made it necessary for me to issue a statement. For the record, not a word of the blog concerning me or Ronn is true. I have had no conversations with management at KGO or anyplace else about Ronn leaving the station or about me changing my current time slot. What was written today is not only untrue, it’s a bald faced lie. For some reason, this individual has a vendetta against Ronn and has apparently been slamming him for months. I know that Ronn doesn’t read this garbage, but I DO know that a number of his friends have put together a list of all of the falsehoods that this individual has posted should Ronn decide to sue for libel and a deliberate attempt to try and undermine his ability to earn a living in this market. Ronn Owens has been one of my best friends for twenty years and I respect the way he has tried to take the high road with all this. I don’t know why. This blogger is simply evil.””

This is the blog post where you can find the comment:

Also, another commenter, either on the 415 Media blog or somewhere else, I can’t find it now, said that Ronn Owens addressed this topic for a minute on his show the day after the blog post, telling his listeners, the few that still listen to him, that the rumor about his job and someone else taking over is not true.

NOTE: I found the comment about Ronn that I was referring to and since it’s a bit different from what I’d posted directly above, I’ll copy it here.  I found it on the main page of FormerKGOListeners Facebook page.  (I can still read the posts and comments there as long as the owner or admin over there posts it.  I check that page every so often to see if I there’s anything new.  The person who owns this Facebook page doesn’t add much to it so I’m usually out of the conversation loop.)

The person who commented is Liz Pacini and her comment is attached to the post titled, ‘Why the rush to switch hosts?’

And, this is what she wrote:

“This is not true. Direct quote from Ronn today: “I’m
under contract through the end of the year and have no plans to retire, even then. “”

It’s an interesting statement by Ronn.  He leaves a lot of wiggle room in there.  He may have no plans to retire soon, but it’s not really in his control, is it?

On the other hand, this 415 Media blogger has sensationalized things in the past that never came to fruition.  So, as I cautioned in my last post about this topic, we can only wait and see what happens…


Will this all end in more histrionics and disorder in a courtroom?


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