Hey, Bay Area.  We have company!

Here’s some interesting weekend reading at Glass Door.


Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:


Corporate management strips employees to the bare minimum and overworks everyone remaining, micromanages everything, shows no faith in their employees, does not inform anyone of anything until the moment that they expect the work to be done as if there is no other work that anyone does besides what they want, they consider “shareholder value” to be the one and only guiding principle for their business so benefits are laughable and they show little to no respect for the people that are foolish enough to stay there and make them their fortune. It goes on and on, but you get the idea.

Advice to Senior Management

Your management style reveals your utter lack of connection to humans other than yourself. You are not worthy of constructive criticism and I await the day that your narcissistic world view completely depletes your companies of any talent they ever had, so you manage the robots you think you bought. Ultimately, you will fail, and people of talent and skill that know how you operate will appear in greater and greater numbers at your competitors. If you doubt me, just look at your stock price. Are you still listed? Good riddance.”

ha ha.  Looks like we are not the only market that hates Cumulus Media.  Maybe we should all get together and really get something done about it.


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