Why not take some time to relax and listen to some recent podcasts of your favorite former KGO hosts and, for those who dare, read the recent posts from felonious Bernie Ward.

A few weeks ago, both John Rothmann and Gil Gross presented shows on the Titanic.

Gil Gross starts it out on Thursday, April 12, 2012, in his first hour filling in for Gene Burns.  In the middle of the hour, Gil discusses the events of the Titanic tragedy with author Tim Malting, who wrote a book on the subject, ‘A Very Deceiving Night’, and he discusses his theories on why the Titanic continues to interest people, 100 years later, and why it’s possible the captain and crew of the Titanic failed to see that fatal iceberg.

You can hear this in the April 12, 2012 podcast, under Gene Burns programs, Hour 1 and the Titanic dialogue begins at 15:31 into the podcast.  Be sure to listen to the end of podcast and, after a small bit about North Korea, hear Gil’s story dispelling the myth of a Marconi radio operator’s claim, David Sarnoff, to that historical Titanic moment.

Here’s the link:


John Rothmann’s show, Monday, April 16, 2012, Hour 1 opens with a short audio clip of an eyewitness’ account of surviving the Titanic.


I’ve also been listening to Bill Wattenburg on that strange Santa Cruz station, KSCO-AM, for only the hours Wattenburg’s show airs from 12Noon-2:00pm, Monday through Wednesday.  He had to deal with several prank callers, one who, I think, is the same weirdo who called Ronn Owens’ show a few times, according to what I was able to read on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners.  I really don’t read that site any longer since Facebook changed their user interface and I can’t see half of the discussions without an account.  So, I don’t even bother any longer.  Anyway, some guy called Wattenburg’s show awhile back and started out with some strange questions.  Once Bill started questioning the authenticity of the call, the idiot shouted the word penis repeatedly, until some inattentive board op finally cut the call.  Shortly afterwards, maybe a day or two later, another creep called and made some strange, sexual references on air.

But Bill handled it well – when his show started on Monday, the following week, Bill reminded his callers that people are under the illusion they are anonymous, but they forget that in this tech age calls can be tracked directly to their number and, especially in cases of abuse of the public airwaves, even the FCC can get involved.  So he gently suggested that those callers should carry around a toothbrush and fresh change of underwear because where they are going they just might need them.

Haven’t heard any prank calls after that.

Not the case with our favorite loy’ah, Len Tillem.  He’s had a few prank callers on, but he laughs it off and goes on with the show.  I wish I would have written down the date of the first prank on Len.  I went through his podcasts from April 16 back to March 15th and can’t find the audio on this call so maybe they didn’t include it on the podcast because it’s an obvious fake call.  It was pretty funny though, because Len was so excited about the call until he realized it was all made up.  Some guy called to say he was picked up for jaywalking and that he was in the jail at the moment and they were going to strip search him so he called Len to find out if they could do that do him.  Anyone hear this call?  It was pretty funny.

The other call that I’m not sure if it was a prank was called in to Len on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.  The caller identified himself as Dave from Newark and he was calling over an supposed incident that happened to him at Burger King while he was in costume.  Anyone else hear this one?  Do you think it’s a prank?

Here’s the podcast for it.  The call begins around 25:12 into the program.


That call is a real bacon shaker!  Let me know what you think.

Len Tillem has a new number for his show.  It’s 866-LEN-1000, or 866-536-1000.  Call him and tell him your stories when you need a loy’ah!

Finally, Bernie Ward has some new posts on his blog.  I haven’t read them yet but here are the links:

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 – talks about deregulation:


And, this one also posted on April 26th about government taxes and budgets:


Well, that should be enough reading and listening for you this weekend to keep you out of trouble!

And, remember, do NOT give Cumulus Media ANY hits on any of their radio stations.  We should research who their shareholders are and campaign for them NOT to approve any executive pay raises.  They have a real Dick running the show.  Maybe he was the one yelling out his name to Wattenburg that day.  ha ha…

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