I love Gil Gross and I’m happy we will be able to hear him daily now on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM.  He made the announcement today that he will be taking over Gene Burns’ program slot with his own show, but Gene has a permanent home on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM and he will be hosting guest spots when his health improves and, for now, will be posting a blog that is affiliated with KKSF.

John Rothmann will be their political analyst and host election coverage.  Gil also mentioned that Rothmann will join in with Armstrong and Getty sometimes.  ugh!  I’ve noticed that KKSF has softened the sound of the promo spots of those two clowns, but I can’t imagine Rothmann dealing with that grade-school show.  Maybe he’ll lift that show to a listenable level.  We can only hope.

Rosie and Ed will be on when needed, as hosts.

Here’s the station’s official announcement:


I’d been hoping to hear Gene Burns on the radio and experience his program on a regular basis, and it’s not like that will never happen.  From what I understand, if anyone can get back into the game after a health set-back, it’s Gene Burns.

I hope to hear him soon and wish him a strong recovery.  It takes time, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.  I’m waiting for you, Gene!

I was listening to Dr. Bill Wattenburg today on that weird Santa Cruz station and a caller mentioned how glad he was to hear Wattenburg on the air again and that if only he could hear Len Tillem again he’d be happy.  Dr. Bill replied that Len is doing fine but didn’t know where to find him.  huh?  What a lie!  I thought it was disingenuous because the station that carries Len’s show, KKSF Newstalk 910-AM, also carries Wattenburg’s syndicated Sunday show.  I wonder if Dr. Bill said that because back in December, when all of the former KGO hosts worth listening to were fired, the Santa Cruz station’s owner asked Len to guest host or something and Len told him no way in hell would he do that.  It’s got to have something to do with that.  Why would Dr. Bill pretend he doesn’t know where to find Len’s program?  Especially when the station that airs Len’s show also airs Wattenburg’s Sunday show.

What is up with that, Wattenburg?  Maybe I should put a sign in my window about you.

And speaking of that Santa Cruz station, that other guy who does the media blog filled in for Wattenburg on Tuesday.  He sounded better than the first time I’d heard him.  I was going to turn the radio off, but he started to talk about KGO and how Cumulus has destroyed that station.  I listened just to hear what the callers would say.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have many callers.  He claimed he doesn’t like to take calls anyway.  He likes to keep them short.  At least he wasn’t screaming like a lunatic this time.  Instead, he blasted Cumulus and said what we’ve all been saying, that Cumulus Media came into our market and destroyed local radio.  The show was a bit monotonous when he repeated the exact same thing several times over the two hour period about how he felt about Cumulus, but he also did something that surprised me.  He talked about KGO and Cumulus for almost two hours.  It was strange how he spent his guest host time on one station talking about another.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he did but I was disappointed I had to listen to mostly him for the duration of the program and not many callers.  Although, the very first call was the John Lennon guy.  Now, that was funny.

In the last hour he bad-mouthed Ronn Owens.  Called him a schmuck and a sell-out a few times.  Said Owens has never said one word on-air about how Gene Burns is doing after suffering his stroke, and that Ronn is all for Ronn.  He also threw a few barbs at Radnich.  I have to say, it was a bit refreshing to hear someone unpolished and without regard for political-correctness, speak about this whole KGO mess in uncensored language.  So, although he still sounds like an amateur on-air, I have to give him some credit for saying it like it is.

  1. Jan says:

    Gil is great. So happy to have him on the air again. However, I do not tune in to hear his wife, Rhoda, do you? I find her voice gets on my nerves. She does not have a radio voice. I’m sure she is a wonderful person, but my preference is listening to Gil and Gil alone!

    • Hi, Jan. That’s funny because I just wrote about that in my recent blog post. I think it’s in the most recent one about a Quick Recap. I was saying the same thing! And, of course, she was on today with Gil. I want to like her, but I don’t like the way in which she interrupts the dialogue. Although she makes some good points, there are times she doesn’t add to the conversation at all. But, most of all, the pitch of her voice is too piercing for my ears. I agree, she needs to work on her radio voice. Maybe next time she has a cold she can come on and see if a deeper voice helps. I love Gil and I want to love Rhoda, too. But I just can’t. Thanks for stopping by, Jan!

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