I see a lot of people searching for news on Bernie Ward.  He does have a blog where someone posts his writing.  It’s titled The Lion of the Left Speaks.  Here are his three recent postings:

Supply and Demand in the Oil Market


Big Banks


Easter Thoughts


By the way, I hate the new Facebook format.  I can’t see any of the discussions unless I open a Facebook account.  I’ve noticed the number of ‘Likes’ on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners is dropping.  And those are people WITH a Facebook account.  Now, people like me without an account cannot see what others are writing about KGO and the former hosts.  I enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions.  Now I’m stuck with Rich Lieberman’s blog but I love those commenters.  Read it for the comments if you can get through some of the strange, rambling posts.


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