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Yesterday, I caught the end of a show on PBS and it was fascinating.  It mirrors many of the issues we are dealing with today in talk radio.  Not to mention that any of us, older than thirty, remember those days of listening to our favorite rock stations and the DJ’s who worked there.




I’m not familiar with the show and tried to look it up so I could watch the entire thing, and I find out it’s a movie that PBS has picked up for play, Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio.

I’ve just begun searching for it to watch again.  It can be purchased by DVD or seen on PBS channels.  From the ten or fifteen minutes I saw yesterday, at the end of the show it was mentioned that some independent stations/websites have started to recreate the sound of the past decades of music, as it sounded to listeners at the time.  I’m just learning about all of this now, so I might be wrong about that, but I found some links that might help explain what it is.

Here are some links:

The Airplay Channel –

Local PBS Stations Guide to Airplay –

A brief forum discussion about it –

And, even our own Ben Fong-Torres wrote about it in September 2011 –

Rock on!


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