John Rothmann, KKSF Newtalk 910-AM’s political anaylst, along with news anchor Sebastian Kunz, covered the June 5th election results in three hours of special programming.  It is now available on podcast (under John Rothmann highlights):

June 5th Election Results Hour 1

June 5th Election Results Hour 2

June 5th Election Results Hour 3

I missed the live broadcast, it wasn’t in my usual radio listening time slot.  I read many good reports about that coverage the following day and was disappointed I couldn’t find it listed under KKSF Newstalk 910-AM’s podcasts.  Well, in another instance of Newstalk 910’s management seeming to actually care about what their new former-KGO listeners want, the election night coverage is now available via podcast.

It has taken me a few months to warm up to Sebastian Kunz.  At first, when the former KGO hosts bantered with him on-air, Kunz didn’t sound fully prepared to banter back.  He gave halting responses and nervous laughs.  But, once Gil Gross took on the job, it was clear Kunz was going to get bantered ‘cuz if there’s one thing Gil Gross loves, it’s a good banter.

Kunz does not disappoint.  He gives good banter.

And, his enthusiasm for his job is infectious.  At the end of the three-hour election results coverage, Kunz sounded sorry it had to end.  Said he was still good to go for another seven hours.

Oh, and Rothmann wasn’t too shabby either.

Well worth a podcast.  I just might listen to it again next week.

One former host I haven’t talked about for awhile is Dr. Bill Wattenburg.  I listen to his show on KSCO every Monday-Wednesday.  I think he fits in well in the Santa Cruz area.  Same old Dr. Bill, fighting the bad guys and calling out the eco-freaks.  Two things I don’t like about his new station, 1) that 90-year-old mother who owns the station and her insipid comments mid-way through Wattenburg’s show.  It’s torture enough to have to hear them once – I usually use that time as a bathroom break – but that darn station plays the same comments throughout the entire week.  She makes Karel sound like a genius.

And, 2) that station has been playing the most porn-borderline sexual ad I’ve ever heard on a radio station that broadcasts over the public airwaves.  Are they that hard-up (yes, that was intended) for advertising?  Where are those same outraged little ol’ ladies calling up to complain, as they did when Ray Taliaferro called the 90-year-old station owner an idiot or something.  That ad is truly disgusting.

There is another oldie on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM who has that other station’s owner beat by ten years.  Have you heard him call in?  His name is Wickes.  Every time he calls he says his age, as if even he can’t believe it.  I first paid attention to him as caller during Gil Gross’ show.  Wickes called in and was live on the air with Gil, but Wickes kept asking for someone else.  I don’t recall the name, something like Tom.  Gil sounded annoyed and sent him over to be put on hold again until he figured out what he wanted.  Later in the hour, when Gil took his call again, Wickes told Gil he was 100-years-old and Gil apologized, sounding horrified that he’d brushed him off and made fun of this poor guy.  That’s what I like about Gil.  He cares about people more than himself.  It comes through in his shows.

I now hear Wickes calling in to Gil every week and even to Rothmann (when he’s on).  It makes me smile, and the hosts give him plenty of air time to discuss whatever he wants to discuss.

I doubt that the Cumulus station would give him the same consideration.  It’s a heartless wasteland over there to the left of the dial.

Speaking of wasteland, I’ve seen reports about Ronn Owens’ show over there and how it’s a shell of what it used to be.  415 Media has reported that Ronn will be out by August in a potential contract buy-out by the Dick-ey brothers.  It’s also suggested that Owens is looking for a new job and will not retire.  I, for one, will never listen to Ronn Owens again.  I hope he does end up in LA so I don’t have to hear him.

One more thing before I go, every month or so I go back to the main page of the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners to see if I can read anything and just this week I happened to see half a link to something posted by Lisa Golanty (the same one who battled with KSCO about their Rush Limbaugh programming a few months back).  I looked up the bradblog to see what she could have been talking about and found this:

Note: This article is sometimes slow-loading.  If so, go directly to ( and read the article ‘Did Our Public Airwaves ‘Win’ it for Walker?’.

Okay, I think that’s enough to keep you busy over the weekend.


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