Yeah, that darn Rush Limbaugh and his big, flapping mouth is the reason Cumulus Media lost millions in recent quarters.

As reported by Politico:

Notice the last paragraph in this report, to quell this mess Limbaugh is going to promote some smarmy campaign of ‘Rush’s Babes’.  uh, good luck on that one, Rushie boy.  That will really show them wimmin’ in the world that you are not sexist.

Here’s a MarketWatch press release detailing the First Quarter results of Cumulus Media with this special little blurb by Dick-ey:

“The first quarter of 2012 was marked by significant progress in our integration of Citadel as we build Cumulus into a robust platform company that strategically monetizes content, distribution and technology. Complementing this progress was the continued deleveraging of our balance sheet, as well as strategic portfolio management that will enable us tremendous financial flexibility going forward.”

Here’s the full report:

And another one, the Wall Street Cheat Sheet:

I love the final assessment:

Looking Forward: Over the past sixty days, the outlook for the company’s performance next quarter has become increasingly unfavorable. The average estimate for the second quarter is 8 cents per share, a drop from 13 cents. The average estimate for the fiscal year is now 26 cents per share, down from 44 cents sixty days ago.”

This looks like fun reading from, especially the attached forums:

Cumulus Media is the worst form of corporate blight on our media landscape.  They come into a market and destroy all local radio, to the detriment of a community, so they can profit off of a cheapened product with an anticipated revenue-producing bottom line that only lines the greedy executives’ pockets, leaving communities and local jobs with local talent in the financial gutter.  Shame on you, Cumulus Media!  BOYCOTT Cumulus Media, write to their advertisers and protest.  Let their shareholders know not to approve any pay raises or bonuses to these bottom-feeders.  Do NOT listen, not ONE minute, to any of their stations.

Do you approve their business practices dealing with KGO, KFOG, and KNBR, some of our local stations?  If you google Cumulus Media, you will see we are not the only market destroyed by these money-mongers.  We have to build up our power as a community against this type of corporate bully.

I think Rush and Cumulus belong together.  Let them go down together.  Let them blame something else for their bad decisions.  Let’s watch them sink into the muck.

Let’s rise up as a community.


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