I listen to Dr. Bill Wattenburg now every Monday-Wednesday from 12Noon-2:00pm on Santa Cruz station KSCO.  Yes, that station.  The one where Ray Taliaferro lit up the phone lines during his Ray vs. Kay match-up.

I, also, used to read the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners several times per week to get my old-KGO news.  That is, I was able to read it until a few days ago when Facebook changed its user interface to a timeline format and I can’t read the discussions on there without a Facebook account.  Not ‘gonna’ happen.

But I sure wish I could see what’s going on in the postings there.  One of the admins from FormerKGOKListeners wrote a letter to station manager, Michael Zwerling (who likes to refer to himself as MZ), about the recent Rush Limbaugh uproar.  Long story short, the Admin, Lisa Golanty, is not happy with Rush’s behavior and wants MZ to stop carrying Limbaugh’s syndicated programming.  Until that happens, Lisa will not listen to KSCO and will boycott the local advertisers on his program.  That is the extent of what I can see on the Facebook page.

So, today, I’m listening to Dr. Bill’s program on KSCO and at the very end of the second hour, MZ calls in to Dr. Bill so he can read a letter on the air.  First, Dr. Bill makes some sort of statement about how surprised he is that more women are not calling his show to talk about Rush, and that, in his opinion, the letters and email the station KSCO has received to date seem to be only a handful of out-spoken people.  He said that the response has been so minimal that he believes MZ will no longer hold back any local advertising on Rush’s show and will go ahead and play the spots from now on.  MZ chimes in that he just might do that.  Why should he run Rush’s show ad-free now that it seems there is no threat of a boycott to his local sponsors?  Then he and Bill have a good chuckle about it.

MZ tells Bill, you know, let me read you one of the letters that threaten to boycott.  They both laugh, and Bill says, go ahead.  So MZ reads Lisa Golanty’s letter to him on the air and tells her to call his show tomorrow to talk about it.

I was working so I’m not sure if I heard everything correctly, so please let me know if I’ve misunderstood something. (I’m sure the station will post the podcast eventually).

It’s as if MZ is making fun of Lisa for writing him a letter of protest and now he wants to talk to her on the air.

Why would anyone call that station?  I don’t think anyone is even listening to that station any longer (except to hear Dr. Bill).  I don’t see anything about this incident on the Facebook where Lisa is Admin (but I can’t see half of the discussions since the format change).

So, if you have a Facebook account, go over there and let her know.  It’s on! (and, no, I’m not going to say like Donkey Kong)


Don’t forget to ‘Like’ their page!

I hope I can listen tomorrow.  If not, then Dr. Bill is not on the air again, locally, until Monday.  There is no reason to listen to that station after Wattenburg signs off.  But I would love to hear what MZ has to say.  I think Lisa will be able to hold her own against that guy.  If only she knew about it…


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