I’d posted something back on April 18th about two calls aired on Len Tillem’s show.  I knew one was a prank when it happened, because the guy who’d called couldn’t help but start laughing toward the end of it.  He claimed he’d been picked up for jay-walking and at the local jail, before being booked, he was going to have to undergo a mandatory strip-search.  That guy had Len going for a minute, but as the call progressed so did Len’s skepticism.

The other call was about a new bacon milkshake at Burger King.  At the time, I wasn’t sure if the call had been a prank or not.  This is what I wrote about it at the time:

“The other call that I’m not sure if it was a prank was called in to Len on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.  The caller identified himself as Dave from Newark and he was calling over an supposed incident that happened to him at Burger King while he was in costume.  Anyone else hear this one?  Do you think it’s a prank?

Here’s the podcast for it.  The call begins around 25:12 into the program.


That call is a real bacon shaker!  Let me know what you think.”

So, today on Gil Gross’ show (either at the end of Hour 2 or the beginning of Hour 3) when Sebastian Kunz rattled off his news report, one of the items was about Burger King’s newest product introduction: a Bacon Milkshake.  huh.  Maybe that wasn’t a prank call, after all…

One more note, the 415 Media guy claims Ronn Owens will be out by September.  He speculates, according to several of his sources, that Cumulus Media will buy-out Owens’ contract.  I should mention, this 415 guy has made claims before that never materialized, so I’m just putting it out there as something to watch to see how it all unfolds.


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